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Dr. Eugene Mallove Radio Interview From Feb. 3, 2004

[Editor's Note: Dr. Eugene Mallove was found brutally murdered in his family's home in Norwich, Conneticut on Friday, May 14, 2004. He was a leading researcher in cold fusion, free energy systems. George Noory of Coast to Coast AM radio has made available his Feb. 2 interview with Dr Mallove and you can hear the entire interview from your computer by clicking the link below to access the audio archive. Our thanks to Donna S. for providing this information..Ken]

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May 22, 2004

Friday Recap
Friday night's program was a special tribute rebroadcast of researcher Dr. Eugene Mallove from 2/3/04 discussing new energy concepts...cont.

Eugene Mallove Tribute
As a tribute to the life and work of the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, we are making Friday's three-hour rebroadcast of his Feb. 2004 appearance available as a free download for all...cont.

Dr. Eugene Mallove: New Energy Pioneer

"Anything that is theoretically possible will be achieved in practice, no matter what the technical difficulties, if it is desired greatly enough."
--Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future

Imagine nuclear reactions taking place in an ordinary cup of water, producing limitless energy but no harmful radiation. Such is the promise of cold fusion, a hypothetical form of fusion which takes place at normal room temperature. Perhaps the greatest proponent of cold fusion was the late Dr. Eugene Mallove. In his Pulitzer-nominated book, Fire From Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor, Mallove declares:

"After reviewing mounting evidence from cold fusion experiments, I am persuaded that it provides a compelling indication that a new kind of nuclear process is at work. I would say that the evidence is overwhelmingly compelling that cold fusion is a real..."

Dr. Mallove worked tirelessly to educate people to the scientific validity of cold fusion and other new energy technologies. To this end, he published 52 issues of Infinite Energy magazine, a compendium of research into unconventional energy. He also traveled to conferences around the world, speaking with other energy researchers and raising funds for the New Energy Foundation.

His persistence has recently paid off. In March 2004, the Department of Energy decided to review over 15 years of cold fusion (or what they call "low-energy nuclear reactions" - LENR) evidence/research. Dr. Mallove would have been quite pleased indeed.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Eugene F. Mallove Memorial Family Fund should contact:

Sovereign Bank
73 West Street
Concord, NH 03301

Dr. Mallove's web site:

To Make Sure Eugene's Work Continues, Support the
New Energy Foundation and Infinite Energy Magazine

Gene Mallove's Last Thoughts on the Importance of New Engery....Before a New Dark Age



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