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Six US Cities Possible Targets of False Flag Ops Before Obama Takes Office

From Ken Adachi
January 13, 2009

Six US Cities Possible Targets of False Flag Ops Before Obama Takes Office (Jan. 123, 2009)

It has come to my attention that there are six primary US cites and four secondary cities in the United States that may be the targets of false flag "terrorist" attacks before Obama takes office on January 20, 2009. This might include any sort of dramatic "crisis" event like a nuclear plant going up or some sort of major catastrophe which will, naturally, be blamed on "Islamic fundamentalist extremists"

The six primary cities are New York , Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, and Kansas City. The secondary target cities are Minneapolis, Detroit, Houston, and San Francisco.

This information was brought to my attention by indirect, paranormal means which might include dowsing, or psychic reading, or precognition, or a dream resulting from having fallen asleep after consumption of a Grande Bean Burrito from El Gordito's taco wagon located on the corner of Alameda & Disney Way. This information is intended exclusively to alert all 'conspiracy' theorists' who think 911 was an inside job and that the government is under the control of subversive infiltrators, fifth columnists, and NWO sell-outs. However, this information is not intended to alarm or concern people who regularly tune into CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, or NPR for their news and political talk shows.

The purpose of staging a false flag "terrorist" attack is to use the event as a pretext for declaring MARTIAL LAW and to suspend all constitutional liberties and guarantees in order to further the goals of the New World Order to neutralize and destroy America by establishing a totalitarian police state from within. .

The purpose of blowing the whistle on planned false flag "terrorist" black ops by naming the targets in close proximity to the 'attack' date is to stymie the Zionist-led manipulators (who have already clearly demonstrated their "work" on 911, the Bali bombing, the London bombings, and the Madrid train bombing) and abort the events before they take place. To that end, we are not concerned about those who would mock, criticize, or ridicule this warning. If I didn't think the information was credible, you wouldn't be reading this notice.

Our desire is to see the next six days pass uneventfully and to witness on January 20, the swearing-in of the first Kenyan-born national to ever become President of the United States! What an historic event that will be!.

Ken Adachi


----- Original Message -----
From: Corey
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Subject: Six cities "false Flagged" post

Hello Ken,

I read over the post about the US cities which are flagged for a supposed attack and I was sort of mixed up on the approach you were taking on it. Obviously any sort of attack to the people of any nation is terrible, but when its orchestrated by leading officials is when its disgusting and a perfect moment for the people to capitalize on their shortcomings and wake up to the truth of the state of the nation.

You posted the information as if you yourself gathered the information; Did you? or was it through a personal friend? just curious.
I do live in Denver, so this whole impending attack thing is kinda stuck in my mind now, what would be the most logical thing to happen out here in the west? typical car bombing type instruments or a more twisted act of citizen murder?

Locally, I am involved with various groups who are trying to open the public eyes to the lies that happen in american government and to show them that regardless who is leading this country, their goals are always the same. The NWO needs to be unearthed and destroyed regardless of the potential dangers that it may impose on me and many other people who feel so strongly against them... for the future of the free world, people need to stand up NOW for those who come after us. agreed?

Keep sending your words of wisdom.

-Corey B.


Hi Corey,

Well, or course it's disgusting; that's the nature of betrayal and treason. But waking up is first necessary before you can climb up out of bed. And just because someone wakes up to the NWO agenda doesn't mean that their waking up will STOP or slow down the NWO takeover agenda. Knowing that you're going to be gassed to death will not prevent you from being forced into the 'showers'. You need to take ACTION and in a big way before you're led to the doorstep of the "De-lousing Showers."

The only way to stop the NWO is by organizing locally and to electing local city council members who are stanuchly anti-NWO (and recalling pro-NWO politicians) That means getting rid of the Mayor and his appointed police chief if they are all Gung Ho for

1. TASER guns
2. Wearing Black NWO/Nazi uniforms,
3. Are armed to the teeth with high tech, militarized weaponry
4. have a SWAT team
5. Use secret technology equipment aboard police helicopters and fly around in continuous circles with flashing, strobe-like beam pulses flashing beneath the chopper
6. are trying to add more and more cops to the payroll to "better protect" the citizens.

All these are clear indicators that your local police deptartment has been co-opted and is in bed with the NWO agenda. It takes a lot of money and organization to bring pressure on state and federal NWO sell-outs, but local politicians are VULNERABLE TO LOCAL CITIZEN CONTROL. You need to organize people on a block by block basis and have meetings with DVD video screenings showing the NWO agenda and the treason of 911. There are so many good videos now available that explain the treason with stunning clarity. I just saw a recent release 4 box DVD set call "Hyjacking Humanity" which I'll be reviewing soon. A tremendous expose

We are approaching the the End game. If American frogs continues to do nothing to save this Republic, and allow the pot to reach the boiling point, then there no longer will exist a country to save.

Regards, Ken

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