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A Little Encouragement for The Days Ahead

By Grey Wolf <lozen@COOLINDIAN.COM>
March 15, 2006

Some people seem paranoid about the Dracos, Greys, etc. I wish they would scan to see what's really going on. In any community, there were warriors who protected that community. Humanity has a number of them; ok many no longer occupy bodies, but they are still present. Some of the Ninja masters, for example, love running across a belligerent alien, attacking innocents. The masters kill the alien, just as they did human predators. Don't believe me, remote view for yourself.

In Remote Viewing, your upper limit is beings at roughly your spiritual level, unless you have angelic help, so the Dracos can't see this stuff. For every paranoid worried about Draco and Grey infiltration, I remind them of the injunction of the scout- make sure you aren't being scouted yourself, as you scout.

By way, when I am remote viewing, I find people way, way above my level. I am a rank beginner compared to some of the people I run across.

See, the planet's energy level is shifting. Every positive thing anybody does raises its energy level, and even without that, the energy level is rising. It's a virtuous circle, and it can't be stopped.

The Dracos haven't yet noticed that they are going senile, that their synapses don't fire as well as they used to. They haven't noticed that they are themselves being infiltrated, and that they are weakening genetically. See the movie Dark City.

You see, they can only do damage to those people who permit it, usually for karmic reasons. They haven't noticed yet that their portals are degrading, that they aren't eating energy as well as they used to. There is a reason Lord of the Rings came out when it did- the Dracos seem to be like Orcs, with vast armies, but they don't see their shortcomings. Just like a frog that stays in water as it is slowly brought to a boil, they haven't figured out yet that their time in this real estate is passing.

When the 2012 changes come- and by way, they will persist into February, 2013- they don't know that any of them remaining in this galaxy will simply cease to exist. Don't believe me- do your own remote viewing, through angelic eyes if you want more detail. They are nervous about the 2012 transition, because their time machines vanish when they go beyond it; there is a wall there.

For those who fear the government, be aware that it is a dying form. What are those agents going to do when they realize their masters didn't put any money aside for their pensions? Do you really think people like Bush care about their agents, when they cease to be useful? How will they react, when they realize their work is being contracted out, even without OMB Circular A-76, and the money "saved" given to Bush's friends, just like every other one of his contracts? Halliburton contracts in Iraq are subcontracted for 10% of the total price- that is, they are a 90% profit to Halliburton. I wonder how those agents will feel, when they realize that their pension money went to Bush's friends in this way. They might even be as pissed off as some veterans who came home from Nam. And remember, they know the system, inside and out.

When forms cease to be useful, they start decaying. And by way, in this part of the galaxy, the meanest and most vicious being around is a human being. We have the power to rip the astral matrix of any of the negative aliens to shreds- individually, without help, without any devices - all we have to do is ask for it to activate. A four year old child can do it. This is one reason Dracos and their ilk stay hidden.

They stay hidden for another reason. If you put a healing intention into the chi energy around a Draco, or even just ask an angel to do it, they have to resist very hard to keep an epiphany from happening; from waking up to the light themselves. Resisting it is much harder than resisting an orgasm, once it starts. Now there's a real problem, a Draco woken to the light (they have to keep it hidden from each other, of course). They are out of phase in this Universe, and getting more out of phase.

Sure, they are addicted to human blood, just as many humans are addicted to sugar, or alcohol. What do addictions do to people? Nothing, at first. This applies to all of the negative races of aliens. Some of the infiltration they are getting is of their own people, and untrackable with their abilities or devices. I do what I do because it is fun, however, the change would come even if we did very little, or nothing.

Sure, they have towers, and the mass media is crazier by the day. They are getting desperate. They may even pass their martial law- and it will be like communism in Italy, no, like government in Italy. Heck, Bush's people can't even run a simple war in a third world country like Iraq. Now WWII was a big one. By Korea, people weren't as trustful. By Vietnam, a large part of the country didn't trust the government any more. The older Bush was smarter, he got out of Iraq quickly. This one, well, he's in a mess of his own making.

In 1944, a Prussian Junkers aristocrat could look out on an estate his family had owned for 700 years, and think it would go on forever. But it didn't. Just a year later, all that vanished, gone with the wind. People, especially tyrants and sickos, don't understand non-linear change, but it's very much a part of this Universe.

Don't believe a word I say- do your own remote viewing, and find out for yourself. Do a little volunteer work in a nursing home, and feel the energy of someone who is dying. They might seem very energetic, they might seem very chipper, but inside their energy matrix is decaying. Scan the Dracos, and the others. Their energy matrix is also decaying. It's as if the voltage in a house's wiring was gradually going up, to say 150 volts. Yes, the lights get brighter, the clocks run a little faster, but the physical plant of the appliances is decaying. How well do 110 volt appliances run on 150 volts? Not well. 220 volts? Even worse. And the planet, by February, 2013, will be running at the equivalent of 10,000 volts. Humans full of love will be able to handle the current. Others will simply burn out. They won't leave, they are like that frog that is slowly boiled to death by very gradual shifts in temperature.

Grey Wolf

(Note to Ken: Yes you are welcome to share this on your website. Please consider this as being in the public domain, i.e. not copyrighted, and please share it with Don Croft. Tell Don that a simple medicine wheel with quartz picked up out of highway gravel, in fact with any silicaeous rock, will work as well as his devices. I've done it. )

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