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The EU Times 'Career' Page
September 26, 2013

The EU Times 'Career' Page (Sept. 26, 2013)


NEW! We’re now looking for correspondents from all around the world. We do not require any experience, we’re seeking reports from normal people. See more details on this at the bottom of this page.

Tired of office work? WORK NOW FROM HOME!

We are currently looking for experienced journalists who wish to work for the EU Times. Please use our contact form to email us your CV (Résumé).

Job Description
Monthly salaries start from 400 Euros/month but depending on your experience level and the previous newspapers you have worked for, the salary can be highly negotiated to salaries as big as 1000 Euros/month. If this doesn’t seem much to you please remember that this is a job from home.

Once you are hired, you simply have to email your articles to us and they will be published by our webmasters. Articles must be backed up by proof and other external “credible” sources.

We are also looking for volunteers (not paid) both novice and experienced bloggers who are strongly motivated and dedicated to the truth and against the NWO. Again, please use our contact form and we may pick you if you meet our requirements.

Become today a professional journalist for the European newspaper “The EU Times” and we will guarantee in your CV that you have worked for us. This will not only improve your skills as a journalist but it will also look good on your CV and it will help you with your future jobs.

Good salary!
Home job!
We can keep your name anonymous if you want so that you can freely write “political incorrect” but true articles.
Bonuses according to the number of readers you attract with your articles.

Minimum Requirements for professional paid journalists/reporters
-College/University of Journalism diploma (graduated)
-Minimum 3 years of experience
-Experience at famous European newspapers, TV channels or news agencies (Reuters, AFP, AP, Daily Mail, BBC, Sky News, Russia Today, RIA Novosti, Ringer, etc)
-You must love Europe and be strongly motivated to preserve its identity.
-You must send us at least 200 articles per month

-How many paid jobs are available?
Momentarily, no more paid jobs are available. As standard procedure on the market, you’re welcomed to send us your CV/Resume and you will be notified of future jobs.

-How many jobs as volunteers are available?
Virtually unlimited but for now none. No more volunteer jobs are available for the moment but you can contact us and you will be notified of future available unpaid jobs.

-How do I get hired if I work from home?
It’s simple. We send you the contract on your address, you complete it and send it back to us. A copy of it will be sent to you after it’s fully processed.

-What requirements do I have to meet in order to get hired?
You must have completed a college/university as a journalist and you must have also worked for well known newspapers, TV channels, news agencies such as: Daily Mail, AFP, AP, Reuters, etc. You must present a signed certificate that you have indeed worked for them for at least 3 years (minimum experience).

-What other requirements do I have to meed in order to work for the EU Times either paid or as a volunteer?
Your political affiliation must NOT be leftist in any way. We are strongly against communism, neo-communism and other leftist dictatorial political ideologies that destroyed Europe. We are the one and only TRUE European conservative newspaper. We intend to preserve our rich European culture, religion, history and ethnic makeup.

-How many articles should I write per month?
As a paid professional journalist you must write at least 200 articles per month. As a volunteer/blogger you must write at least 30 articles per month.

-If I work as a volunteer novice or experience blogger for a while, will I ever be promoted to a professional paid journalist status?
Don’t enroll with the EUT team as a volunteer if your thoughts are on making money. Volunteers never get to advance. If you want to join us as a volunteer it means that you are strongly motivated to preserve the culture of your country and your continent! However there may be some rare exceptions where you can get promoted from volunteer to professional journalist.

-How to apply?
Use our contact form.

Number of Jobs available as a Paid Journalist and Job Status: Unavailable (0 jobs)
Number of Jobs available as a Volunteer Blogger and Job Status: Unavailable (0 jobs)
Number of Jobs available as a Correspondent and Job Status: Available

Please read the following details. We’re mainly looking for Middle East correspondents who wish to report about the recent Middle East revolutions and provide us unique photos and videos which haven’t been posted by any other news media. We’re also looking for correspondets from Australia and New Zealand who wish to keep us updated regarding the recent natural disasters which struck the Southern continent of Australia. People from other parts of the world are also welcomed.

NOTE! Please note that we do not tolerate fake/disinformation articles and you can get fired if you send us fake stories.


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