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A Historical Event: Transformation & Redemption Among Reptilian-Demons

[Editor's Note: I had mentioned in radio interviews and occasionally in commentary, that a tranformation of sorts is underway in recent months within the demonic realm; a changing of the guard you might say. This amazing and unexpected article from Franz Erdl reflects an important vector in that transformation..Ken Adachi]. .

From Franz Erdl <>
October 19, 2011

A Historical Event: Transformation & Redemption Among Reptilian-Demons (Oct. 20, 2011)
October 16, 2011

Beginning on September, 2011, three people from three different continents are sitting in front of their computers, communicating via Skype. Martina, me and a third person, who wants to remain anonymous, are doing a session for researching the astral plane. Like in Star Trek, we adventure ourselves into new fields in space and time, not on a wing and prayer, but with clearly defined intentions, to free earth and humanity, ourselves included.

During this session we made an extraordinary contact. Martina's astral body was being modified (without her being informed of this) and was being worked on for quite some time. She could sense the manipulation of her body and felt quite surprised. She was worried and asked, if this was okay. The answer came soon:“You want liberation, don't you?“ Well, this didn't convince her, yet she still felt connected to me and the third person, which helped to calm her down.

Gradually we figured out, that this "format error“ of this unheralded treatment of Martina was based on the big difference between us and the other race. These beings exist outside of time and space, at least that's what they said. The topic I am discussing here so easily, has been a very long process actually. Every time, new beings show up, we are very, very careful. Are they okay? Do they want to trick us? Are they trying to catch Martina in a trap? Our only test method is: how do these beings feel in their heart?

Well, Martina had been "reconstructed“, so she would be able to communicate with these beings outside of time and space. Yet, communication wasn't that easy. It was mostly working through the heart. Arriving feelings were transformed into information, which then was comprehensible and even visible to the mind. These beings were slim and tall. Imagine a Gray and stretch him twice as long. Very thin limbs and an extremely thin, long neck. Not able to exist under gravity, I'd say.

Our new friends explained to us, that there are beings inside space and time who look like them, yet we should differentiate between them and the other group. This explanation was so important, because we have met this other look-alike group, only two weeks earlier. Both groups are very benevolent and friendly.

Deduced from the word "Wohlwollend“ (Benevolent in German) we named them 'Wowos'. So we have the Wowos 1 inside time and space, and the Wowos 2 outside of it.

One important message from the Wowos 2 (I will continue to just say Wowos, I mean those outside of time and space) was: "we are working in a project against snake beings.“

I see! I had experienced snakes, before. They are hard to find and hard to get rid of, but we haven't found them that often in the past. So why this project of the Wowos? I am sure that these message contained more than just words, because in the following three weeks this topic was evolving quickly. The snake beings are the secret wire-pullers; they are the evil ones in charge of the universe. This is a very important insight.

Thank you, Wowos, for your help!

I asked them if I was allowed to publish their project? They answered: "No way. The snakes are not allowed to get to know about this, until a certain step has been made. Otherwise we might fail.“

Now, it is October, 16th. The Wowos had made this step a few weeks ago and succeeded! Still, I was afraid of publishing these facts. Today, I received their agreement. I will write about it later, but first I want to tell you about, what step they took.

I will try to explain it.

Humans and other beings have a soul. These souls have an origin, a source, a Divine Core, some say. Through this, everything is connected. The Wowos released an impulse within this origin, which then can spread like a virus, yet of course, not causing harm.

Quite the contrary: this impulse is liberating (I'll have more to say about this). I want to share with you, how they did it.

Martina was able to analyze it: The Wowos transformed themselves into our Soul's Origin. She was able to sense this impulse from the moment they released it. Back then, it still was vague and hard to define, yet she could sense the changes on the astral plane. She says so quite often and I hope very much, that she is right. I wasn't able to sense it. But soon after this some events happened, that convinced me as well.

In the beginning of September I told you about the sudden immersion of Reptilian-Demons we experienced. One even tried to abuse Martina during her sleep. This was obviously an awkward sort of beings. September, 11 the following events happened: during a session with the three of us, a Rep-Demon appeared. He wasn't hostile. You can read this story in "Beings of the Earth“ - Transformation of Reptilian-Demons.

We succeeded in liberating thousands of Rep-Demons, to “undemonize” them. They re-transformed back into Dragons, kind Dragons who are friends of Humans. In that article I promised to tell you, whether we met more of these demons. We haven't met any more since then. This whole event appeard organized. First, the high concentration of these demon-like creatures (still in an evil state), then their mass healing.

How come, these dark creatures were open for healing and changing sides?

To me, this looks like the liberation impulse of the Wowos. As far as I get it, this impulse is waking beings up. The mind control of the snakes is reduced to such an extent, that these beings are able to get aware of their situation. The awareness doesn't free them, but it helps them seeking ways of liberating. For example, they come to us.

I want to acknowledge: without our insight on snakes, this liberation would have been impossible. We first had to understand that all beings in our universe are used and abused by snakes. Otherwise we would have regarded the Rep-Demons and other dark creatures as foes and we would have fought them.

Since the middle of September, more and more types of creatures show up to seek out our help. Dracos, Dragons, Reps and astral beings, and most of them look awkward and scary. So we make sessions for Humans and then such beings, whose snake-made task was to control and weaken these Humans, come and ask for healing. We had hard times believing this.

An example from last week:

First session, with a student, who was surrounded by many other students of course. Astonishing, how many of these students are under the reptilian influence. Martina could see that. Then, 10 to 20 Reps looked at us, wanted to be healed. Once Martina said this, we could feel the flow of energy. Before, I wasn't able to sense the presence of the Reps, but once the energy started to flow, their presence was obvious to me, too.

Next session: After 20 minutes of this session, Reps show up. One of this was directly linked to the client, the others seemed to be brought there through this one guy. The energy started to flow directly. The client, Martina and I were deeply bucket about. Afterward, tears of relief.

Two hours later, the third session. The client told us in English, what he had experienced. I translated it for Martina, but she interrupted, because she could sense all kinds of creatures already. These beings were pushy. We started, and you can guess what happened then: a lot of energy, liberation, relief. They were so many.

According to Martina, these beings were responsible for creating a lot of negative energy in a certain region. The contact with these beings could be made through the strong grounding of this client. I hope that everyone can soon sense the change of energy in the region of Yorkshire, England.

Another research session: all three of us on Friday, the 14th of October. Martina could sense a being behind her. Oh, a lot of beings actually. In front of her she saw an evil-looking, black Draco. He said: "Give them back to me.“ and pointed his finger on the beings behind Martina. Oh no!

Is this the end of our lucky streak? He gouged at Martina's heart chakra, apparently trying to get through her and grab the other creatures. Person number 3 and I focused on getting rid of the snake inside this Draco, since Martina was totally blocked, out of order. Well, finally, after three hours of work, we made it. It was a lot of work. After having relieved the Draco from his snake, he collapsed. Then a beautiful, giant Dragon came out of him. But this wasn't the end. Then we saw the astral body of a Human coming out plus another Draco. Three beings inside of him.

Why so many? Well, then all of them, especially the Human needed healing. Finally, they were free.

We have actually expected these beings to leave us after we have helped them, but they stayed. We tried to figure out, what they wanted. Verbal communication didn't work, but they answered our question with gestures. Their intention was, to fight on our side, to prevent us backing but also for other things. Martina wasn't that happy about the thought to have these beings all the time around. Actually we always try to draw the outline of our work, to let no being inside. But maybe we have to change our mind about this. These beings wouldn't be inside of us, but behind us. Trying to get rid of them didn't work. I think, the task which lays in front of us is too important to them (while writing this, energy is flowing).

Most of these beings look rather dark and creepy.

If other psychics would see us with them, why should they trust us? But these beings are pure at heart. This is the only thing that counts. Martina asked them: "can you show us how you really look like?“

It took some time and then they answered: "you do not look like the way you really are, either!“

Well, after this exciting session we got a real doozy. I still wanted to know from the Wowos if I were allowed to publish about their help. We got an unexpected reaction. All three of us were filled with energy, flowing through us like water. Martina and I felt it so strongly that both of us were shaking and shivering on our seats. We all cried tears of joy. Martina said: "Yeeees, yeeees, yesss!!“ over and over again.

This happiness came from the Wowos. They were really happy about the publishing and they were happy about the energy package they were able to send. This was the strong energy which was shaking us. It was the first time, their help came down to us. All other energy packages had been absorbed before reaching its addressees. Martina called this energy a rescue package. Wow, such a historical event!

Apparently, it never worked out before, to send any help to Humanity from this dimension out of space and time. What did this help accomplish? No idea, it remains to be seen. Is it only for us or a collective energy aid? We don't know either, we'll wait and see.

But, here are the necessary buffers of enthusiasm: Libya, Afghanistan, financial crash, etc.

This will not stop overnight. People still get murdered, people die from cancer and meteorological disturbances. We are not on safe ground for a long time yet. The Wowo-impulse starts in the depth of the Souls. I believe, that Dracos, Dragons and astral beings are the first beings that the Soul had created. They are close to the center and therefore are able to receive this impulse at first, apparently. Mantides, other Insectoids and Grays might have been created later and they seem to be more complex, which means, not that easy to be healed. (Apropos Mantides and Insectoids: we were able to heal one Mantis and one ant-like creature. It works!) I believe Humans are even more complex. Inside of us, we can find Dragon incarnates and other beings.

We have found plenty of alien beings, who tried to help us, but with little or no success. These experiences show us, that no galactic federation is waiting for us out there, until we have developed and are ready for ascension. Those Humans who still are tricked and fooled by these empty promises, who still take channeled messages for granted and thereby hold on to the snakes, might have to wait somewhat longer for healing and liberation.

Addendum October, 17th

The topic about the beings, who Martina could sense behind her, seems to be clarified to our satisfaction.

Today, when starting a session, we had a similar situation like that week before. A great number of beings appeared behind her, and one evil being was in front of her who wanted the other beings back. “They belong to me!” To Martina, this situation of conflict felt very unpleasant. She was between two fronts. Well, something wasn't right here.

We thought, they would need healing, so they can be safe and free. Last week they didn't show signs of wanting to be healed. We just tried it. We were right. Again, the energy flowed through all three of us. It flowed from the ones in the front row to the ones in the back, like waves. The beings in front were healed at first and to our surprise, they transformed into . . . Humans. The waves reached to the back rows more and more, and everywhere Humans showed up. Some other beings were there as well, but all of them looked kind.

There were many. Martina could perceive Humans from down through the centuries. All of them were healed and then disappeared, at last. This took half an hour, then it became quiet.

This was a very impressive experience, yet we know, these were not the soul fragments of all humans. There must be many more who are caught in horrible conditions, which are hard to reach, but at least, this was a good beginning. I still expect others to work on this topic as well. But the knowledge about the power of the serpents/snake beings is an essential part of our work.

This remains problem number one.

Franz Erdl

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