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The False Rapture
Excerpted Interview of Red Elk with Spectrum Magazine's Rick Martin

[Editor's Note: In the first question of this interview, Rick Martin alludes to a 'false' versus a 'real' Rapture. I don't believe there will be a "Rapture" period. The entire concept is bogus, in my opinion, and was manufactured in the 19th century by British oligarchs to dupe naive Christian fundamentalists. As with the notion of the "second" coming of Christ, I believe that those biblical passages credited to Jesus Christ, at least, concerning this topic, is an allusion to an expansion of spiritual understanding in the coming years and NOT a physical re-appearance of Jesus on earth to rule from a throne in Jerusalem. The idea of a ' Messiah" ruling from an earthly Kingdom throne is EXACTLY what the Pharasees preached during the time of Christ and was the reason that the Pharasee priests wanted the Romans to crucify Christ -because Christ REJECTED these ideas and told the Pharasees directly that they were in error in promoting such things...Ken]

By Red Elk
March 8, 2002

Rick Martin: Well, talking about the harvest, let’s talk about the False Rapture vs. the Real Rapture.

Red Elk: Ok. Now, this is going to be really hard for the so-called Christian world to comprehend, unless they’ve got some dang brains.

Rick Martin: That’s fine. Just speak truthfully, that’s all we care about.

Red Elk: That’s right. I want them to check it out for themselves. Scripture says—this is God saying—“I am the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.” And that’s His Word. He does not lie.

So, He IS the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. He will not change. And people have often said, look at the Jews in the Old Testament, that they are examples, if you follow God, what will happen; if you get out of His step, what will happen. See, the city did that, and they got attacked by that city, and blah, blah, blah, and they leave it go there.

But the Old Testament not only was using that as an example for people 3, 4, 5 hundred years later to look back on, it was there for today to look back on. Take Nineveh for example. God told Jonas: “You go there and tell them I’m going to destroy them in three days.”

And Jonas didn’t want to. They were the Lizards of the day. They were pretty bad guys. Not real Lizards, but pretty bad people. And he didn’t want to. He defied God and ended up in a serpent’s belly, whether it was a giant guppy, a whale, or whatnot, never mind. Why people say a whale, when the Bible doesn’t say that at all, I don’t know. It’s an example of starting false rumors.

But, anyway, he ended up there, spit out on the shore in front of the city of Nineveh, and decided, you know: “I’ve been living a rough life trying to run from God; I better do what He told me.”

So, he went into the city, and danged if they did not repent! Turn away from sin—that’s the word repent. That’s what it means. And that really ticked-off Jonas, and he went up on the hillside and pouted. He wanted them to get theirs.

Now, God did not destroy them in 3 days. He said He was going to. And yet, because they turned their hearts back to their Creator, He would not destroy them. They got destroyed, just like He said, but it was left to their children, who walked away. Nineveh was an example, for the people, if you do what God tells you, everything will be cake and honey; if not, you’ve got trouble.

So, people have looked at that and used that as an example. But, not thinking at all that it is we who are NOW Nineveh, the planet Earth! And if we turn away from sin, if we repent, i.e., if we turn away from sin and go back to God, then we, the planet Earth and all people on it, will forego Armageddon at this time. It will be put off for our children, or our children’s children—whoever decides to slide back in, as a world generation, to go their own way.

Just as Nineveh, the city of the Old Testament, repented and was saved, so too can this world repent and be saved. We, Earth, is Nineveh, now.

“I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

And in that, He warned the Jews, if you do what I tell you to do, if you do this, this, and this, everything will be cake and honey. But, if you do this, this, and this, then you will be taken into captivity, and those who captured them could do with them as they chose.

That always happened. The Jews never really paid too much attention. In time, they all slop-shoot down the hill. Then, next thing you know, they’ve got armies attacking them.

And then they start crying “Oh God!”

And He says “Too late dude, you know.”

Like you grabbing a little kid who you’ve warned and warned and warned. Finally, it comes to it, and she or he are screaming, as you’re getting ready to put them over your knee.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Too late.

So what happened? He was always, and will always, and is always a being of His own Word. He does not lie!

What the future holds is, this planet, under the guise of Nineveh, will have to go through all kinds of spankings, because we paid no attention. But, in the Old Testament there were many lands that captives could be taken to—always leaving a remnant of Jews in Jerusalem, by the way, a very small remnant. But, nevertheless, He was true to His Word. And they were taken into captivity.

Today, we have no single country which is not as good, or better, or as bad, or worse, than any other country. We will be taken into captivity, except it will not be of this land. It will be onto other planets, other lands; other beings will be the bad guys. Other beings from other planets will be the bad guys who come to us and take us off. THE FIRST RAPTURE IS FALSE!

All these towers put up across our country, and I imagine other countries, are not just for microwaves—they’re for mind control, mass mind control! As well, there are some super-duper towers that can instill in us such thoughts as: “Oh, Christ is coming, Christ is coming!”—the joy, and everything else. And people will run out of their houses, stop their cars, get outside, climb their rooftops, do everything that the Bible says—emotionally controlled through these damned towers.

And then the cargo ships will take them up, physically. People will see them rising into the heavens—yelling “Hallelujah!”—into captivity, into slavery, sex toys, and alive-eaten food. I’m not talking all of the masses; I’m talking about those who should be the salt of the Earth, the so-called Christian believers. The vast majority of Christian believers will die up there!

Most of those left behind are those who cannot get outside—in the hospitals, and Christians who are in prisons, or down digging mines, whatever; they can’t get up there in time for this Rapture. They will be the remnant left behind, and in so doing, they will have, maybe, even a harder life than the slaves taken up, because we will be hunted, if we are down here. Bounties will be on our heads. They will take a gutted Christian body, and tie it across the hood of a car, running through town with the horn blaring: “Look what I got! I got my ‘deer’!”—paid for by bounty. I’m not saying that going up is going to be easy, but I am saying that staying down here isn’t going to be any easier.

Again: “I am the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. I do not lie.”

What the Christians are doing are changing, or not reading, what the Scriptures actually say. They don’t see two Raptures. They got their dang butts up in the air, making smiley faces: they’re gonna’ get their rears saved. Ah, yes, they sure are!

But, we all have to die, don’t we?

If they would simply read Scriptures, they would find out what Red Elk is saying is totally true. If they want to change the Scriptures, then what they have to say, want to believe in, that’s their path.

But I’m not changing Scriptures. I’m telling you what the Scriptures actually say. Check it for yourself. Don’t be so dang lazy, so dang stupid, that you take your denomination’s ideas—that are false in many cases, or lax in many more cases—and just accept them as true. You’re accepting a MAN’S teaching, a man’s interpretation!

Believe me, the Creator can speak for Himself, and needs no interpretation. All He needs is somebody who’s got guts enough to sit down, disregard what they have absorbed over the years, and read it for themselves. He’ll talk to them, if they’re honest about it.

Rick Martin: I have had the overwhelming feeling that there is something coming up of great magnitude, and that at some point there will be a separation of some kind. In feeling that, or in thinking that, am I perceiving this False Rapture as the initial separation?

Red Elk: You could be, and you might not be, because I don’t know what time frame you are sensing.

Rick Martin: I’m sensing something major happening within the next brief time. Some kind of major event.

Red Elk: Let me tell you this: I doubt that what you’ve just asked is it; I really doubt it.

Number one: there is going to—right now, starting with this magazine and a few things that have gone on—there is going to be a tremendous “tearing away” from the churches, any denomination, including the religions of the world.

There will be some who finally “get it”, and the rest who want to live in tradition. There will be a great shifting, a great ripping-way of purity from taintedness.

Most people love their taintedness. If the beliefs are good enough for their mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa, it’s good enough for them.

But there is a great hunger out there today—and boy, am I a witness to that with these letters! [He’s referring to the avalanche of mail after his session on the Art Bell program.] There’s a great hunger to know what real truth is. And I get this hunger from every kind of people you can imagine—atheists, voodooists, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, wiccans—all different kinds of believers. There are none totally satisfied with what they hope is the truth. They feel there is more truth than what they are learning and receiving—and indeed, that’s true.

You know, the word salvation—the Christians have got it right and wrong. Salvation: they believe that by asking the Pale One, Christ, into their life, they will be saved. This is true, but it’s not the total truth.

Salvation starts the minute—if you’re serious, understand, not just trying to save your rear, but serious—salvation starts the instant Christ comes into you. Salvation, although you will not find it in a concordance [reference book of biblical passages], to my knowledge, you won’t find it in the Bible, I know that, but you will find it true in your own heart.

Salvation starts instantly. And the word in your own heart, if you’re serious about seeking salvation, seeking help, you will find that the word salvation means the ability to be a free thinker.

Christ said: “I’ve come to give life, and give it abundantly.” Most people think abundance means money. And this is a falsehood.

Gail Cortright: Right.

Red Elk: I am pretty broke. And yet, I have an abundant life. I get to talk WITH horses, with trees, with people, with planetary people from other places. I am rich in spirit. And yet, I am so poor because there’s got to be a lot more than I know. My gosh, I’ve got just over $2 in my pocket, and yes, I’d like to have over $2,000 in my pocket, but nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me from going out and seeing God in all things, and being aware that all things are aware of One Creator. And getting to share my love of Him, with their love of Him, be it a limb, a leaf, a raindrop, whatever.

And boy, you talk about abundant life! You people are stuck running around talking to each other, and there’s a lot more out there with a lot more love than another man or woman, believe me.

Gail Cortright: Yeah, that’s for sure.

Red Elk: It’s very limited.

Rick Martin: Yes. Well, I think that is one of the main problems of the so-called Christian community—limited thinking.

Red Elk: The main problem with the community called human beings of Earth is that! Don’t limit it to Christians, alone.

It is ALL, including ourselves, you, you, and I. The world of “cans” and the world of “can’ts”. If you can’t do something—the word can’t, is it negative or positive? Is it a negative word or a positive word?

Rick Martin: It’s a negative word.

Red Elk: It is not. It is a positive. You are positive.

Rick Martin: You are positive that you can’t do it. (Laughter)

Red Elk: You understand? There is no negative. And when you can turn that positive can’t, to a positive can, as we in medicine have learned, you will be able to levitate and go downtown with no gas. You will be able to shut your eyes, envision where you want to go—safely, if you’ve got half a brain; first check where you want to go and make sure it’s safe to go there—and teleport yourself.

This is all in Scriptures. One person teleported; it is in Scriptures. Christ walked on water? NO! He actually flew on the water. This is all in Scriptures. “The things I’ve done, you can do also, even moreso, for I am with you.” Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water, too—until he realized that was a can’t.

Rick Martin: (Laughter)

Red Elk: You understand what I mean?

Rick Martin: Yes, I do.

Red Elk: We have such great abilities! We are limited to only three things; human kind, on any planet, are limited to only three things: (1) We cannot be the Creator, i.e. God, but we can be Godly; (2) we cannot be Lucifer—and a misnomer for him is Satan. You say that, and you mean Lucifer; it’s not true.

Rick Martin: Satan is a different being, isn’t he?

Red Elk: Right, he’s the number-two man. But when you say Satan, you’re thinking Lucifer, automatically.

(2) You cannot be Satan, but you can be satanic; (3) you cannot be Christ, but you can be Christ-like.

Anything beyond those three that you cannot be, YOU CAN DO! I teach this. And I demonstrate it, at times.

Just this last week I was talking about invisibility—as I became almost totally invisible to the two I was teaching. They could see right through me, the chair I was sitting in. I didn’t want to go all the way. I gave them enough to let them know that I know what I’m talking about.

Gail Cortright: (Laughter)

Red Elk: I’ve had people come from, well, one from Florida, two from Texas, one coming from Alaska, and many within driving range. I’ve taught them how to actually go into a tree, and afterwards, go and speak WITH trees, bushes, plants—speak with, not to. And they were amazed. Some came back crying.

All came back just awed, that the stiff wooden tree they call alive is not a piece of wood, but a thinking being, that takes steps slowly, over the centuries; sends up shoots, or sends a part of itself through a seed in a bird’s belly. And as it dies—not the bird, but the tree—a few feet, or inches, or a mile down the road, it grows. They take steps. These are people, tree people, bug people, horse people, four-legged people, feathered people, cloud people, mountain people.


Fake Alien Invasion & The Fake Rapture from Cosmic Awareness (Published 16 years ago!) Jan. 12, 2006


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