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Our Education Is Not What It Is Purported To Be

By Leslie Pastor <>
April 08, 2002

Ever since my University days I have known that the information I was receiving was incomplete, and sometimes deliberately inaccurate.  Having had an opportunity to study in the European school system during the early sixties and then returning to the American school system....I realized that there was a significant dichotomy with regard to the differing approaches to achieving a significant knowledge-base.  But I was unable to accurately pinpoint the deception, until I discovered Dr. Antony C. Sutton's monumental works from the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, California.
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 As a youngster, I used to spend time in my father's library, reading about Russia and East Central Europe.  During my time in his library, reading I noticed that there were significant gaps in information relative to the 'revolutionary' period [1916-1922].  So when I attended the University, I began to ask the kinds of questions that are necessary but irritating [to the gatekeepers].  "How do revolutions start?" Why do revolutions start?  How are revolutions funded?  Who provides the 'logistics and 'maintenance' of a 'revolution'?  And lastly; What is the end result of a 'revolution'?  Dr. Sutton answered those question quite nicely, but his answers provided more questions, requiring more research, until a faint picture emerged that was not at all coherent with the established and accepted dogma being purported as established fact.

So in 1999 I contacted Dr. Sutton via email and began to entertain a series of inquiries with regard to his ongoing work, by this time he had already progressed into the sciences, and physics with his monumental [The View From 4-Space] thrust into the 'new' paradigm of 4-Space technologies.  I presented him (Sutton) with my personal research, which he accepted, acknowledged and graciously graded with an "A"......(I essentially agreed and verified his assessments as being basically true).

 You can view his books and materials at:  There you will be able to acquire some of his books and newsletters.  Dr. Sutton is very thorough, and very informative.

 As pertaining our education demise:  You will learn how Outcome Based education has deliberately made fools of us all, and complete idiots of most our children.  It is a crime against humanity and a confiscatory rape (or our hard earned monies) and theft (of our children's) of our futures.  We are witnessing the total destruction of the western conceptualization of life, with (return) replacement of a feudal servitude based on ignorance and fear mongering.

 Is there rhyme or reason, plan or purpose to this activity of deception?   You be the judge, by asking the right questions, especially if you want the right answers to your questions.  Go to and ask the right questions in the form of search items.........and study what you might learn something significant.

Leslie Pastor

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