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July 1975 Esquire Magazine Article on Antoine Priore's
Disease Reversal Machine

Posted by Tom Bearden <>
July 1975

The July 1975 issue of Esquire magazine contained an article by David M. Rorvik which reported in considerable detail on the discoveries of Antoine Priore who had built a machine that could cure cancer with the use of ultra-high frequency electromagnetic waves. The title of the article was "Do The French Have a Cure for Cancer?" . A copy of the Esquire article was scanned and sent to Tom Bearden in 2002 by "Rod R.", to whom we add our thanks. You'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader on your computer in order to read this pdf file.

Tom Bearden has posted a great deal of information about Priore at his web site. Take the time to go there and read about this wonderful discovery that could have saved the lives of millions of people (much like the story of Royal Raymond Rife) had it been allowed to go forth and be made available to the world. In addition to Tom Bearden, we also owe a great debt of gratitude to the late Christopher Bird (author of The Divining Hand and many other extraordinary books) who was responsible for making the Priore story known to Tom

Ken Adachi.



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