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The Matrix and its Master

By Franz Erdl
April 19, 2012 /

The Matrix and its Master by Franz Erdl (April 19, 2012)

April 2. 2012


It is possible that we have discovered something of great importance. Anyone with the skills to do energetic research, please have a look at this topic, and possibly add some more pieces to the puzzle.

It started last week when we had many difficulties with the net. So, sessions were hardly possible. Martina was looking for the “real“ reason for this problem. And to our surprise, she saw men in white suits, working in an underground base at control terminals,  and running operations against us. We knew that we are on their list, but witnessing them in action is new.

During another case last week, a reptilian and a mantis showed up whom we were able to heal. They couldn't leave freely though; something was still missing. Finally they showed Martina a control center with a control panel. We understood: both beings were connected to this terminal through data and programs. We spoke out our intention to delete the data and the energy started to flow strongly. After a while, both were satisfied and could depart.

This didn’t remain the only case of its kind. Very often and easily, we reached the control center, plus the data files, and we were able to influence big changes for freeing humans and other beings. This was not possible before. We also have discovered an apparent new source of energy, which is delivering the right “frequency“ for interfering with these sort of data computers. According to Martina's perception, this energy source cannot be manipulated by dark forces. Such joy!

As far as our research has gone up until now, the hostile control system (which is similar to the machines in the movie “The Matrix“) consists of the following elements:

1. Underground bases with data storage and physical apparati, collecting astral data to manipulate the astral realm. We have seen men in white suits working there (they look like scientists).

2. A space ship with a central “computer“; we think that it may exist outside of our reality. We do not know yet, if there are more ships of this kind. Until now, we have only seen this one.

3. A central brain: we received the words “virtual consciousness“. When perceiving this consciousness, Martina connected it to the cobra's statement “My lord and master.“ Is this virtual consciousness,  the ‘lord and master’ of the cobra? Is it the source of all evil? It is possible. It is very difficult to describe this consciousness, but it is certainly immense.    

From this brain, tubes are reaching out to the ship. Tubes seem to be used quite often on the astral plane to connect all kind of things. Through tubes, energy can be sucked easily. Martina has seen machine-like beings with arms made of tubes. They tried to catch her with these tube arms. She had to escape quickly. I'm wondering if the snakes were created by these means (being a tube-like creature). A piece of tube, a brain, totally programmed to serve its master, a mobile unity.

The central brain, the central space ship and underground bases seem to make up the core of the matrix. Plus its executors (like “Mr. Smith“ in the movie) which consists of : A) machines, B) cobras and other snakes, C) enslaved aliens, D) earth beings and E) mind controlled human beings.

I call the control machines inside the base stations and the spaceship “computers“. When working with a person, we have to delete the data in the underground earth bases and/or inside the space ship. When deleting data for one client, Martina accidentally came too close to the central brain. It realized that something was being taken away from it. At a later point, Martina said that the brain would mobilize machines to attack us because of that incident; a scary prospect.

When entering the computer system, we command it to delete all data from one person. The energy response  was flowing well, but we are not sure if all the data had been deleted. This weekend,  Karin and I continued working on this topic, but this time with a clear focus and clear commands.

A made up example:

There is a program, where person A is easily being overseen by other people. This program is stored inside the ship. But the program “person A's friend is always talking too much and person A's boyfriend Bernd is never listening to her“ is stored in one of the underground bases.

Isn't that shocking?

Yes, such details are stored in these computers. And we have been wondering for such a long time, why some healing sessions haven't succeeded in dissolving some neuroses and patterns. They are stored inside the matrix and it is there where they have to be deleted. I doubt commanding “I want to delete all data of person X“ will work fully. I first have to see if the detailed work I made this weekend is showing its effects. Actually, the energy  response was flowing a lot. Also, I had to address the right computer to receive the appropriate energy reaction.

(Please do not make the mistake of blaming every problem on the matrix. Many patterns and blockades are simply stored inside our chakras and can be healed and dissolved through healing energy and by using other methods. Sometimes it’s darkened beings and black magic or other things that account for our problems).

About 13 years ago, something (I think a being) astrally lead me to an underground base. There,  I got an insight into the manipulation and control we are exposed to. About 5 years ago,  I had published this story in my first article, as a sub-paragraph called “the Matrix“. And now, we actually have access to it, for the first time! We have hacked the “firewall“. Of course,  I am happy about this success, but I am already in a defensive position, expecting counter strikes. I’m also hoping for help.

Other questions or aims of this research are:

  1. How do they create reality through these machines
  2. Is it based on the principal of radionic?
  3. Do we know its principal at all?
  4. For sure,  they use our stolen energy to create their reality, but how do they do this?
  5. Are we able to destroy the core of this mechanism so we do not have to spend out time in detailed work, deleting data after data?“

It is possible, that destroying the “matrix computer” may prove to be of tremendous importance to humanity’s  liberation. But I have experienced so many disappointments after believing that we were ‘almost there,’ that I’ve become cautious about being over-excited. Still, we are staying on track. We’re going to publish news and we hope that others will also discover some things and add to our understanding.

Franz Erdl


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