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Fatal Belief Systems as to 2012 and Planet Earth

By Franz Erdl
May 6, 2011

Fatal Belief Systems as to 2012 and Planet Earth by Franz Erdl (May 6, 2011)

(English translation by Franja & Nilla)

(this information is mainly received through spiritual healing sessions and research by Franz Erdl and Martina)


If you are at war and you believe, that the enemy comes only from ahead, while he is also coming from the back, then this assumption is a fatal error which most likely leads to death. This article deals with this kind of false assumption: Mistakes that determine life or death. To make it worse, this might even lead to the downfall of the human race.

Our situation is extremely dangerous, yet in a different way most of us might expect it to be. Long-living, highly intelligent alien races have been working on this trap for thousands of years. This insight leads us the conclusion:

“Whatever will happen in the years 2011 and 2012 has been planned and organized by these dark alien beings (demons, entities, extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, etc.) in the longterm and will be engineered by them as well.”

This includes, that the earth (the sun, other stars and planets and the universe in general) is neither running through any natural cycles of catastrophes, contrary to the common opinion, nor are extreme climate changes, earthquakes and tsunamis to this extreme degree, of natural origins.

This means, we can confidently let go off all those stoked fears about extreme pole shifts, monstrous sun eruptions, collision with other planets, etc. Again: There is no such thing as natural laws regarding catastrophes. Most scientists are hypnotized monkeys, who lost their understanding for and are out of touch with nature (I have a scientific background myself since I studied electronics. That means, I am not coming from an ivory-tower).

Just as the planet earth is not hostile by natural means, nor is the Divine Origin planning these apocalyptic scenarios for punishment or ascension. If it were so, we would not be able to do a bit about it. It was and is extremely simple for those “aliens” to send a human being those kinds of apocalyptic visions and then make sure they would be written down in the Bible. That was just as simple as giving the Mayans their calendar or instilling any other End Time vision to any tribe in history. You won't believe how simple this is for inter-dimensional, astral beings.

There are so many different end-time-philosophies out there which make it difficult for me to take into account and to shape logical and meaningful clarification of facts for all groups. However, I hope by reading this article, pieces of the puzzle will connect and lead to a broader understanding.

Fatal beliefs on the "Astral Plane" or the so called "4th Dimension"

Back in Germany, when I still attended esoteric seminars, a psychic medium once told me: "You are still healing on the 4th dimension! You must advance and reach the 5th one!" Just like this woman, many spiritually interested people talk of the "lower" or "dark" 4th dimension. This plane is supposedly for the evil ones, but us spiritually evolved souls will rise up to the 5th soon (yeah, sure). Also, David Icke has started claiming such dangerous flimflam recently, which might explain why he has been allowed to have such high influence and free speech in public, still being in sound condition for such a long time (on the contrary to others dealing with this topic): he is fulfilling the (dark) task to deceive the populace with nonsense about “the evil 4th dimension”.

Before I begin to explain why I consider the thinking above as highly dangerous, I would like to clarify something. Most people (with an esoteric background) assume we are living in the 3rd dimension, without questioning this. So, what exactly does this mean, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd dimension? I don't know. I think we call our realm 3rd dimension because we are supposedly living in a three-dimensional world. But what does this have to do with spiritual dimensions? Some years ago, a medium explained to me that the first dimension was matter, the second dimension was plant-consciousness and the third one was the animal and human-consciousness. I consider this also flimflam, yet less tenuous than the bias as to the 4th dimension.

I can accept to call our earthly realm the 3rd dimension. Yet I prefer calling it "our reality”. Matter, plants and creatures, just everything consisting of matter and being (sensually) perceivable to us, exists within our reality.

Generally, our reality’s consciousness is taking place and is based in the astral realm (oops, I mean the 4th dimension ;)): the consciousness of matter, plants and their related nature spirits, the consciousness of animals and humans in the form of astral beings and astral energies. Our conscious thinking seems to be, however, decoupled from the astral plane. The astral contains the energies and feelings of us humans, our patterns, programs and problems from former lives. The mark of each of us can be found there, but not our conscious thinking. I assume that conscious thinking/ cognitive consciousness is taking place on a different level.

Everything existing in our reality and happening here, exists and happens through the energies of the astral plane. Nothing can happen if there is no corresponding energy to it from the 4th dimension. Whoever wants to change something in our reality must make a change on the astral plane first, consciously or unconsciously. Material reality without the astral realm is like a computer without software. Without software, the computer is dead matter. Without the astral, the reality is dead matter. And further: If the astral realm is ruled by devils, our reality turns into hell. If the astral realm is filled with angels, it becomes heaven, or at least paradise.

Now, most likely many followers of New Age beliefs will claim that the astral realm is the place where dark entities dwell. Well, you don't have to put up with this! This thinking contains the motives to block us from the possibility to be the ones in charge of our reality, which also means that we have the power to do something about it. Certainly, the astral plane is dominated by dark entities at the moment, although this fact shouldn't corroborate the wrong belief about the astral plane being the home of dark entities, like it was some sort of hell where they supposedly belong and we humans are out of the woods since we allegedly belong into the so-called 5th dimension. Sure...

Many followers of the New Age belief system expect, that they soon will scale up to the 5th dimension (of course nobody can answer the question, what this mysterious 5th dimension will be) and believe they simply can leave our reality and the 4th dimension behind. Yet, these ascension-theories are actually based on promises made by (dark and deceiving) entities who were and are being channeled by psychics.

At this point I want to demonstrate the cunning nature of this entity-given information: the agenda behind this kind of false belief system is to disempower us and hold us back from creating our reality by making us reject our natural connection to the astral plane. We do disconnect from earth and astral plane by rejecting it, talking it down and by considering it to be“spiritually inferior” and calling it the home of demons. I know die-hard ascension-fanatics believe that it is supposed to be that way since earth is supposedly the place for dull and undeveloped souls, so they have hell on earth as a learning platform. I do not hold this view creating a scenario of“ascension into the 5th dimension” versus “hell on (the inferior) earth”. Actually, this belief is tricky and shouldn't be supported by us, since it is supporting passive and disempowering attitudes and that is very much in terms of those dark deceiving entities! By no means should we hand over our reality to devils and monsters. It is their long-term plan to take over our reality and other different realities as well. The more they succeed in this, the more powerful they become and the more they are going to walk over us. This should be clarified throughout this article.

Miscellaneous realities?

Yes, there are plenty of realities (furthermore I believe there are many more astral planes with their associated realities inside our multiverse). I have had glimpses into other realities on the planets of our solar system. I saw people there, who look exactly like us. They have buildings, cities etc. These realities are not to be seen by our physical eye sight. From our earthly point of view those planets appear to be bald and ninhabitable,
yet they are full of life. Different realities besides “our reality” even exist on our planet. Think about the invisible beings (elves etc.) in Iceland. All these realities are interconnected through the shared astral plane. Through the astral plane other realities and beings can be contacted.

So, reflect on this: if we handed over our reality realm to those dark entities, they would have a solid base station which makes it easier for them to operate and take over the other dimensions in our shared solar system and astral plane.

Well, what about the other, higher dimensions? I would like to note that we have been easily impressed by the superior abilities and technologies of other interdimensional beings since the beginning of time. This is the actual cause for so many people still accepting announcements of so-called higher beings, even today. Statements about higher dimensions usually are given by reputedly "ascended masters", “guides” or other (wannabe) light beings, etc. I am certain, that there are other dimensions, yet I cannot draw any image of those dimensions myself. But I am very suspicious about taking any channeled demands and messages for granted, just as little as I buy into old scripts and books about these topics.

The Earth and “Grounding”

In some spiritual seminars I was being told: “Well, let's have some fine dinner now, this is good for our grounding!” Even up until today, I am not sure whether this is correct. There exists severe confusion about the term“grounding” (by the way: I do not mean it in the technical sense here). I don't even know exactly, what “grounding” or “earthing” really means.

Well, let me try: If I get connected with the earth's consciousness, I sometimes succeed in sensing something which can be called “grounding”. I feel energy streaming into my feet and legs, rising up to the center of the highest point at the low spinal column.

Though I can neither explain nor define “grounding”, just as little as we can define “love”, one thing is for certain: “Grounding is extremely important” and because of its importance I want to collect everything I know about it in this article.

I know, for example, that most people naturally possess a certain amount of grounding, yet those dark beings from the astral plane are severely trying to disconnect us from earth and destroy our grounding. This belongs to their agenda of taking over and ruling the earth plane and its inhabitants.

The Earth

It is of great importance to understand the earth in order to be grounded. The earth isn't just a lump of matter circling through space, changing and moving by physical effects. Physical laws indeed play a role regarding earth and matter, however, predominantly earth itself is an astral being, just like us. I still don't know, what else earth is, but it is important to realize it being spirited. That means, planet earth does feel. Martina and I found out, much to our surprise, that it actually possesses intensive feelings. This astral being, planet earth suffers immensely from negative energies. It suffers when catastrophes happen which cause harm to its inhabitants. It suffers for us. It is a compassionate being. We have beenperceiving this information about the nature of planet earth over and over again.

(Those, who have energetic empathy and are connected with earth can experience this by themselves. I know, many sensitive individuals often do not know the sources of their perceptions, since there are so many layers of influences around us. One possibility is that they unexpectedly pick up feelings from earth.)

Do you understand what this means? It means that the earth doesn't want to hurt us human beings. Hereby it should become clear that earthquakes, tsunamis and other catastrophes caused by weather are not originating on planet earth but are purposefully created by extraterrestrial sources to cause havoc and misery among us. Earth would be able to move tectonic plates gently without destroying a single house and it would cause balanced weather, too (if it could). Extreme earthquakes aren't earthly at all!

So, the reason for catastrophic events nonetheless is an accumulation of negative energies here on earth, which points to at least two reasons:

1. The long-term effort of hostile aliens, their assistants and slaves
2. Our accumulated repressions (of feelings, past life traumas, skills).

All those common scientific theories (partly also alternative theories) on earthquakes and temperature change interrupt our connection and trust in“mother earth”. Real grounding can only work if we can fully trust in earth. It must be our partner against the dark side. It is our duty (at least for all of us who have already regained our psychic skills) to liberate this planet from dark accumulations of energies. The earth needs us to do this. There are places where a lot of black magic accumulates, cursed places, where satanic bloodrituals have been executed, battlefields full of “lost souls” who got stuck there, traumatized soul-fragments of people who brutally died there. We, our kind, caused this in history, so we are the ones responsible for healing it now.

Otherwise those negative, trapped energy forms will remain there and further accidents will easily happen in such cursed places. Moreover it will hinder earth itself in developing its healing strength, which it naturally will release and share with us. Those sick and perverted energies have an effect adverse on all of us.

Spiritual healing has to be practiced and whoever does this, will automatically increase his grounding (an interesting fact is, that whoever threw and planted bombs in WWI or WWII, most likely lost his grounding and connection to earth, according to our experience during sessions with clients).

What about the other celestial bodies? Not one of them is hostile. Neither the sun, nor the moon. Even comets will not get too close to this planet nor would they destroy it. The sun won't send any gigantic eruptions against earth. This would cause harm to the sun since it is also a feeling astral being. Those accident and catastrophes which nonetheless did and will happen are caused by the dark forces because they manipulate even the sun and other planets. Once again: there are no natural laws causing catastrophes, no intermittently returning events which could annihilate human beings and animals. Events like those mentioned above are purposefully, viciously planned, they are conscious actions by dark, yet highly intelligent forces.

And we are neither helpless nor powerless to fight back and defend ourselves!

Alien Aid

The healing session which I mostly practice together with Martina showed us, that there are many spirits and alien races who are willing to help us out. In other words, they share our intention to liberate our shared universe from dark forces.

BUT, these helping forces are definitely NOT the well-known top dogs such as Ahstar, Kryon or Ramhta. Those hyped beings, plus the so-called “galactic federation”, altogether belong to the Repto clique. Again, these associations cause fatal outcomes as they energetically hinder the truly good ones to reach us and our earthly plane.

Therefore it is difficult to keep up strong and clear contact with friendly aliens. Functioning contacts are often disturbed and held back. Usually, we have only a short time frame of open, undisturbed bilateral contact before the dark ones come along with counteractive measures.

The “golf-club-principle”

Before I move on presenting those groups that want to help us, I would like to explain a principle, which is obviously working in all different kinds of realities. I call it the “golf-club-principle”. A simple rule says, that whoever is not part of the golf club has therefore no influence on the club rules. Whoever would like to change something in the club must be a member at least.

So, on earth it is the same simple rule: whoever wants to do something here, change it, shape it, form it, has to be part of the earth, has to be grounded in one way or another.

Who is grounded? Most people who physically incarnated here (=as a piece of soil) are grounded (more or less).

Disembodied beings have a chance to ground themselves by occupying a human being or an animal (=it needs pre-conditions though to be able to do so). Ethereal beings can let themselves be channeled, which needs a psychic person at the other end of the line of course. By using or abusing a medium they have access to this plane. While announcing bits and bytes of information, they can effectively operate in our reality in the meantime. Sacrificing objects, food, animals or even human beings to ghosts and spirits will strengthen their grounding and therefore their influence on the earth plane. So does worshiping for Gurus, so-called incarnated Gods, etc.

By such means our foes sneak into our golf club and alter our rules to their benefit and our disadvantage. They have had thousands of years of practice, now they are the sovereigns of our club.

So what about our friends? Do they enter their spaceships, fly here, clear their way from all obstacles to help us? No no, those who think so might have watched too much Star Trek. I know that many people believe that the fleet of the galactic federation is waiting out there in space, not yet wanting to interfere so we have our learning experience which we reportedly need for our spiritual development. They must stick to God's Law. I don't want to make fun of it, but this is certainly not the way it works. The reality I am experiencing during healing sessions looks quite different. There is a broad scale of beings in small and bigger groups wanting to help us and therefore trying to gain ground here in order to be able to fulfill their skills and duties in our reality. Beings with unimaginable abilities, which remain useless as long as they cannot gain foothold, grounding. The interception-service of our enemies strongly ensures that these helpful beings cannot establish themselves on earth. Actually, this is the dark force's most important weapon against us: isolating us from grounding and earth energy!

Our friends have no easy time at all gaining ground. Maybe they aren't used to this realm and have harder times adjusting themselves to earthly energy. However, obviously they make at least one spirit of their group incarnate on Earth (as a human being) to gain ground. This has been going on for a few decades now. This means, a number of people who are wandering on earth are trying to gain foothold, trying to ground themselves to be able to reconnect with those spirits whom they actually belong to and thereby increase positive energy on earth. Some of them have been unsuccessfully trying to incarnate for a couple of life times to anchor.

And what does their situation look like? Unfortunately, quite crappy in general. The ones I know are not able to ground themselves, which is a dangerous condition for them. Every breath of energy can knock them for a loop. It is difficult to be protected and defend themselves in such a condition. Many of those incarnated spirits are in bad shape, regarding health and mind. I know disabled people who are not able to speak or are comatose. If one should succeed in grounding himself and then reconnect with his spirit group, he would immediately stand out with positive events and changes, because these groups are quite powerful. Until now the reconnection is successfully inhibited by the dark forces.

We offered ourselves as “grounding cable” for some of these friendly groups, to use us as a medium, to at least be able to operate through us in order to help out their incarnated fellow. But it didn't work. Their consciousness differs too much from ours. They need someone incarnated of their own kind to be able to ground themselves collectively, someone who resonates with their consciousness.

Through this work we have found out a number of practices regarding how these incarnated spirits are being blocked. For example, Reptos are able to manipulate the incarnation process in its early stage. In many lives those helpers have already been born into situations as unpleasant as possible, like hostile environments, that were strongly controlled by Reptos. If parents are already being manipulated, blocked and under reptilian or demonic influence, they cannot provide the necessary backing and shelter. For example, the mother can be abducted by Grays in early stages of her pregnancy or the embryo has already been manipulated, it can even be implanted into the womb of another woman who is already instrumental to their agenda. The consequence of this is a total interruption of grounding and earth connection.

Father and mother might already be manipulated to such extend that they are like energy vampires to their child. If the incarnated spirit, who already had a difficult start in life, liberates him-/herself from his parental home, other circumstances or people might be around him/her, who will have enough power pulling the rug out from under him/her again.

So, what makes Reptos and co. being this powerful and effectively heading off the helping forces? The answer is alarmingly simple: They do get this energy from us, energy, which is empowering them! least in many cases.

We found this out in a session, where we tried to reactivate certain abilities of a person. A dark entity simply placed itself between us and the client. As always, we tried to smooth it out with positive energies which they hate the most. But this one here wouldn't be chased off. It only grinned insultingly. Its job appeared to be repelling strengths and good forces from our planet, and apparently it was empowered to do so. Our investigations in finding where it gained it power from lead us to this insight: This being has been and still is admired by millions of people down to the present day. It draws its strength from thousands and thousands of people (in this particular case from India). This being used to be worshiped as a God or a Guru in earlier times. We don't know exactly who it was representing.

Yet, there are many other villains, who pretended to be Gurus, Gods or saints, accumulating their strength and power through other humans’ admiration and worship. One of those villains is called Krishna. This we could find out pretty soon. Krishna brings his disciples to a certain intermediate level, where they might feel a bit lighter, sort of enlightened and more at ease. Yet, at this level there is absolutely no grounding. Hare Krishna disciples are without grounding and Krishna can easily feed on their abilities.

The recently deceased Über-Repto Sai Baba worked in the same way and still does (death is no end for these entities to continue following their plans). Reiki, too, provides those dark beings with plenty of energy and sucks on us.

Every Guru who succeeds in accumulating a larger quantity of disciples is certainly working for the dark side. Without exception, up to this date. Nobody of the positive side is able to have a greater influence so far. This is not permitted by the dark side. He will be opposed, others infiltrated, magicians and agents deployed, family members magically attacked until they develop cancer or are being killed in accidents etc. This makes it easy to figure out whether a person is on the good side or not: the more sheep are following him, the less he is one of us. This might change one day, but right now it is this way. Well, actually, once we are ready ourselves, we do not need any spiritual leaders at all (this doesn't mean there is any forecast date, it is really up to us how things will develop down here).

I hope you understand what this means because we have to heighten our awareness on this topic so the situation can be changed. As long as these beings and humans are being admired by thousands of people, I don't see a chance to do something about it. The strength of millions of admirers is working against us and against those friendly incarnated, yet ungrounded alien souls. Even the best qualities and superior abilities cannot work down here as long as their owners aren't fully earthed.


I am extremely annoyed about all those ascension theories, ascension groups, light body processes for the ascension to the 5th dimension. Do you know what this “ascension business” is causing? Total loss of grounding! That's the way they want it, people trying to ascend are easy prey for the predator. Like everyone without grounding, they are very easily manipulated. So, many spiritually gifted ones are among those ascension groups. Your strengths unfortunately cannot help earth and its inhabitants since you lost your grounding. And as you believe in the galactic federation you are unable to see all those truly helping forces. However, they do exist and need our help as much as we need their help!

In my eyes such thinking, that those who are spiritually developed are the ones who are going to be saved from Armageddon in contrast to those underdeveloped ones who have to hang out in an enslaved world for another cycle, is the actual indication of spiritual downfall. I don't like any verses from the Bible, but the first could really be the last ones. At the point where I am standing now it seems to me, that the role someone is in doesn't necessarily say anything about his actual spiritual development. Probably especially those, who were or potentially are very courageous in fighting against darkness are now the ones straying around as dropouts or as semi-maniacs. Others hardly dare to use their special abilities, because they were unbearably tortured for using them in former lives and now they are living their recent lives unknowingly of those past ones. These people are well evolved and have excelled at fighting against dark forces (and that was their mistake in a way). Those, who are waiting to be rescued by higher forces soon are generally cowards.

One more thing on “being rescued”: Many of our psychic perceptions and contacts point out: The Grays were not being rescued either. They lost their planet in the same way as it is happening to us right now, through gradual, systematic destructive influence by unnoticed external forces. Most Grays were being enslaved, genetically altered, programmed and implanted. They have been made to believe that they have to fight us, too. However, a few could hide in corners of the universe, still being in danger. We met some of them. I could also perceive that they used to be a beautiful and evolved race a long time ago (I will write a separate article on this later).

The End Time

The idea of an “End Time”, of an Apocalypse/Armageddon, was implanted into the human collective consciousness by the Dracos a long time ago. And they knew, being those sneaky and outstanding psychoanalysts that they are, what such prophecies will cause: Loss of grounding!

No matter, in which form one believes in an Apocalypse, whether one is afraid of sinking in the flood and therefore needs to escape into the mountains or whether one believes his spiritual development makes him survive or whether one believes, that the galactic federation is about to come for salvation, or whether one thinks, there's nothing to do about it so he's just getting by until it cracks, in all cases the grounding has been interrupted because such thinking causes deep distrust in earth. And without grounding, we are especially weak and assailable. So, the only thing that has to be ended during the End Times is the Dracos' superior disposal of us! If we succeed in kicking them out, our planet can turn into an unimaginable paradise!

Indigo Children

Those people, who came from alien auxiliaries and incarnated as human beings here, don't have anything to do with the so-called indigo children. I don't get the hype about indigo children. One thing is clear: whoever brings particular abilities down to earth is on the shit-list of Reptos and has to fight and defend himself without end. No blue aura will help him here. If you, however, believe that you play an important role as an indigo, yet you don't have issues and are not confronted with ongoing oppositions in life, then there's something fishy about the side you are working for.

Is everything just a game?

Over and over again people try to convince me that everything is just a game, saying that we shouldn't choose sides so we overcome the (supposedly illusionary) paradox of good and evil. They even think that I have conditioned myself to think in these terms of fighting and being at war with the Reptos and dark forces. And if I don't stop it, the fight will get even worse. Such theses I have known for two decades and I also used to advance such views for a short time. But people who seriously believe this (and possibly also believe in“Enlightenment” or Ascension) will or did lose their grounding. Whoever doesn't avow oneself to earth loses his grounding. Maybe some people think they don't need it since they are so close to the Divine. I think whoever thinks in such ways will soon lose their basis, their solid position and will have the rug pulled out from under them. I know some people who have already been through this, with very uncomfortable consequences.

What can one do about it?

Most important: Try to dissolve you personal karmic/past life entanglements, which I mentioned in other articles on this website. Thereby abilities will be exposed and reinforced. However, regarding the liberation of our abilities, it seems that Reptos have the power to keep us within certain limits. This is also the reason why it is so hard to completely heal ourselves and have full access to our strength at the moment.

So what can we do about it? I still have no idea.

Well, let's list some possible aids:

You have to develop a certain consciousness for earth and deepen this. Whoever doesn't have any extrasensory abilities (yet) might at least regard earth as a partner and talk to it like to a friend, e.g. asking it for the kind of weather which is needed in the area where you are living. Whoever can use their spiritual abilities can also do this of course, and also heal energetically damaged places. If you cannot recognize blockages directly, you can also ask the place to show it to you. For example, I do it this way: I always question the place in three main categories:1. dark beings, 2. dark energies and 3. unsaved, traumatized souls (“ghosts”) who are stuck there. Then I feel the particular energetic answer.

Working with the weather is also very important. The earth doesn't want us to suffer from awkward weather conditions. Yet it is hindered from sending us fit weather by malicious forces. So earth needs our benevolent influence. The way you choose to do this is up to you, just try it out! Most important is to be in touch with earth and be grounded.

I can share one empirical value: only try to influence the weather in your own area.

You cannot stop the drought in Africa if you are not living there. But from my own experiences of the past years you can stop every storm or drought in the area where you are living.

The situation is quite serious and dangerous, yet it is better to not get scared and worried, especially not as to the 2012 hype. It is the intention of our foes to make us fearful. There is neither a natural nor a divine Apocalypse. This is what they try to stage-manage. If we look through this, we are able to do something about it! I know a couple of individuals and small groups who have been working to do something about it and have already succeeded a bit in healing this planet. Yet, there is no giant break-through.

Franz Erdl

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Subject: Franz Erdl
From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Date: Sat, May 7, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


Franz wrote: "I am extremely annoyed about all those ascension theories, ascension groups, light body processes for the ascension to the 5th dimension. Do you know what this “ascension business” is causing? Total loss of grounding!"

He has witnessed people being led astray by the ascension hype. This is one of the reasons he wrote the article. On the internet ascension has become another NASARA-like gimmick.

Franz does not disprove the existence of ascension. He is annoyed at those who have diverted people away from their spiritual growth.

I was taught about individual, soul family and planetary ascensions in 1971 decades before the fads.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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