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Are Ground-Level Swine Flu Mists or "Fogs" Being Sprayed?

From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 1, 2009

Are Ground-Level Swine Flu Mists or "Fogs" Being Sprayed? (Nov. 1, 2009)

The two e-mails posted below report a similar, but strange observation: unusual "mists" or ground-level "fog" that are totally incongruent with local atmospheric conditions. Is this what the people in Ukraine have been observing, I wonder?

I've received indications that our Illuminated friends have been spraying Swine flu pathogens via chemtrails for some time now, but maybe smaller planes are spraying a more concentrated soup at lower altitudes that is forming into a ground-level "fog", I wonder? If other readers have seen something similar, please let me know.(

The Ukraine story is found here: Ukraine Martial Law "Expected"? (Oct. 31, 2009)

Subject: “Panic in Ukraine, Authorities Deny Aircraft Are Spraying Aerosols Over Cities
From: Keith
Date: Sat, October 31, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

This morning when I went to work (San Jose, CA) there was a heavy mist (fog) which is not normal for this area, excluding weather modification and bioweapons. After that burned off there appeared a white, powder like haze over the south San Jose Mountains (Saratoga and Los Gatos) that was so thick that the mountains were not visible from three miles away. The sky overhead appeared blue, however. There was a metallic taste to the air. I figured that spraying had been stepped up, as there would be many people outside shopping for Halloween, as well as trick or treating.

Perhaps this was part of a satanic Halloween sacrifice of the useless feeders. Or perhaps they are using a bioweapon to simulate a flu outbreak, since the number of fools getting flu shots is not adequate. I was not going to say anything because this spraying goes on daily here, until I read the following articles on similar activity in the Ukraine.

“Panic in Ukraine, Authorities Deny Aircraft Are Spraying Aerosols Over Cities, Martial Law Expected”

“40,000 Contract Serious Virus in Ukraine, Kills 30”

Stay indoors,


Subject: mystery cloud in Baton Rouge
From: Keith R
Date: Sun, November 1, 2009
To: Ken Adachi


I just read the Ukraine article and it reminded me of what happened three weeks ago on I-10.A family member and myself were about to exit when traffic came to a standstill due to an incident in the on-coming lane.We drove through a mist as both sides moved slowly that was unlike anything I had seen before.

This was like a warm dry fog on the ground in the middle of the day with warm air outside.

No fog would ever form under these conditions.This fog preceded a front that was one long straight wall of clouds blowing across the southern states.Thing is we both have the flu now.

For me it will be two weeks tomorrow with a very annoying cough I had expected to be over by now, though I feel much better. This Holloween weekend was very warm. Friday morning with a cold front that brought rain in time for trick or treat.

Best, Keith R.

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