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"Everything is OK" ~ Street Satire, A Megaphone, and the Power of Love
Danny Shine & Charlie Veitch Reconstruct Humanity in the Heart of London

From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 3, 2009

"Everything is OK" ~ Street Satire, A Megaphone, and the Power of Love (Oct 3, 2009)

I'm very grateful to Don Nicoloff for forwarding to me an e-mail and a Youtube link this morning from a listener to Don's radio show named Elen. Her note to Don simply read: " If you have the time, check this's great!"

That video link, and others from the same source, were more than great; they were nothing short of extraordinary and inspiring.

Two men, Charlie Veitch and Danny Shine, take on the New World Order head on and confront the issues of thought control, suppression of free speech, the intimidation, coercion, and "obey' mentality foisted upon citizens by authoritarian police or security guards dressed up to look like policemen, and the mockery of human values embraced by their corporate manipulators and their propaganda media outlets; all exposed with enormous penache and conviction.

Of the two, Danny Shine is the greater satirist and wit. He skillfully combines satire, spoof, humor, and a desire to hug people to remind them of their humanity (and heart-centered natures), which few can resist Of those who do, they clearly display the characteristic emotional 'armoring' which Wilhelm Reich described so many decades ago: the walling off of the emotional body from the mental body and the withdrawal of the heart song.

These guys are an incredible breathe of fresh air.

I had many things to do today, but I found myself glued to the computer screen for most of the afternoon viewing their YouTube video vignettes. You'll understand my enthusiasm once you begin watching the videos yourself.

Their use of a megaphone to address passersby in a public arena alllows them to virtually command the attention of all within hearing. This is most amazing when seen in the presence of milling policemen, who are chided by Danny-over the megaphone-for attempting to stop him from using it, when he makes it abundantly clear that it's legal to do so. Their frustration at his skills of persuasion - and his knowledge of the law- is simply remarkable to see (It should be noted that London police, at least when being captured on video tape, behave far more humanely and reasonably than their American counterparts would, given the same circumstances. It's also refreshing to see that London police woman actually LOOK like women and behave like women, versus their American counterparts who have foregone all traces of femininity; having transformed themselves into grotesque wannabe imitators of their steroid-pumping, muscle bound male cohorts. It's a sad, but accurate assessment of the Illuminati's brain-washing of American women, which has used the front of "feminism" to DE-feminize them. The worst expressinon of this de-feminization of American womanhood is seen in the appearance and conduct of police women in cities, big and small, across America.)

Danny and Charlie's creativity goes even further when they announce themselves to foreign tourists as part of the "Undercover Anti-Terrorist Team" asking if they can "just take a minute" to show their identification in order to "prove" that they aren't terrorists, and then "you can get on your way". The nervous smiles and the What Should I Do? look on the faces of these hapless visitors make it strikingly evident just how far the 'obey' culture has progressed in the past 30 years. When asked by one of these victims : "Can you show me your identification?", Danny breezily replies that they "couldn't be very effective as UNDERCOVER agents" if they simply SHOWED their identification to anyone who asked for it-"now could we?". It seemed perfectly logical to the inquirer and he demurred, offering no further resistance.

I almost fell off the chair, I laughed so hard.

These guys are THINKING and they want the Sheeple to think as well and STOP caving in to authoritarianism and recapture their control over their government and their "servants.". Danny and Charlie both display tremendous guts when confronting police on these videos. Most people would cave rather than chance being arrested, but Danny holds his ground with agitated British policemen by convincing them that there is no legal justification for arresting him, as he is doing NOTHING illegal. He seems to win the argument in most instances. His sense of HUMANITY rings out with every word he utters. This is what keeps the police at bay. They KNOW that he's expresing the truth; they KNOW that what he is saying is just and right; and they have no other choice, than to back off. It's the MOST AMAZING thing I've ever seen on Youtube.

While their London video clips seem to begin in June 2009, Danny Shine's blog entry archives go back to May of 2006. I read a few of his earlier commentaries and I'm greatly impressed by the philosophical depth of his thought and his perceptions. This man is a humanitarian with a capital H.

I've embedded some of their videos below, but you can find these and many more at Danny Shine's remarkable web site, , which identifies itself with the following introduction:

"This is a blog designed to share the madness of our society which we call normal. It contains tales of exploration of my relationship with authority as I move towards self authority. "

I love these guys! They are exactly what these times call for: a human CONSCIENCE making itself known in a sea of obedient drones following the scripts and designated roles assigned to them. Those who would gain MOST from Danny and Charlie's insights are the policemen, the "security" types, and the military personnel who advance the destructive, NWO agenda on behalf of their Illuminated corporate overlords, without realizing the greater destructive impact upon humanity that follows in the wake of their automaton roles.

The videos are posted below.

Ken Adachi

© Copyright 2009  All Rights Reserved.

(I found that I could embed the videos OK, but when I try to play it from my web page, it tells me "an error has occured" . If you get this error message, just click the YouTube link found above the video and you can view it OK from the YouTube web site..Ken)

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