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Notes on the DOW Dive & Economy Gloomism in the News

From Ken Adachi, Editor
August, 18, 2011

Notes on the DOW Dive & Economy Gloomism in the News (Aug. 18, 2011)

I'd rather get my SRI/Tavistock-shaped "news" via the radio. I stopped watching broadcast TV when they switched off the analog transmitters in 2009 and forced America into the Wonderful World of High Definition digital TV- with its * Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS or 'Quad S') mind influencing technology, along with the pre-packaged NSA home spying via the embedded cameras and monitoring audio pickups that are included with every plasma screen TV (and laptops and computer monitors).

Today, the radio is filled with news of a nearly 400 point drop in the DOW Jones Average which is suppose to make you worried and concerned that the looming economic "signals" will soon lead to Depression-era gloom and stagnation that is now that much closer to your doorstep. Coupled with 'raising the debt ceiling' tempest that we've been pummeled with for the past many weeks, and NPR's daily "I can't find a job" propaganda sob stories, you should really now be thinking about canning fruits and vegetables and storing up rice and beans for the coming hunker-down, hard times.

Of course, if you've also bought into the Japan radiation psyops -- instead of recognizing the real source of elevated atmospheric radiation readings over America from radioactive iodine dropped with chemtrails for the past 4-5 years, then you are ripe indeed for going into a depressive funk and steeling yourself for the big city rioting that might soon overshadow America like those in London and Greece (due to rising inflation, an idle population, lack of jobs, reduction in government subsidies and social welfare entitlements, etc. we are told).

You are expected to buy into the idea that whatever government officials or agencies, or mainstream media, or bankers, or brokers, or credit ratings services like Standard & Poor TELL you will be your economic future, WILL become your economic future. You have no say in the matter--or so you are led to believe.

If NWO servants like Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson go before congressional infil-traitors in September and October of 2008 and plead that the Wall street 'credit markets' are "too big to fall" and therefore the American public must pay off swindling criminals in the banking, brokerage, real estate mortgage, and insurance industries in order to keep these conniving criminals rolling in oceans of wealth - without paying a price for their recklessness - then you are expected to accept this imposition of 850 billion of additional thief-created debt as your national fate.

Same goes for the "Stimulus rip-off Package" passed in the first months following the Indonesian's Usurper's swear-in ceremony in January of 2009. Another 787 billion stolen from the American taxpayer and squandered on political pork, Illuminated friends, and thieving politicians. So when you hear the propagandists at NPR tell you that these "misguided" attempts to bring the "hoped-for economic recovery" failed, then you are at least given a logical explanation for the current economic doldrums and the gloomy future you are expected to endure. Of course, NPR will never tell you that the 2008 Wall Street bailout and the 2009 Stimulus rip-off were just part of the Illuminati's PLANNED down-spiraling and economic evisceration of America, as much as Free Trade, the outsourcing of American jobs overseas, the illegal alien invasion, and the gutting of American heavy industry and productions, were also planned and implemented to follow the Illuminated time table. .

But none of these dark economic predictions need unfold in the lives of Americans (or Europeans) if they realize that their greatest asset and economic leverage does not lay in forking out ridiculous sums of money to buy gold, or in government con artists, or the scheming users of banking, brokerage, etc. Their greatest asset is their willingness to work (labor) for their own benefit and not cooperate-on any level-with the users.

Please bear in mind that politicians and bankers and investment brokers USE the labor and capital of others in order to enrich themselves. They are PARASITES and you are not required to cooperate with those who wish to feed off of you. Become independent of their manipulation and influence. Do not cooperate with them or their controlling shemes.

Some ideas:

1. Stop depending on "getting a job" from a company or a corporation in order to earn a living. Make yourself SELF-employable. Everyone has a skill, or an expertise, or a knack in doing something and there are always people in the world who want to acquire that very skill or expertise and will pay you to teach them. Or they will pay you to exercise your labor or expertise for their benefit. Either way, you become self-employed and free of the will and whim of corporate slave owners. The Internet is an accessible and willing partner for those who wish to be self employed. Take advantage of it. If you perform your labor with dedication, honesty, and a genuine desire to impress and please your client, you will gain a reputation that will will gain you more and more work over time by word of mouth. You won't have to spend money on advertising your skills once you've established a reputation for reliable performance.

2. If you have assets in cash, do not keep your money in banks or tied up in the stock market or bonds, or gold, or CDs, or in Treasury notes, or any of that standard 'investment strategy' crap. Pool your money with relatives or friends or strangers of like mind into some sort of private Cooperative arrangement in which other members of your Cooperative will borrow money from your group for some purpose which will serve the mutual benefit and enrichment of the group as a whole, instead of turning to banks for loans. You can structure the Cooperative with rules and bylaws which will preserve your ownership rights of your assets while simultaneously using your money to aid in the growth and expansion of the group.

If you have tangible assets like land or equipment, you can put them to work within the Cooperative structure in order to benefit the goals of the entire group and other Cooperatives with whom you might cross-fertilize and network with.

3. Do not use credit cards for anything or for any reason. Don't buy on credit. Period. It's OK to keep a small amount of money in a bank account and obtain a VISA debit card for the convenience of using VISA, but find a credit union if you can instead of one of the well known banks.

4. You don't need medical insurance because you don't need the orthodox medical establishment to treat you for anything. You can learn to solve all of your health problems at home, yourself by studying the books of Dr Hulda Clark and the latest blockbuster by Dr Jerry Tennant called "Healing is Voltage." Anyone who can read can learn to be his own physician and cut out the middle men of the pharmaceutical industry and their willing servants in hospitals and at your friendly allopathic physician's office and treat your body with far greater care and concern for your longevity than you will ever get from allopathy.

5. Learn how to grow food and practice gardening. Anybody can do it on the smallest patch of land or even using pots or square planters located on a sunny back porch or a patio.

6. Individuals can fabricate any sort of tool or implement they might need in their own home workshop and not depend on buying the product from a manufacturer.What you can't make yourself, can be obtained used or can be repaired to work properly without spending a fortune. Self reliance is easy. You just have to practice and get used to it--and above all LEARN how to take care of yourself.

With self-independence comes pride, self assurance, and peace of mind. Stop fretting about the future and get busy taking charge of your own future and create your destiny. .

(I could keep rattling on here, but maybe you can think up some ideas of your own and send them in. If I like them, I'll post them to this article)

Ken Adachi

[* Due to the quality of A. True Ott's exposes of the past few years, including the Quad S expose linked above, it's easy to see why the government (probably working through CIA liaison, ret. Army Major General Albert Stubblebine and his wife, Rima Laibow) would go after him using Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane to launch their completely illogical and unjustified slander & discredit campaign. Horowitz and Kane wanted to make it appear that True Ott was among a group of 'double-agent' rogues, but it's now so obvious that A. True Ott was the primary target all along. The other double agent 'rogues' aren't really much of a threat to government manipulators--but True Ott is. ]

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