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The Psychological Goal of Fear Mongering.

Jan. 5, 2010 (E-Y posted on Feb. 24, 2012)

The Psychological Goal of Fear Mongering.(Feb. 24, 2012)

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Posted 05 January 2010 by "Dolphin"

If it was not the goal it can easily be seen that it has in fact had this Effect.

The object of the media campaign is to make the people easily suggestible through the psychology of “learned helplessness.” The mixture of hyped patriotism, guilt, fear and helplessness makes Americans true sheeple, who can only trust their new Authoritarian Police State government to shepherd them to safety past all those scary Muslims and the dangers of Nuclear and Biological attack.

According to psychologist, Martin Seligman, the author of “Learned Optimism” (the alleged psychological antidote to learned helplessness), human minds can be trained to passively accept unpleasant situations such as the imposition of a Police state and the loss of their freedoms and liberties.

“...nullifying the natural reactions, which normally cause attempts to escape or to control the situation. It is a state of deep depression, brought on by prolonged immersion in a reality of learned helplessness...A person with learned helplessness easily gives in her/his goals if s/he fails few times in achieving them. Such persons show apathy, no motivation, depression and pessimism.

Step by step Americans have stood by helplessly as one freedom and liberty guaranteed by their constitution and bill of rights has been taken away and each time they have protested and clamored their outrage they were managed into submissive acceptance. This despite a never ending series of bold faced lies that were later exposed as such that were told to them by the usurpers of their Government as the excuse to get them to accept the legislation for their new enslavement and aquiescence to participation in Wars of naked aggression.

Even when millions of Americans began calling their Congress to prevent the Bank Bailout they were given a one week reprieve only to be told that martial law would be declared if the bill was not passed. Congress rubberstamped it and Americans were given yet another dose of helplessness.

All the while as their way of life has been systamatically stolen from them they have been bombarded with nightmares by fear mongering opportunists who scream with bull horns that things are going to get even worse with their tales of Fema Camps and coffins which in fact were built as props as part of a very real contingency plan with the dual purpose of providing a bit of reality to the brainwashing techniques designed to condition Americans into the mindset of "Learned Helplessness".

Is it any wonder that at some point the goal of learned helplessness would sink in and completely dismantle their will to oppose the takeover of their country by a dictatorship masquerading as a sham democracy?



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