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Bruce E. Ivins, The Government's Latest Fall Guy

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
August 5, 2008

Bruce E. Ivins, The Government's Latest Fall Guy (Aug. 7, 2008)

Bruce E. Ivins was a government paid microbiologist who worked at the Army's bio-weapons development lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland for 30 years. That was his first mistake.

Bruce wouldn't have committed "suicide" last week if he hadn't worked in a government bio-weapons lab in the first place. When you sleep with dogs, you get fleas and when you work in the Belly of the Beast, you sometimes get excreted out the other end.

In the weeks following September 11, 2001, covert government agents, probably the CIA, sent out a group of anthrax-laced letters to a few well known politicians, a TV news anchor (who just happens to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations), and a handful of obscure individuals. If I recall correctly, a woman on the East coast, who I think worked as a nurse or nurse's aide, died from the anthrax poisoning. There was another case of a man who ran a company in Florida that was somehow connected with an FBI investigation or had files that the FBI wanted, also got himself whacked with anthrax and died. The FBI used the excuse of his anthrax letter to seal his office and cart away the files that they wanted to steal from him in the first place (must have been some juicy stuff -or photos-in those files).

The purpose of the anthrax letters was to stampede congress into quickly rubber-stamping all of the fascist, Constitution-busting legislation that the traitors in the White House and their NWO cohorts in congress had already secretly drafted in advance. For the purpose of 'War on Terror' propaganda, the letters were suppose to alarm the public into believing that we were under 'attack' by Islamic 'terrorists' and we were now seeing the next "stage" of that attack (911 being the opening 'shot across the bow' of course). On the inside track, the fence sitters in congress (who were not totally owned and controlled by the NWO traitors) were being sent a message that they had better 'cooperate' tout suite and rubber stamp the 2001 version of The Enabling Act or "else" .

Now whenever government traitors execute a crime of this proportion, they always have a patsy (or patsies) already set up and prepped to take the fall. They didn't decide to pin the job on Bruce Ivins after they sent out the anthrax letters, they had already decided on using him beforehand (and a few other 'backups' I'm sure. Perhaps Steven Hatfill was patsy choice #1, and Ivins #2 on the FBI's Patsy List; who knows? These traitorous cretins aren't necessarily bright or cunning-just willing and corrupt).

The patsy has to meet certain criteria to be a candidate. He has to be at the right place and have access (check). He has to have somewhere in his background visits to a psychiatrist or psychologist office for "depression' or whatever (check). He has to have some kind of degenerate personal "quirks' like having a PO Box under a pseudonym so he could surreptitiously receive pornographic magazines of women who are tied up, blindfolded, and being sexually mounted (My God, how weird, bizarre, and kooky is that! check).

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence, and fully aware of the NWO takeover game as of of early September 2001, knew immediately that 911 was an Inside Job. It's not like you had to weigh the matter carefully in your mind and finally arrive at that conclusion. You were expecting such a Reichstag-syle "attack" because you already knew that the government was behind the earlier World Trade Center "attacks' and the Oklahoma City bombing, You already knew that government fascists wanted to murder all of those men, women, and children at Waco, Texas on April 19, 1994 in a dramatic, fire-engulfed spectacle in order to send a national psyops message to the whole nation: Obey, Obey, Obey.

So you knew the government was behind the anthrax letters the moment that they announced it on the radio. And as soon as the strain of anthrax was identified as US Army weapons grade, then you knew that the traitors were going to hang the crime on some smuck who worked in one of their bio-weapons lab, and voila, we hear on the news a few weeks afterwards:

"a spokesman from the FBI said today that an empolyee of the U.S. Medical Research Institute at Fort Detrick, Maryland has come under suspicion for the recent flurry of anthrax-laced letters sent to members of congress, blah, blah, blah"

And that's when Bruce E Ivins' first mistake came home to roost.

I've reprinted a few articles below that should make it clear to you that Bruce Ivins was no more guilty than was Santa Claus for sending out the anthrax letters and that the "new" FBI now conducts itself much more in the spirit of the Third Reich's Gestapo rather than the federal law enforcement agency that former FBI LA Bureau Chief Ted L. Gunderson used to work for in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

Ken Adachi

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Why Does the FBI Falsely Accuse Ivins & Ignore Dr Philip Zack?

Suicide’ of Anthrax Scientist–Another Mossad Frame Up? (Aug. 4, 2008)

Pressure Grows for F.B.I.’s Anthrax Evidence

Published: Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 4:20 a.m.

WASHINGTON — After four years of painstaking scientific research, the F.B.I. by 2005 had traced the anthrax in the poisoned letters of 2001 to a single flask of the bacteria at the Army biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., according to government scientists and bureau officials.

But at least 10 scientists had regular access to the laboratory and its anthrax stock — and possibly quite a few more, counting visitors from other institutions, and workers at laboratories in Ohio and New Mexico that had received anthrax samples from the flask at the Army laboratory.

To get that far, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had helped invent what was virtually a new science, microbial forensics, the use of biochemical clues to track a germ weapon to its source.

The bureau sponsored research at a score of government and university laboratories intended to estimate the age of the anthrax, tracing the water used to grow it, assessing how it was made into an inhalable powder and, perhaps most important, taking its genetic fingerprint.

But at that point, the science had largely reached its limits. To figure out who in the narrowed pool of scientist-suspects was the perpetrator, the F.B.I. would have to rely on traditional gumshoe investigative methods: interviewing colleagues and family members, searching houses and cars, doing surveillance, and assessing personalities.

About 18 months ago, investigators appeared to sharpen their focus on Bruce E. Ivins, a veteran anthrax researcher, whom they placed under intensive surveillance as they examined every aspect of his life and work.

Since Dr. Ivins’s suicide last week, F.B.I. officials have said prosecutors were preparing to indict him for sending the anthrax letters, which killed five people, although charges appear to have been a few weeks away.

Dr. Ivins had been a respected microbiologist for three decades at the United States Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick. He was a popular neighbor in Frederick, Md., a Red Cross volunteer and an amateur juggler who played keyboards at his church.

But the investigators found some personal quirks, according to law enforcement officials and people who knew the scientist well. They found that Dr. Ivins, who had a history of alcohol abuse, had for years maintained a post office box under an assumed name that he used to receive pornographic pictures of blindfolded women.

Years ago, he had visited Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority houses at universities in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, an obsession growing out of a romance with a sorority sister in his own college days at the University of Cincinnati — although someone who knew him well said the last such visit was in 1981.

What is more relevant, agents focused new attention on a 2002 Army investigation of a spill of anthrax the same year outside the secure laboratory that Dr. Ivins worked in, and his puzzling behavior in trying to clean the area with bleach while failing to report the contamination. They studied his anthrax vaccine patents and considered whether the promise of royalties after a bioterrorism scare might have been a motive. They noted that he had a lyophilizer, which could be used to dry wet anthrax into powder, a form not ordinarily used at Fort Detrick.

They had even intensively questioned his adopted children, Andrew and Amanda, now both 24, with the authorities telling his son that he might be able to collect the $2.5 million reward for solving the case and buy a sports car, and showing his daughter gruesome photographs of victims of the anthrax letters and telling her, “Your father did this,” according to the account Dr. Ivins gave a close friend.

As the investigation wore on, some colleagues thought the F.B.I.’s methods were increasingly coercive, as the agency tried to turn Army scientists against one another and reinterviewed family members.

One former colleague, Dr. W. Russell Byrne, said the agents pressed Dr. Ivins’s daughter repeatedly to acknowledge that her father was involved in the attacks.

“It was not an interview,” Dr. Byrne said. “It was a frank attempt at intimidation.”

Dr. Byrne said he believed Dr. Ivins was singled out partly because of his personal weaknesses. “They figured he was the weakest link,” Dr. Byrne said. “If they had real evidence on him, why did they not just arrest him?”

Another former co-worker, Dr. Kenneth W. Hedlund, who collaborated on anthrax research with Dr. Ivins in the 1980s, had a similar theory.

“The investigators looked around, they decided they had to find somebody. They went after all of them but he looked the most susceptible to pressure,” Dr. Hedlund said. “It is like prisoners of war: if they are harassed enough, they will be driven to do anything. But I don’t believe he would have done what they say he did.”

With such views voiced by Dr. Ivins’s acquaintances — and vocal skepticism from key members of Congress — the pressure is growing on the F.B.I. to unveil its evidence.

On Monday, officials began to contact survivors of the anthrax attacks and family members of the five who died to say they would get a briefing, in person or by telephone, before the case against Dr. Ivins was made public.

Shirley Davis, the primary caretaker for Ottilie W. Lundgren of Oxford, Conn., a 94-year-old woman who was killed in the anthrax letter attack, said that she received a call on Monday.

“They asked if we could put together a list of questions we would like to have answered, just to get an idea of just exactly what happened,” Ms. Davis, 78, said. She said she had not yet been given a day or time for the briefing.

“It is a relief to know that they have found something,” Ms. Davis said. “It has been seven years now. But it may end up still that they don’t really know why this happened or what happened.”

F.B.I. officials say they do know a great deal about what happened and will make it public, possibly as early as Wednesday. They say the core of their case will be the science, which produced the giant step from a globe of possible suspects to a single lab and a single flask.

Faced with the scientific mystery of the powder, government and outside scientists first looked at chemical isotopes in the attack strain for clues as to when and where the bacteria had been grown. Analyzing traces of the beef broth used to grow the anthrax, scientists measured carbon-14 left from nuclear weapons tests in the 1950s, whose quantity diminishes every year.

By calculating the ratio of carbon-14 to the normal kind in residue of plants eaten by the cow from which the broth was made, investigators learned by June 2002 that the anthrax had been grown within the last two years.

A second clue was developed from the new ability to sequence, or decode, the chemical letters of DNA. Scientists at the Institute for Genomic Research, a pioneer in genome sequencing, sequenced the full genome of the anthrax recovered from the blood of Robert Stevens, the first victim of the attacks.

The genome of various stocks of the Ames strain of anthrax used in the attacks were almost identical in all the 5 million chemical letters of their DNA. But researchers found enough differences in the attack strain to provide a reasonable chance of identifying its source.

The chief difference was that a stretch of DNA was flipped head to tail in some bacteria in the attack strain, but not in any other samples.

Further, the attack strain contained bacteria with both the flipped and the unflipped DNA, showing that it was a mixture of two strains, which analysts later found reflected a mix of origins — 85 percent from the Dugway Proving Ground of the Army in Utah and 15 percent added at Fort Detrick, according to one person close to the investigation.

To make sure the case for the distinctive features of the attack anthrax could hold up in court, agents collected thousands of samples of Ames strain anthrax from labs around the world, said scientists familiar with the F.B.I.’s thinking. “This is the step that took so long,” one scientist said.

Decoding the genome of a bacterium like anthrax may have cost around $500,000 in 2002, and even the F.B.I.’s budget would have been strained to decode thousands of genomes. A new generation of sequencing machines can now sequence bacterial genomes for around $500. But those machines did not become available until about 2005, which may have been another reason for the delay.

Despite speculation that the anthrax had a special coating to make it more deadly, an F.B.I. scientist, Douglas Beecher, published an article in 2006 saying no such sophisticated additives had been found. That finding broadened the number of scientists and technicians who could have made the anthrax, another obstacle to a quick resolution.

Richard Ebright, a Rutgers University biochemist and an opponent of the rapid expansion of biodefense research since 2001, said the F.B.I. should long ago have released some of its scientific conclusions.

“The finding that the attack material could be traced definitively to a U.S. bioweapons research lab could, and should, have been released as soon is it was obtained,” Dr. Ebright said, noting that the finding could raise questions about the wisdom of proliferating stocks of anthrax and other pathogens.

“This is not just a finding with Agatha Christie-Perry Mason implications,” he said.

Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax Ivins Could Not Have Been Attacker, Some Say

By Joby Warrick, Marilyn W. Thompson and Aaron C. Davis
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, August 3, 2008; Page A01

For nearly seven years, scientist Bruce E. Ivins and a small circle of fellow anthrax specialists at Fort Detrick's Army medical lab lived in a curious limbo: They served as occasional consultants for the FBI in the investigation of the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks, yet they were all potential suspects.

Over lunch in the bacteriology division, nervous scientists would share stories about their latest unpleasant encounters with the FBI and ponder whether they should hire criminal defense lawyers, according to one of Ivins's former supervisors. In tactics that the researchers considered heavy-handed and often threatening, they were interviewed and polygraphed as early as 2002, and reinterviewed numerous times. Their labs were searched, and their computers and equipment carted away.

The FBI eventually focused on Ivins, whom federal prosecutors were planning to indict when he committed suicide last week. In interviews yesterday, knowledgeable officials asserted that Ivins had the skills and access to equipment needed to turn anthrax bacteria into an ultra-fine powder that could be used as a lethal weapon. Court documents and tapes also reveal a therapist's deep concern that Ivins, 62, was homicidal and obsessed with the notion of revenge. Yet, colleagues and friends of the vaccine specialist remained convinced that Ivins was innocent:

They contended that he had neither the motive nor the means to create the fine, lethal powder that was sent by mail to news outlets and congressional offices in the late summer and fall of 2001. indful of previous FBI mistakes in fingering others in the case, many are deeply skeptical that the bureau has gotten it right this time.

"I really don't think he's the guy. I say to the FBI, 'Show me your evidence,' " said Jeffrey J. Adamovicz, former director of the bacteriology division at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, or USAMRIID, on the grounds of the sprawling Army fort in Frederick. "A lot of the tactics they used were designed to isolate him from his support. The FBI just continued to push his buttons."

Investigators are so confident of Ivins's involvement that they have been debating since Friday whether and how to close the seven-year-old anthrax investigation. That would involve disbanding a grand jury in the District and unsealing scores of documents that form the basis of the government's case against Ivins.

Negotiations over the legal issues continue, but a government source said that the probe could be shuttered as early as tomorrow. The move would amount to a strong signal that the FBI and Justice Department think they got their man -- and that he is dead, foreclosing the possibility of a prosecution. No charges are likely against others, that source added. Once the case is closed, the FBI and Justice Department will face questions -- and possibly public hearings -- from congressional oversight committees, which have been largely shut out of the case the past five years. The investigators have cited the ongoing nature of the case, as well as accusations of leaks to the media, for the information blackout to Capitol Hill.

One bioweapons expert familiar with the FBI investigation said Ivins indeed possessed the skills needed to create the dust-fine powder used in the attacks. At the Army lab where he worked, Ivins specialized in making sophisticated preparations of anthrax bacteria spores for use in animal tests, said the expert, who requested anonymity because the investigation remains active. Ivins's daily routine included the use of processes and equipment the anthrax terrorist likely used in making his weapons. He also is known to have had ready access to the specific strain of Bacillus anthracis used in the attack -- a strain found to match samples found in Ivins's lab, he said. "You could make it in a week," the expert said. "And you could leave USAMRIID with nothing more than a couple of vials. Bear in mind, they weren't exactly doing body searches of scientists back then."

But others, including former colleagues and scientists with backgrounds in biological weapons defense, disagreed that Ivins could have created the anthrax powder, even if he were motivated to do so.


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Open Letter To Former US Senator Tom Daschle Regarding The FBI's Bogus Anthrax Inquiry

August 6, 2008
By Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Dear Sen. Daschle:

My name is Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. I have been a leading anthrax mailings investigator, whistleblower, and at one point an FBI suspect in this bioterrorist attack that included an attempt on your life.

If you Google search "Horowitz Anthrax Mailing" you will find thousands of posted articles I sourced exposing this serial homicide and resulting iatrogenocide. This word avers the mass killing and poisoning of people with CIPRO and anthrax vaccines stockpiled and prescribed as a result of this bioterrorist attack and misdirected FBI investigation.

The public's fright, driven by the media that neglects substantive facts, is the intended result of this unique psychological warfare operation (PSYOPS). This FEAR ("False Evidence Appearing Real") drives and justifies legislative action profiting exclusively the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel. This institutionalized fraud, servicing white-collar bioterrorism, is best termed genocide-strictly defined as "the mass killing or enslaving of people for profit, politics, and/or ideology." In this case pharmaceutical propaganda and biopreparedness has been provably genocidal.

The most complete article exposing this conspiracy is online here:

The above article, posted in December, 2001, provides a flow chart detailing the chief suspects, military-industrial contractors, their lucrative interrelationships, and the FBI's apparent misdirection and thwarted investigation on behalf of the CIA:

The financial motive for these murders, media propaganda, and official malfeasance is transparent.

In an effort to prevent this tragedy, I urged FBI officials in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho to investigate this unfolding anthrax-mailing-driven genocide ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE FIRST REPORTED MAILINGS! Their grossly-negligent response was stunning and chronicled.

Among the actions I took to serve my country, the American people, and protect the health, safety, and dignity of legislators on Capitol Hill was my visit to your office on April 17, 2002. This was one day prior to my testifying before the U.S. Congress Committee on Government Reform Hearing on Vaccines as a Risk Factor for Autism, recorded here:

At that time I informed your office secretary of my urgent need to speak with you personally. She neglected this urgency, and instead summoned security. I was then interrogated in your office by a National Security Agency officer. I alerted him to the chief suspects in these anthrax attacks: the CIA's anthrax contractors under "Project Clearvision" William Patrick, III and the Russian defector Kanatjan Alibekov, alias Ken Alibek. The officer alleged that he would pass on this urgent information to you and FBI.

Shortly thereafter I was contacted by two FBI investigators assigned to interrogate me as a SUSPECT; not an expert informant. At this time they were offering a $1 million reward for information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. They refused to consider this information that I had amassed in order to follow a frivolous investigation direction. I withdrew my cooperation following two days of misdirected interrogation.

Now I appreciate your recent media interviews and statements regarding the obfuscation of facts, and absurd allegations, that Bruce Ivins had anything to do with the production and mailing of the anthrax spores delivered to your and Patrick Leahy's office.

How convenient for those implicated in this conspiracy, including FBI officials, that Bruce Ivins allegedly committed suicide just before federal investigators were about to indict him.


Sen. Daschle, you stated to the press that you "think the FBI owes us a complete accounting of their investigation and ought to be able to tell us at some point, how we're going to bring this to closure. . . . It's been seven years, there's a lot of unanswered questions and I think the American people deserve to know more than they do today."

You stated, "I don't have any idea how close they were of accusing him, of indicting him. I don't know whether this is just another false track and that -- a real diversion from where they need to be. We don't know, and they aren't telling us."

So I now wonder whether you were ever given the information I relayed above to your office secretary? I ask were you ever briefed by officials from the National Security Agency regarding my urgent visit to your office on April 17, 2002?

If not, your investigation in this urgent matter impacting public health and safety might begin in your office.

If you were informed of these facts at that time, can you please explain why you never contacted me to acknowledge receipt of this information as it was reasonable to expect some acknowledgment, including thanks for delivering this information at the risk of my life.

More importantly, since you seek full public disclosure, do you now intend to make the American people aware of this information evidencing a conspiracy involving high-level officials at the FBI and the CIA? Will you press for public disclosures regarding this secret anthrax program exclusively profiting implicated military and drug industrialists?

The American people and I deserve a response and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,
Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M., D.M.M.

Public Health Advisor,
World Organization for Natural Medicine, and Diplomatic Ambassador,
Sovereign Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem


Dr. Gayle

Len hit the nail right on the HEAD regarding the Ivins "suicide".

That they just now discovered that Ft Detrick was the home of all of this anthrax is so laughable...and to conclude that because Ivins stayed late at work and had a container of the pathogen is so absolutely ludicrous it is laughable. Just any easy way to close (cover up a case)

I smelled this same rat even before I read Len's article. The talking heads on this news report just didn't cut it with me.

Glad he was willing to speak out.

Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, MH, NP, ND

Founder and Director, Creating Health Institute and The Oake Centre for natural health education
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