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Computer Experts: I Need Your Help to Decide on New ISP

From Ken Adchi, Editor
Sept. 1, 2011

Computer Experts: I Need Your Help to Decide on New ISP (Sep. 1, 2011)

Update, Sep. 2, 2011: I had a productive talk today with someone from Lunar Page, my server, which gave me some hope that contrived and specious " complaints" coming from ficticious individuals such as "Xena Carpenter" will not be taken seriously or responded to. It remains to be seen, as I still have to chat with a manager at Lunar Pages next week, but hopefully, knee jerk reaction to complaints from provacateurs and character assassins like Carpenter, White, Hartwell, etc. will be ignored. We'll see.


Once again my server, Luanr Pages, threatens to shut down my web site .


Because "Xena Carpenter," on behalf of her fellow character assassin and agent provacateur, Tim White, who have both been slandering me relentlessly on the internet for at least 4 years, didn't like it that I posted a note at this web site inquiring about her connection to 3 other names that I suspect she may be using as aliases. I also asked for information from anyone who knew of Tim White's whereabouts and any info about his criminal and psychiatrict treatment history. Apprently, according to Lunar Pages, I'm attempting " to collect personally identifiable information." and that's a violation of the "AUP"

The "AUP" stands for "Acceptable Use Policy."

Here's a link to the Lunar Pages "AUP" :

In reading over the policy, it seems that whatever Lunar Pages decides is Free Speech is okay, and whatever Lunar Pages decides in not, must be removed under threat of shut down, or worse, "termination."

Here's part of the e-mail I got from Flora Lui of Lunar Pages:

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 4:27 AM
Subject: Re: [Lunarpages Online HelpDesk] [WL56AS75LPL2] AUP violation

Note: Replying more than once may delay our response time, because your ticket will be placed at the bottom of our ticket queue.

Dear ken Adachi,

A technician responded to your ticket with:

Hello Ken,

Please review

"You agree not to collect or attempt to collect personally identifiable information of any person or entity without their express consent. You shall maintain records of any such consent throughout the term of any agreement that you have with Lunarpages and for three years thereafter."

The following content was located on your website which breaks the AUP: [removed by me]

[The next part was quoting from my page asking if anyone had more info on White and Xena Carpenter and concluded with:]

Please remove this content, and any other contents on your site that may be a violation of our acceptable usage policy to avoid the account from being suspended or terminated. Please note this e-mail is to be considered a final warning.

Thank you for your attention and your response would be appreciated.

Best regards,
Flora Lui
Customer Service Representative III
Lunarpages Internet Solutions

Phone: 1-714-521-8150
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I took down the Xena Carpenter/Tim White page entirely to preclude any more draconian shut downs from Lunar Pages, but it's time to find another server who has more respect for the rights of their paying customers and greater concern for the Free Speech guarantees spelled out in the US Constitution and less for slanderers and defamers who use fictitious names and file specious complaints.

If you are a computer person and have experience and knowledge in web hosting companies and can offer suggestions on internet service providers who have a reputation for reliability and customer loyalty, whether inside or outside of the USA, please let me know

I also wouldn't mind suggestions from attorneys who are familiar with these issues and can offer insights on dealing with nervous servers and provocateurs posing as complainants.

If my web site is unexpectedly taken down, you can still reach me at:

1)   or call me at:

2) 949-544-1375 (California)

As long as my web site is up, you can also e-mail me from the Contact Us page:

My mirrow web site in Switzerland, kindly hosted by Stephan Meier, is:

The mirror site is about 3 weeks behind in postings, but it's the only mirror that I have and I'm grateful to Stephan for maintaining it. Maybe someone reading this will offer to put up another mirror of this web site in a different country. Let me know if you can help in this regard.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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