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Slaughter In Fallujah

By John Kaminski <>
April 11, 2004

Hallelujah! In Fallujah

Inexcusable American genocide slaughters defenseless Iraqis

President who talks to God wishes dead innocents a Happy Easter

Happy Easter, 2004, everybody! Praise the Lord! And as you sit in your proper pew this Sunday morning, blubbering out your favorite version of “He is risen,” contemplate this.

Americans, just like the Israelis, are now known for killing innocent people as they worship their God in church. Raise your eyes to the heavens you prize so highly. And imagine an American B-52 dropping a 500-pound bomb right on your head, splattering you and your beloved family all over your sacred altar. Your finely dressed friends, your fire-breathing pastor, all those beautiful children in their frilly Easter finery, reduced to bloody bits of still-twitching protoplasm dripping from the flaming pages of the Book of Revelation.

See your murmurs of worship becomes screams of pain. Praise the Lord. Praise Yahweh. He said that’s how it should be done. Right in the pages of the Old Testament. And that’s how America is doing it today, this very day, Easter Sunday, in Iraq.

Imagine that you’re not killed instantly, but your arms have been blown off. Imagine that your daughter’s head has been blown off and her body reduced to spasming jelly. You can see her head, eyes wide but sightless, a few feet away. That’s how it is today ... in Fallujah, where flies feast on bodies littering the streets.

Do you think this is too graphic? It’s nothing compared to what is happening today ... in Fallujah, where American troops prevent medics from tending to the wounded and media from reporting the carnage.

And the reason? There is no reason. You know the reasons for our war against the Iraqi people have been exposed as shallow lies. No weapons of mass destruction. No connection to the terrorists. The dictator is deposed. Yet the killing is rampant, as Iraqis fight for their freedom against the American and Israeli terror-mongers.

In the pitch dark that is the satanic American future, we continue to kill. In the name of democracy. In the name of Jesus. Our president talks to Jesus. He is risen today. Our president says he talks to God every day. God told him to bomb Afghanistan, he told us.

Jesus told him to blast innocent women and children in Fallujah today, and to pile the dead and dying in the football stadium because he won’t let medical personnel get to them. Jesus told him to throw away the lives of American adolescents in uniform. Happy Easter.

Praise the Lord! He is risen. Hallelujah! In Fallujah!


Imagine if an all-powerful foreign army invaded the United States of America and began killing Americans at random, gunning down average families at arbitrary checkpoints, spreading the sale of drugs and pornography throughout the land, targeting college professors for assassination, stealing our historic artifacts, making totally innocent people disappear forever without telling their relatives what happened to them, torturing teenagers in ways civilized societies have banned for decades, and spreading an ineradicable radioactive poison across the landscape that guaranteed death sentences to all inhabitants from fatal cancers many centuries into the future.

Imagine if the invaders said the reason they came to obliterate our country was because we had an unstable leader who had used weapons of mass destruction against innocent people, and he had to be removed as a menace to the whole world. (Well, at least that would be an honest assessment of the present situation in the U.S.)

Imagine if this foreign power disregarded everything we held holy and demanded we accept their religion, and declared all the ideas we grew up with to be a terrorist threat. Imagine if they promised us genuine democracy and then refused to let us hold elections and nominate candidates that were not chosen by them. Imagine how you would feel if your entire family was shot to death just for walking down the street to the grocery store.

What would you do? You'd start shooting back, that's what you'd do. You would hate the invaders forever, and spend the rest of your life trying to kill every single one of them. Count on this being a very real part of the darkness of the American future.

This is the situation George W. Bush has produced for the United States, and the situation that John F. Kerry would contentedly continue were he to win the upcoming election. This, my friends, is an even darker part of the American future.

Your vote doesn’t count anymore, because of the electronic finagling by fascist corporations.

But worse, both candidates, and every elected representative in Washington, are leading us toward the darkness of the American future, simply by not telling us the truth. And pretending American soldiers are fighting and dying for freedom when they’re really throwing their lives away for fatter Halliburton contracts.

America wants war. America has always wanted war. And now we have it. Welcome to the darkness. Imagine your daughter’s eyes, gazing sightlessly into the blazing, now-silent dust of that mosque in Fallujah. Hallelujah.

Anybody with a brain and not paid off has to realize that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was not about removing Saddam Hussein. It was about beginning the American invasion of the world, and takeover of all areas deemed to be strategically important in terms of American profits.

U.S. troops have been slaughtering Iraqi civilians for a year, all the while muttering insincere platitudes about democracy and free elections. The aim was to send a message to all in the Arab world that this fate will befall them if they impede U.S. plans to steal everyone's oil in that region.

Put yourself in their place, which all religions urge us to do. Walk a mile in the other fellow's shoes.

What would you do? There is no choice but to conclude America, backed by its behind-the-scenes ideological manipulator Israel, is the real danger to all of humanity. Iraqis know it without a hint of a question; Americans are beginning to learn. But too few. And probably too late.


Fallujah has been a prime target of American abuse, not only since the invasion began a little more than a year ago, but also in the first Gulf War.

Lisa Walsh Thomas recently repeated her report of last year, when the first rounds of killing began, that the people of Fallujah remembered one particularly terrible incident. “Two hundred civilians died in the bombing, with another five hundred injured. A large civilian area of residences was obliterated. Worse, if possible, the coalition (There really was a coalition in the first Gulf War) then polished off the killing by returning to bomb the rescuers who ran to help the injured who had survived the bombings of the market.”

Randolph Holhut on the Smirking Chimp estimated that America employs 15,000 highly paid mercenaries in Iraq, many of whom make $1,000 per day.

Only two days before the high-profile murders of four American hitmen (yes, paid mercernaries who weren’t there to escort an oil convoy, but to kill Iraqis), these same “contractors” and other scumbags just like them had machine-gunned women and children in Fallujah, according to Peter Cockburn’s recent report in Counterpunch.

Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar, an Iraqi who was witness to the recent events in Fallujah, told NPR’s Democracy Now! the attack on the contractors on Iraq was not unprovoked, but revenge for the massacre of women and children in the city by U.S. mercenary "contractors".

Al-Jazeera reported that two positions being used by its correspondants were bombed by US forces. Al- Jazeera correspondants were targeted and murdered by US troops for accurately portraying the initial war of occupation.

The best line I heard in all the horrible reports about what’s happening in Fallujah today was this one from Libertarian Socialist News.

“The U.S. General in charge of propaganda, General Kimmit "the Toad", accused al-Jazeera today of "spreading lies" in claiming the U.S. was being defeated, but then, when asked if he meant al-Jazeera was faking the footage, stated that the footage was correct but their "interpretation" of it — the interpretation that U.S. forces running away and Iraqi resistance fighters dancing on U.S. positions was a U.S. "defeat" — was "wrong". He implied that often U.S. Marines run away from their positions and throw themselves on enemy munitions as a sign of “victory.”

The LSN report also said:

“Yesterday, the United States initiated surrender talks with the rebels to save their surrounded and defeated Marine units, but instead of acting in good faith, the U.S. launched two massive bombing raids against the city and bombarded the Golan neighborhood with artillery and mortar fire. In response to the bombing, Iraqi resistance fighters continued to press the surrounded Marines, killing some and taking more prisoners.”

And most important of all — something you will not hear on American TV — is that the U.S. appears to be losing control of Baghdad and all the other major Iraqi cities, and the air campaign of killing innocent civilians is a desperate attempt to reverse the trend.

Free people everywhere can only pray that the Iraqis will drive the criminal American forces from their land.

• • •

Hallelujah. He is risen. Your pastor, your rabbi, your priest has told you to pray for the safety of American troops in Iraq.

The war in Iraq is based on shameful lies. Now that these lies have been exposed and keep being repeated by the soulless sadists who have led American into war, isn’t it time your told your pastor, your rabbi and your priest exactly where they can go? And that would be straight to hell.

America is the evil empire. If you’re praying to God for an American victory in Iraq, I hate to be the one to tell you that it’s not God you’re praying to.

It’s that other guy, the one George Bush prays to. It could be time you came to grips with the ugly fact that he is the same one in the Old Testament, the one who urges everyone to just keep on killing and stealing other people’s valuables.

As far as the other guy who is supposedly risen? Well, you keep on praying, if you like. Just imagine today, Easter Sunday, that you’re sitting in a mosque in Fallujah, and you suddenly hear those American planes overhead. Praying would be the right thing to do.

Pray for the soul — that as an American — you have definitely lost.

John Kaminski is the author of “America’s Autopsy Report,” a collection of his Internet essays that have appeared on hundreds of websites around the world, and “The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Official Version of What Happened on September 11, 2001,” a booklet designed to be read by those who continue to trust what the U.S. government is saying. For information about both, go to

John Kaminski <>

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