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How to Snooker the Public into Taking The Flu Shot

By Ken Adachi <>
November 20, 2004

In case you haven't been listening to radio or TV for the past couple of months, the Ministry of Media Disinformation has been peddling the story that, for some unexplained reason, flu vaccine makers haven't been able to produce enough flu vaccine this year and therefore we now have a flu vaccine 'shortage'. I notice that Frontline or NOVA or Bill Moyers have failed to offer us any "documentaries" so far that adequately explain why the makers of flu vaccines have come up so short this year, but we may be treated to that video yet, perhaps by Christmas. When asked about the shortfall by news reporters, vaccine company spokesmen usually gloss over the subject with vague non sequiturs. Of course, I don't believe that there is a real shortage. The one we are told about has been manufactured in order to create a demand for the flu shot.

Convincing the public that there is a shortage of flu vaccine is, however, only the first leg of a two part con job. The second part of this con is to let everyone know that their precious stores of limited flu vaccines will ONLY be available to those who are most needy and in greatest peril, such as the immune compromised, the elderly, etc. It's unfortunate, but the minute you tell unthinking people that they will not be able to get a vaccine on demand, you immediately create a desire and determination to obtain that vaccine because they have been led to believe that the flu shot will surely 'protect' them from coming down with a flu-like illness that is being LABELED the flu (chemtrail/psychotronic 'flu' is probably a lot closer to the mark). Besides, we have no evidence of a flu 'epidemic' in the first place, only dire warnings of said epidemic by government spokesmen.

The flu shot, however, will not necessarily protect you as much as it will likely insert into your blood stream substances which you might not want to have in your blood. Things like bioengineered STEALTH VIRUSES (or prions) intended to slowly cripple your immune system and gradually compromise your health; such as that experienced by the hundreds of thousands of military guinea pigs infected with the Gulf War Illness during the first Gulf War. Or how about submicroscopic nanochips which can ID and track you (or possibly control you)? How about the 'normal' contaminants that are usually found in all vaccines: mercury, multiple contaminated animal proteins, viruses, etc. (Vaccines are bad news. Employing Nature-based medicine will rescue you from any flu symptoms that you may encounter.If you make the effort to maintain your immunity at high enough levels, you won't come down with the 'flu'. Getting vaccinated is the most foolish thing you can do to attempt to acquire immunity. Vaccines COMPROMISE your immune system and lay the foundation for health difficulties down the road).

In the past decade, the Illuminati has been repeatedly trying to get the American public to line up for vaccines on a number of contrived pretexts. Remember Clinton's big push to first get the military (and then the public) immunized against ANTHRAX ? Fortunately, enough military pilots and other officers refused and that coercive attempt faded into the background with a gathering military revolt, but after the Illuminati's attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, the CIA attempted to pick up the pace again when they sent anthrax-laced letters to a few sacrificial chumps in Washington, Boston, New York, and especially to a magazine company in Boca Raton, Florida called American Media, Inc., whose picture editor, Bob Stevens, possessed certain compromising photos of our Commander in Chief that the FBI wanted to get their hands on. What better way to accomplish that mission than sending the guy an anthrax letter (which kills him) and then quarantine the building for a few months while you tear the place apart to find your photos? As you might expect, the anthrax letter scare also died on the vine when too many people recognized that the 'terrorists' behind that effort were really of the home grown variety (naturally, they came up with a patsy in the CIA (or Pentagon?) to take the rap for those anthrax letters).

How about the SMALLPOX scare of of a few years ago? Americans were then being threatened with quarantine or forced vaccination or if they didn't cooperate and accept smallpox vaccinations. State by state , they were trying to ram through legislation that would force people to accept vaccinations or face quarantine and confinement, but that end run also failed because enough people fought back at the state level and said 'no, we won't accept forced vaccinations'. The last bioengineered bug to be used as the excuse for forcing vaccinations was the SARS scam of 2002, but -again- that deal fell flat as the media-hyped 'epidemic' never took place (thanks to many 'helpful hands' working in the background to render the SARS bug DOA). I could go back even further to the 1975 Swine Flu 'pandemic' that we were told was going to sweep the country during Gerald Ford's marionette act, but you get the idea.

So what's an Illuminatus to do? If you can't easily FORCE people to accept your laced vaccines, how about snookering them with a phony 'flu vaccine shortage'? Hey, that ought to work! Let's employ a simple psychological ruse of creating desire through limited access. Isn't that what they do at fashionable night clubs these days? Don't they make people wait in long lines while some 280 pound security dufuss with a gold ear ring standing at the front of the line decides whether you and your date are "worthy enough" to enter that Holy of Holy's (and once inside, are given the privilege of paying through the nose for an evening of 150 decibel 'music' and strobe lights)?

Isn't this the technique that gives the satanic Elites their greatest sense of manipulative control over the 'goyem' masses? Get them to BEG for the very things that will lead to their demise and destruction? Wasn't it Henry Kissinger that said that the day would come when the 'useless eaters' of this country would not only allow UN troops to come in, but would DEMAND their presence?

So now we have the naive and the uninformed searching for ways to be classified with some special health circumstances which will allow them to get their flu shot. I even heard the flu shot being promoted on NPR radio the other day. Canada is offering FREE flu shots, they said, to any American who takes the ferry to Vancouver Island from the American side. They hustle you from the boat right into a dockside clinic. I got the idea that you had no choice in the matter. If you decided to take this trip, you had to get the shot. Who can beat that for a fun filled weekend?

As November rolls into December and then into January, don't be surprised to hear more and more news announcements of unexpected, last minute arrivals of 'extra' flu vaccine that will be delivered to your area. It will be offered to the public FREE if you get yourself down to such and such location between blah blah hours. Of course, you'll be urged to get there early, because they might run out of vaccine before you can get yours and you don't want to chance that, do you?

Ken Adachi

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