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Negative Energy Overtaking Macedonia

From Franz Erdl <>
June 4, 2011

Negative Energy Overtaking Macedonia from Franz Erdl (June 4, 2011)

Hello Ken

I told you last week that we were going to investigate about Macedonia. Meanwhile we had our contact with a person from over there and we would like to give you some of our disturbing results.

It started with that Martina, two weeks ago, took a look at that region, to see how energies developed since the Yugoslavian war. In that occasion, she saw that totally black vortex reaching from ground to far out into outer space. This was something never seen before and for sure it was not good at all. She could not find out in which way the vortex went.

Map of MacedoniaNow we got two people saying “Energy in Macedonia has turned very bad since about one year”. The work we did with the second person (the first one doesn't live there anymore) showed us situations we were not used to.

We,were not able to tune into an emotional or energetic contact with any person we tried, nor with persons that had died recently. It felt like all soul connection has been cut. There is negative energy all over the entire country. We could help the person a little bit, but we feel that will not last under these conditions.

The person told us: Everybody she knows is in worse conditions than a year ago. People behave negative or crazy. They are weak and sick. People have no resistance – they die like flies if they become sick. A year ago the country felt good. You could go to places in nature to recharge your energy. This is over. Any place there feels negative. Nothing works. Everything you start fails.

We had to end this session with very little success. We were not able to do anything against this negative energy. We sensed that there is alien presence underground.

As we don't know what to do about this, we would like more people to know. May be there are some other psychics who can contribute to a solution. Therefore I would like you, Ken, to publish this and may be inform your friends from the “Etheric warriors”.



Subject: Negative Energy Overtaking Macedonia
From: Josephine
Date: Sun, June 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

I read your article "Negative Energy Overtaking Macedonia" by Franz Erdl with a personal interest. Although born in the US, I'm full Yugooslavian.

In the past, I have had some etheric and astral experiance. It was cut short over two years ago, through a freak accident that damaged my lower back and spine, several lower discs and right hip. Since I'm almost 60, it will be difficult to reverse the damage. I haven't been able to go "astral with intent" since the accident.

I would like to offer up "my first psychic impression" upon reading the contents of the article.

I sense "a deep underground red colored astral river" in the center position - of the surrounding four main water sources (Lake Matka, Rivers - Vardar, Crna & Treska). Sort of a continuious wavey circle.

I sense the three National Park's (Mavrono, Galioica and Pelister) to the left of the map - as the land-based grounding energy sources (manipulative negative energy)- feeding into the center vortex The negative energy radiates from the center and is magnified by the surrounding water - which I sense, flows counter clock wise. I sense, this center is the location of the Black Vortex (from the ground to outer space) probably 4th dimensional and an operational Spacegate beyond - reason it feels alien.

I sense - thick astral cords coming from the three "Parks" feeding into the central astral red river, forming the vortex. The surrounding negative energy, generated by the waters circular paths is siphoned off by the thick energy cords located in the Parks,

Astral spiking the circular water course with quartz cystral might be one option (to reverse the polarity and weaken the three main cords feeding into the vortex.) But it would only amount to a slight slap on the wrist, for the three main power sources are still active, plus it would alert the energy to a breach (which places the Astral Warrior in danager.)

It would take a strong Astral Warrior Group to work in sync - in cutting the three cords (main source) beyond reconnecting and tending to the negatively charge circular water path.

With a possible secondary Astral Warrior Group, applying Spiritual White Light and maybe dropping astral Orgone HHG's to sanitize the affected area.

It's only a suggestion and opinion - on something I sense.

Best Regards,


Subject: Macedonia
From: Matthew
Date: Wed, June 8, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

My name is Matthew. I have contacted you before in regards to helping you with my abilities. I had read the Macedonia article and felt I should do something positive with the energy if iam allowed too. I also email a friend of mine who has more experience in this field, I sent him a
copy of the Macedonia page and this was his reply.


My input: just looking at the map gave me a headache! The energy felt worse towards the left border of the map, closer to Albania & Serbia and the national parks.

Yes, there is some black hole or gap in the map area n it is v. big.

Not human energy.... v. dark but not alien (ET) : - more like `the dark side`` u know, the big `D`..

Got the info that they came up from below ground and I would say that in some places they r close to the surface and in other areas v. deep. They materialised below ground. I also got that some Human group contacted them n let them come in. They could have been conjured up by a group that wanted to destaiblise the country, and the region, during the war, and over time, they got stronger and stronger.

I got the msg not to interfere but I could send healing energy.

It needs the permission of the people of the land in order for it to be cleared. I think the people have to forgive and clear the hatred, and anger as a country b4 it will clear. It will probably get worse in mid-aug to mid-sep, 2011.

I do believe if the people there were to ask for help and a group fo healers (at least 20 healers) were to work together it can be done.

As it gets Lighter, the darker will resist and get Darker. Indeed, the evil lurks in the land of Macedonia.

It is what it it is.


Thanks for sharing it with me. I will include the people there in the wed med.


We are working on it, things have already changed to a 'lighter' side. Please use the information how ever you see fit.


Subject: Macedonia (new info)
From: Matthew
Date: Wed, June 8, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

It's Matthew again! I just sent you an email regarding the status of the Macedonia area... I just found out that since I have passed on the messgae to other healers; there has been alot of work done. I checked the energy fields just now and I already see a difference. May you please ask Josephine to check the Macedonia energy again? I feel there has been a positive shift in the area since her last energy reading on Macedonia.

Thank you Ken,

Sincerely Matthew :)

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