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Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 1

Smear Artist, Israeli Diamond Trader and "Jesuit" Expert

[Editor's Note: I have to thank the author of this series of articles for saving me a great deal of time. I felt it was necessary to invest some time in exposing Phelps, a Catholic hater of the first rank, for the mountain of unsubstantiated and unproven fabrications he has leveled against the Catholic church in general, but also against individuals he has chosen to smear and denigrate -including myself. Up to now, with the exception of Constance Cumbey, I had not seen anything in print that even began to earnestly evaluate and whittle down this outrageous blow hard to a manageable size. So this author-whoever he or she may be-has saved me a lot of effort by providing the expose which Phelps so richly deserves.

Eric Jon Phelps is the sort of person that a serious-minded and intelligent reader will quickly dismiss as a Merchant of Tripe. You just have to start reading his material to see that he's over-the-top about everything. Big on accusations, but very short on substantiated proof, except, of course, the "source references" he provides in his writings-often naming himself as the reference source! Phelps is in the business of scapegoating and blame-assignment of all Evil Deeds to the Vatican, the Jesuits, and Catholics, while assiduously avoiding any mention of the role that his Zionist Israeli sponsors might be playing in shaping these schemes to push the Middle East (and the world) into an Armageddon waste land of death and destruction. His comeuppance is long overdue. ...Ken Adachi]

Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 1: Smear Artist, Israeli Diamond Trader and "Jesuit" Expert (Oct. 24, 2008)

Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 2: Putting Israel First, Promoting the Zionist Agenda (Oct. 25, 2008)

Are you filthy rich? Do you have a lot of excess cash laying around? Are you in the market for fine-cut diamonds and gems? If so, then Eric Jon Phelps would like to hear from you.

Eric Jon Phelps, Vice President and Chief of Sales for an Israeli affiliated company,, wants you to know that the diamonds and colored gems he and sell come direct from Tel Aviv, Israel. Sure, they will cost you a lot but, Phelps insists, Israeli diamond cutters are the best in the world.

Yes, these fine, luxurious and expensive diamonds are now available for sale to Mr. Phelps "exclusive clients," direct from Israel.

Whoa! Hold on...Wait just a minute! Eric Jon Phelps you say? Isn’t he the guy that authored the book, Vatican Assassins? Yes, indeed, they’re one and the same. It appears that Mr. Phelps wears many cloaks. As one source on the internet wryly notes, "Eric Jon Phelps is quite a chameleon. He’s a jack of all trades." White supremacist, racist, Israeli diamond trader, former concrete mixer, author—Eric Jon Phelps is all these things and more. But he’s probably best known as the author of a very flawed and absurd book, Vatican Assassins, that its mysterious publishers bill as an exposé of the Vatican’s Jesuit Order.

Phelps Busy Labeling People "Jesuit" Infiltrators

Did you know that Alfred Webre, top 9/11 truther, is actually an undercover Catholic Jesuit operative?...that popular talk show host Alex Jones is secretly a Jesuit agent as well as a CIA plant?...that Christian author Constance Cumbey is a Vatican stooge and a "Romish Vixen" controlled by the Jesuits?...

Yep, that’s what this fellow, Eric Jon Phelps claims. He offers no proof, of course, but that doesn't deter Phelps from smearing many good people. Phelps, if you believe him, is very busy spilling the beans on the evil Jesuit Order and its spidery labyrinth of paid secret agents.

According to Phelps, the Jesuits are responsible for just about everything diabolical. They ordered the hit on President John F. Kennedy; they covertly ran the Vietnam War; they secretly control all the world’s banks and they tell the U.S. Congress what to do. Phelps warns that their secret priests are everywhere. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a Jesuit stooge; so are Obama and McCain.

Phelps, never shy in asserting his arrogant claims, says that the Jesuits are behind the Order of Skull & Bones. They supervise the Council on Foreign Relations; they control Wall Street’s billions, and if Phelps is to be believed, the Catholic Jesuits are the founders of Communism and Nazism alike. 

Zionist Jews? By Phelps reckoning, the Zionists and Israelis are meek little lambs; certainly they are not behind any conspiracy. Phelps absolves the Jews of blame for anything. And even if the ADL is made up of a bunch of Christian hating rabbis, Phelps asserts that the ADL is secretly under control of the Jesuits. They, not the Jewish leaders of the ADL, are the culprits who are defaming Christianity. Tsk Tsk, the Jesuits do the dirty deeds and the poor Jews always get all the blame! That's Phelps assertion, being, as he is, an Israeli diamond profiteer.

Phelps seems to have a special dislike and disdain for Christians who oppose New Age occultism. Take, for example, Constance Cumbey, author of the bestselling Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Ms. Cumbey, a pioneer in exposing New Age occultism, has become a key target of his wrath. Phelps forthrightly labels her a deceiver and, he trumpets, a Jesuit monster. Phelps warns that Cumbey is nothing less than a "Conservative Baptist Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor."

Phelps writes on his website that Cumbey is a dangerous woman; indeed, according to Phelps, Cumbey is a "cunning female Coadjutor for the Jesuit Order, a covert member of Opus Dei, Catholic Action or the Dames of Malta." Whew! Quite a list there.

Cumbey is so evil that he, Phelps, considers it "necessary" to expose this woman whom he colorfully describes as a "venomous, vicious, Romish Vixen" with, he colorfully adds, "notorious connections with Rome."

Constance Cumbey a "venomous, vicious, Romish Vixen" involved in "perfidious dealings" with the wicked Jesuit conspiracy? She denies it, says it’s laughable (, and Christians who know Cumbey's long-standing service believe her, not Phelps. Still, smear artist, mud-slinger Phelps labors on, working for and promoting the Zionist cause.

What evidence does Phelps introduce for his outrageous claims against Cumbey, Jones and others? Zilch, nada, not a shred.

Phelps: "Rothschilds Work for the Jesuits"

Amazingly, if Phelps is to be believed (not!), even the Rothschilds, the most infamous of Zionist Illuminati, are not really the guilty source of crimes or conspiracy. Phelps says the Jesuits are actually the hidden controllers of the Rothschilds. (What supermen these Jesuits seem to be!) The Jesuits run Hollywood, too, and the Jesuits are masterminds of the pornography industry. According to Phelps, the Jesuits are guilty of, well, just about everything. They’re probably even behind the extraterrestrial and UFO aliens.

Is Christian author Constance Cumbey or 9/11 researcher Alfred Webre an evil Jesuit infiltrator? Of course not. Neither is Alex Jones a CIA disinformation agent, as Phelps so pompously and ridiculously insists. And that cockeyed theory that Jesuit killers carried out the JFK assassination? Oh boy, is this guy a bizarre and rough-shaped oddball!

Phelps: Silly, Harmless Oddball?

But, is that all that Eric Jon Phelps is—a bizarre and silly, harmless oddball? Defamation, libel, and slander are never harmless. Such crimes leave behind victims and sometimes damaged reputations, and they do injustice to the truth. Consider this: Phelps has guested recently on a number of patriot radio talk shows spouting his ridiculous theories, accusing hapless victims, undermining the truth, and aiding and abetting those who do not want Americans to know the truth about the 9/11 cover-up, Zionist crimes, and the world financial crisis.

Because of his extravagant claims and pretense of being an "expert," Phelps has apparently gained a sort of "cult" following. Boasting that he is a died-in-the-wool Reformation Protestant opposed to Jesuitism, he has suckered in many who rightly are concerned about the error of the Vatican. Others just seem drawn to his absurdities. Then there are the neocon evangelical, pro-Israel crowd—zealots convinced that the Jews and Israel are the good guys and that the Christians like Cumbey, the workers in the 9/11 Truth Movement, and the patriot leaders are covert agents of Rome.

Phelps has even been invited to a conspiracy conference as an "expert." Quite an achievement for a guy who has little formal education and who formerly laid cement for a living.

Phelps’ victims, unfortunately, are growing in numbers. Phelps’ unsupported attack on those leading the 9/11 Truth Movement is especially sad and damaging. He fraudulently labeled Alfred Webre a "covert Jesuit agent." Who is Alfred Webre? A person who has worked diligently cobbling together the International Citizens 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal, seeking to hold to account Bush, Cheney, Netanyahu and other 9/11 criminals. For his sterling efforts, Mr. Webre was blasted with unsubstantiated false libel by the pompous, loose cannon Zionist zealot, Eric Jon Phelps. Phelps, cloaking himself as "Brother Eric," sent out this accusatory letter on the internet:

"Dear Brethren and Friends:

I consider Alfred Webre to be a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor...The same holds true for Alex Jones and several others..."

Sincerely in Faith,
Brother Eric

Brother Eric, indeed, "How about false accuser Eric?" In fact, Alfred Webre has been at the forefront in exposing elitist machinations, exactly the opposite of what Phelps contends! Talk about sowing confusion and dissension!

Webre is joined as a victim by many others, all good people unfairly smeared. Many of whom are dedicated patriots, 9/11 Truthers, and Christians devoted to exposing the elite. But Phelps sees otherwise, branding them all as Jesuits in hiding.

Phelps: Anti-Semites and Jesuits Are Everywhere!

Eric Jon Phelps gets a kick out of calling targeted people "anti-Semites," but he especially loves to brand his innocent victims with the label of "Jesuit temporal coadjutor." According to Phelps, the conspiracy theory woods are just full of Jesuit spies, Jesuit killers, Jesuit provocateurs, Jesuit covert priests, and assorted Opus Dei and Knights of Malta secret operatives.

Phelps even suggested that Congressman Ron Paul is a covert Jesuit, and Michael Collins Piper, author of several excellent books exposing Zionism is, naturally, also a "Jesuit" in hiding. Yeah, that’s right, Phelps accuses Ron Paul, Collins, and a whole host of other folks of working clandestinely for the "Black Pope."

Just who is this Eric Jon Phelps? And what about his bloated, but unscholarly anti-Catholic book, Vatican Assassins? Who really wrote it, published it, and is now distributing it?

Well, leave it to resourceful true patriots and Christians to come up with the answer to these intriguing questions. Lately, more and more facts about the shadowy Mr. Phelps and his rather unsavory friends have been uncovered by inquiring researchers.

Phelps An Israeli Diamond Merchant

As I stated, it turns out that Eric Jon Phelps has been neglecting to mention on radio the fact that he is Vice President of a Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, firm, According to the firm’s website, Phelps is a trader and merchant of wholesale diamonds and colored gems from Israel. In a letter posted on the website with his signature as Vice President, Phelps boasts:

"Lowvehm, Inc. offers the finest quality diamonds on today’s market. Israeli cutters being the best in the world, we order direct from Tel Aviv (Israel’s) famous diamond district. All sales are final. No refunds are given..."

Phelps then closes the offer with:

"Sincerely for your gemological satisfaction,"

Eric Jon Phelps
Vice President
Lowvehm Inc.
203 South Fort Zellers Rd., Suite D
Newmanstown, PA 17073

Phelps also brags on the website that he can assist "our wealthy clients" with "customized," exclusive international business consultant services. He promises to help "men and women of wealth" survive and prosper in the 21st century.

According to the website, the tenets and beliefs of a Jewish medical doctor, Mendelsohn, are endorsed.

At one point, in his promo to "men and women of wealth", Phelps actually mentions his book, Vatican Assassins. One supposes this is particularly of interest to wealthy Jewish clients who despise all Christians and would appreciate doing business with a Tel Aviv, Israel, diamond trader who has taken Christians to task.

Phelps A New Ager, says Cumbey

Phelps, on the same website,, also pushes what most would consider various kooky "New Age" health products, ranging from magnets to magical energy water, hyperbolic pressure chambers, orgone accelerators, and other strange things, such as "healthful, beautiful, inspiring music." His ad for these "high energy" products seem to be similar to bogus alternative health claims made by rabbis on a number of Jewish cabalistic websites. Cabalist devotees Madonna and Paris Hilton would no doubt appreciate these New Age health aids. Indeed, entertainer Michael Jackson, also into cabalistic sorcery, once used a hyperbolic pressure chamber as an "anti-aging" tool.

Jewish cabalistic rabbis are steeped in magic and New Age practices. They, too, have many websites selling "blessed energy water" and other quack products. And remember Constance Cumbey, the Christian author whom Phelps ridiculously blasts as a "venomous, vicious, Romish Vixen" agent of the Jesuits? Cumbey’s own website reports that after carefully reviewing Phelps’ Vatican Assassins book, she concludes, "The book is a New Age book with a New Age agenda." "It is moreover," she says, "an ugly book."

Cumbey also notes that Phelps enthusiastically endorses the New Age "hollow earth" theory. Phelps, however, responds claiming this gobbledygook theory is "truly Biblical and scientific."

Journalist Forum Exposes Phelps

The very reliable Curt Maynard blogspot has unmasked Phelps and Israeli Zionist diamond connections The Outlaw Journalism Forum, too, has an especially enlightening discussion regarding the ridiculous and unsubstantiated—yet harmful—accusations by Eric Jon Phelps against good Christian believers, patriots, and 9/11 truthers (

So now we know why Phelps may be so ardently attacking Jones, Piper, Webre, Cumbey, Paul and others. By his own admission, he is a Zionist, an Israeli diamond merchant, a White Supremacist and a "good racist." Still, questions remain:

  1. Phelps is a trader in Israeli merchanted diamonds and gems. Do those Jewish agents finance his bogus anti-Jesuit tirades?
  2. Who really owns
  3. Phelps, on his separate Vatican Assassins website, admits that holds the "license" to his book and is the distributor. Yet, Phelps says that he as author, has no legal connection with We have shown this, however, to be untrue. It is that licenses and distributes the book, yet Phelps, its supposed author, as "Vice President" of, has no legal ties? Incidentally,’s listed address is "Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, and Phelps resides in...Newmanstown, of course...
  4. The original publisher of Phelps book is said by him to be a California company named "Halycon Unified Services." Who is this? Did Phelps really write this book, or was its author the Israeli Mossad? Do the Jewish diamond people own an interest in either "Halycon Unified Services" or (According to, Halycon Unified Services only published this one book and no others, before or since.) Hmmm.
  5. Is Eric Jon Phelps a covert Mossad operative? We have no concrete evidence that he is. Still, his business connections with Israeli-affiliated and other information uncovered, in our opinion, surely taint anything he says or writes on the subject of Israel, Zionism, Christianity, and foreign affairs.
  6. Is Eric Jon Phelps secretly himself a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor? Consider the fact that he often savagely attacks good Christian people who have exposed Catholicism’s errors. Moreover, his book is so preposterous and unscholarly and his claims so ridiculous it causes the public to laugh at and scorn legitimate Jesuit exposers. These are the marks of a clever Jesuit agent. Phelps could be exactly that!

A final summation:

Eric Jon Phelps has greatly harmed and injured the reputation of a number of outstanding patriotic people with his vicious attacks. We now see why Phelps, in bed with Israeli diamond traders and pushing what some believe to be New Age related products, is so cleverly and insidiously spreading lies and disinformation. He’s been able to dupe many gullible followers.

Phelps heartily supports the Zionist Illuminati agenda by creating "Straw Men" and by authoring a book so flawed and absurd it discredits the whole Truth Movement.

We can easily see that Eric Jon Phelps is a Zionist shill, a false Christian (in our opinion, based on our investigation), and a "White Supremacist." But let us be on the lookout for future "Eric Jon Phelps" types. Before you take such agent provocateurs at their word, please, check them out. They, too, may just be up to their necks in the Israeli diamond trade and other lucrative pro-Zionist ventures. Don’t be deceived.

Texe Marrs Exposes Eric Jon Phelps on The Alex Jones Show
Taken from the October 21, 2008 edition of "The Alex Jones Show"

Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 2: Putting Israel First, Promoting the Zionist Agenda (Oct. 25, 2008)

Eric Jon Phelps

Eric Jon Phelps.

Eric Jon Phelps (born 1953) is an author and protagonist in the Truth Seeker movement from the United States, presenting himself as part of a WASP fundamentalist disposition, deriving influence for his material from the likes of Jack Chick and Alberto Rivera, he is allegedly a WASP separatist. He is perhaps best known for his book Vatican Assassins. It was revealed in the Truth Seeker community that Phelps is the Vice President and Chief of Sales for a company headquartered in Tel Aviv, called Lowvehm; this is part of the Jewish blood diamond industry.[1] Phelps has visited Israel several times, including meetings with the Zionist Barry Chamish.[2]




Part of the “Jesuits and the Vatican run it all” crowd, Phelps refers to all people in the anti-New World Order movement who criticise Jewish global power—such as Texe Marrs, Jeff Rense[2] and others—as “Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors”. Phelps describes the liberation of the German people by the NSDAP, the SS and other forces from the impending butchery of the Red Holocaust, disapprovingly, as the work of “Jesuit agents”.[3] Phelps glorifies Oliver Cromwell[3] who allowed the Jews back into England after they had been expelled for centuries and was largely financed by Dutch Sephardim such as rabbi Menasseh ben Israel.✡[4]

According to Phelps, Jewish supremacism in financial, media and political fields is just an illusion, the Jesuits “always put Jews in the forefront-so that they can blame all of what they do on the Jewish race”.[3] He also claims the Jesuits authored the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,[3] control all secret agencies including KGB, CIA, Mossad, BND and SIS.[3] He also attacks the Knights of Malta on a regular basis.[3] For Phelps, the Jesuits are even “the ones behind professional sports”.[3]

Phelps is also of the opinion, that the Superior General of the Society of Jesus (nicknamed the Black Pope) is the real leader of the Catholic Church, rather than the Bishop of Rome, the “White Pope”. He has stated that there are six different forms of Zionism and that "I am of the fifth category." Phelps states this category maintains that "the beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people have a right to live in their promised land" and they "defend the Jewish people’s right to live in the promised land of Israel to the exclusion of all Arabs and non-racial Jews."[5]

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