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Fighting Voodoo

[Editor's Note: I had a long chat today with Franz Erdl, author of The Alien Influence on Humanity, who recommended this article. Franz sent me an e-mail about a week ago because he was unhappy with something he had read by ZS Livingstone concerning Haiti, which he thought implied that ZSL approved of voodoo. I explained that ZSL said that the Illuminati was angered by the black magic directed at them by Haitian voodoo witch doctors, and not that he necessarily approved of voodoo, per se. I also mentioned that ZSL relayed a story in one of his joint radio talks with Don Nicoloff and myself, that a meditation group he was part of in 2001 received astral assistance from a group of Haitian women who helped lift a stubborn negative entity off one of their members. Citing that case, ZSL remarked that not all voodoo rituals are done for negative purposes.

Franz is located in the Dominican Republic, right next to Haiti. He's more than familiar with the negative impact that Voodoo has had on both people and animals in that region. I told him that I was equally wary of all forms of magic, including so-called White Magic, because ultimately you are calling on entities from the lower astral to assist you, and that always brings trouble in the end.

There's an American who uses the name Cyril who's been making a big splash in Japan for the past 4 or 5 years because his "magic" is so spectacular and inexplicable. He truly is astounding. He does "tricks" that you've never seen before. Thing is, some of his routines are illusions, but other of his more spectacular "tricks" are actually black magic (in my opinion) performed with the assistance of an unseen entity. Based on his appearance and his name, I get the feeling that he's a black magician and the only way you get to be one of those guys is to go the satanic ritual route.

I recall receiving many e-mails some years ago by a man named Michael who allowed himself to be sucked into practicing Enochian Magic. Yea, he learned to use it alright, but it eventually came back to bite him and he wished he never got involved. Once you open the door to lower astral entities, they don't necessarily leave just because you don't want to play anymore. Something to think about before you dive in. ...Ken Adachi]

By Dr. Bob Amelingmeier
E-Y posted February 7, 2011

Fighting Voodoo by Dr. Bob Amelingmeier (Feb. 7, 2011)

Voodoo AThe spirit world thrives in Haiti and with the poor we serve. Walking along side Haitians for 21 years, one can not but come in contact with Voodoo, the ancient pagan religion that came over on the slave ships from Africa. Haiti is the world’s capital for Voodoo.

I found myself in Haiti some 20 odd years ago and the first place we lived was the isolated parts of Haiti where we had no electricity or running water. Here, the countryside is full of voodoo camps, leaving one to fall asleep to the sound of drumbeats each night, while the glazed eyes that trances left on the practitioners could be seen by day. Evoking a world of unseen forces to intervene in the course of their lives, wreaks havoc on their own life and the lives of their families. With the driving rhythms of drums, dressed in red or white, the worshippers chant, dance, whirl, scream, making jerking motions with their body, while all awaiting the altered state of trance that proves devotion and loyalty to the gods.

Voodoo with dollThis was a part of what was woven into the life in Haiti, as one watched helplessly as children died due to lack of medicine and the power that the Voodoo priest held on the people. I never even imagined that our Lord would have my life be a part of bringing down the strong holds of this most ancient and dark belief system.

With hundreds of Voodoo curses on me, I have found only strength in my desire to free the poor. These curses come because the local voodoo priests do not like our presence in their area. The main reason is finances. Since we administer free medical, the people are using our services rather than the witch doctors' dust and spells. Thus, Crossroads is an unwanted element in their world of control of the Haitians minds. In addition, many come to Christianity and that reduces their income and control.

Voodoo CI have seen, while walking in the villages, in the poorest of palm shacks with nothing but mud floors...a man cutting another with razors and putting a small tin cup above the cut, while lighting matches and creating a suction cup to suck out the 'bad blood' of the person who was ill. Continually when doing our medical outreach, the people on a regular basis say, "I am sick from bad blood". This concept of bad blood runs rampant in the villages and is a deterrent to healing as their belief system holds them so tightly in their grip.

On multiple occasions, I have seen people give up even the cement home we have given them, to return to Haiti to find better and stronger Voodoo priests, as Haiti is said to have the strongest witch doctors. No month passes where people do not leave their children to return to Haiti for the cure of AIDS, and wasting what little money they have which could have been used for their instead be squandered on voodoo priests. For this reason, every priest, even in this country, always have several homes and live in better living conditions than those in the refugee villages.

We have been criticized for destroying culture when bringing people out of Voodoo, as is noticed by anthropologist students that visit or those who want to be ‘politically’ aligned. This looks and sounds good on paper, but walk with me in the filth and grime, of those that are born in mud and die in mud with nothing to eat and let me show you another side of the story of culture. The people can not afford an egg, but must pay for the services of spells to demons and gods of choice. In addition to the desire to turn to spells for work, love, revenge and the multitude of other human needs, their largest need is paying services for illness. Thus, with nothing but a village witch doctor, fairy dust and enchantments, they are forced to look for relief from their sickness via Voodoo. Today, we serve them with free medical, something that has been foreign to these people most of their lives. Culture is one thing, but when it causes peoples to use the small funds they have to ward off demons rather then give their already malnourished children some bit of food, then the journals and seminars on culture, for me, are best used for heating up an egg.

In addition to the fear based religion that it is, possession is widely seen as Haitians are either in the layers of Voodoo or Christians. Everything is black and white in this primitive culture of the compasino. In every Christian baptism, usually done in groups of 10 or more there is a possession. As the person walks in to the water and is emerged the fight for evil begins. They have what looks like epileptic seizures in the water and we have heard one woman, with a deep voice scream out “let me go”. The pastors pray louder, the hymns are sung stronger, as the possessions pass and the person walks free, liberated!

Possession is not just witnesses at baptisms. They have possessions in every ceremony and will fall to the floor even during the day in fits of well, God knows what! Every voodoo ceremony must accompany a possession for the gods to talk through. Thus possession is a common part of their life.

Those of you that have visited can see and feel the difference when a village like Ascension who is free of Voodoo. There is an air of light about it rather then the depression and darkness seen in the other villages where the witch doctor is head of the village.

Voodoo DAnd how many of you live in fear? Fear of cancer, terrorists, death, fear of being alone or unloved? Fear of loosing job security fear for your children and the list goes on and on. Thus,you may be able to relate to the darkness of fear. Fear separates us from God and life itself. Fear is mentioned 365 times in the Bible, “thou shall not fear” for when we are fearful a veil separates us from the powers of God and to be separated from God is Hell.

We were made to walk with God in trust and freedom and living amongst these people who serve numerous gods in fear has given me the deepest desire to be part of their liberation and give them wings to sore into the clear skis of love, reconciliation and a life lived to its fullest.

Voodoo EHelping those in darkness is support in aligning ourselves financially and with our prayers and time to those in need. But tithing is not just to help others; it is to help you, to help you to trust in the God of providence. How this is needed in a society that trusts on itself and has turned from God to assist in the direction of their lives. Why do you think things have turned the way they have? Are we not like those who were offered the promise land but refused it and wander in the desert of our own making? Have the malls, multiple televisions and computers in ones home alongside computer games, on line shopping and endless throngs of external distractions helped to ease the pain of a broken and torn world? Will it ever?

I must encourage you to give your life to God and support Him in the building of His kingdom, abroad and at home. As your turn to God your own fears will fall and your own material ideals will come crashing down and the promise land will be yours! For all eternity……

We are in need of pastoral teams to work in the villages to bring down strongholds. If this has touched your heart with a calling to help us, please pray alongside us and help in any way you can.

Dr. Bob Amelingmeier


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