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Red Heat, Real Time: Glimpses of World War 3

By Stefan Fobes
September 4, 2008

Red Heat, Real Time: Glimpses of World War 3 by Stephen Fobes (Sep. 4, 2008)

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I updated my article on Russia, Georgia, and Ossetia with an expanded take on the situation there, specifically how it ties into the engineered WW3 plan. This is the beginning of Russia's fall from grace. I guess China will soon follow. Link..

Many with an interest in numerology have been locked in anticipation of 8/8/08, because of the store managers of this world, otherwise known as the global elite/Illuminati’s obsession with numerology, astrology, and the occult. According to People magazine, several presidents, including Teddy Roosevelt, the founding fathers of the USA, the wives of Gerald Ford and Warren G. Harding consulted astrologers and based their major life decisions off of their conversations with them. The article goes on to reveal that several astrologers noticed uncanny parallels between several decisions Reagan made, including whether or not to seek a second term, his authorization to bomb Libya, and certain celestial configurations. Him and his wife Nancy Reagan had regular meetings with the astrologer, Joan Quigley, which is also in the People article.

Another example of this obsession broke the surface in Britain with Cherie and Tony Blair, the former first family over there. Click to enlarge.

Numerology is an extremely tricky subject. So much so that I prefer to stick to only the most blatant examples of this Illuminati obsession with numerology. Like this.

Adding to that, the Carter assassination scare which involved two men named Lee Harvey Raymond and Osvaldo Espinoza Ortiz. I could go on and on all day about the 9/11 numerology blatancy, the Madrid bombings in 2003 happening 911 days after 9/11, but my main is really about the Ossetia conflict, so….

On 8/8/08, Georgia invaded its Russian-backed separatist spinoff neighbor South Ossetia in a vicious attempt to regain control of it, and captured the capital, Tskhinvali, killing Russian peacekeepers that were in there. Russia, in response, went in there with tanks and are just slaughtering the Georgian military. The Georgian President, Mikhail Saakasvili complained, saying that the Russians are attacking them in their own territory. South Ossetia, in a hard war with Georgia, won semi-independence from Georgia sixteen years ago, so that claim is weightless. Ethnic cleansing has been reported by the Russians and Georgians, and certainly, the Georgians have been brutal, dropping grenades in starving people’s houses and running women over with their tanks. I’ll just report their claim and leave it at that till something more solid than that pops up.

The Russians have the nuts to say they have liberated the South Ossetians when everyone who could fled the country and those who haven’t have hardly any food or electricity. And all the buildings are smashed. Bush must be doing his ventriloquist act again. The mainstream media, for the most part, is giving marginal attention to this, continuing to show the usual cartoons, the Olympics, and some fluff john Edwards scandal, like all this is dust in the wind. This could turn into World War friggin 3, and FOX is debating whether or not John Edwards is the father of some kid. Just like during the Depression. The networks then wouldn’t show all the bank run riots, but they showed instead ostrich races. All by design. The mainstream media is always right on time when they want to manipulate the public. Just remember Iraq and Afghanistan. They are attempting to carefully stage and steer the thinking of the public to their owners’ benefit, with only Russia’s war crimes and outright thuggishness as its focus, and even jumping on the harmless little things like them recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia. They want to be free of Georgia, and the world heads of state dare to say Georgia’s territorial integrity must be respected, these two countries’ having no say whatsoever, like the people are a group of slaves on the auction block. This is from Fox’s website, which actually is fair and balanced, compared to what you see on TV.

Witnesses said the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali, was devastated.

“We lost our city … The Georgians are like Nazis, they are killing civilians, women and children with heavy artillery and rockets,” said 28-year-old Sarmat Laliyev, a Tskhinvali resident who had fled to Dzhava, a village near the border with Russia.

The fighting broke out as much of the world’s attention was focused on the start of the Olympic Games and many leaders, including Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Bush, were in Beijing.

And Mikhail Saakashvili, does he have any remorse or guilt about any of this?

The timing suggests Saakashvili may have been counting on surprise to fulfill his longtime pledge to wrest back control of South Ossetia — a key to his hold on power.

Saakashvili agreed the timing was not coincidental, but accused Russia of being the aggressor. “Most decision makers have gone for the holidays,” he said in an interview. “Brilliant moment to attack a small country.”

Did Brzezinski mentor him too?

The Georgians have exited the South Ossetian capital, but with the understanding that South Ossetia has been doing its thing since breaking fully away from Georgia in 1992 and being left alone militarily for all the years between then and 2008, the next question should be who or what made Georgia go in there now?

The LA Times has reported that Joseph R. Wood, Cheney’s deputy assistant for national security affairs visited Georgia right before the war began. Dick Cheney’s Georgia visit announcement was the reason given for this. Someone that high up reduced to errand boy? I don’t think so. This matches with a New York Times report where the Bush crew was more upfront about things: “Senior members of the Bush administration met several times in recent months with leaders of a coalition that ousted the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, for two days last weekend, and agreed with them that he should be removed from office, administration officials said today.”

2002. The new war on freedom arrives in Georgia. The cover story was that the Al-Qaeda fighters who were causing trouble in Chechnya decided to stay in Georgia for a while. Even the Georgian Defense Minister, whose country recieved enourmous benefit from this in terms of $64 million in military aid and weapons, had this to say: “For me personally, it is very difficult to believe in that [al Qaeda is in the Gorge],” commented Tevzadze, “because to come from Afghanistan to that part of Georgia, they need to [cross] at least six or seven countries, including [the] Caspian Sea… No, al Qaeda influence can’t be in the country.”

Magic carpets, man. You forgot about the magic carpets and the genies! How do you think they toppled World Trade Center Building 7 without even touching it with a plane? So thickheaded.

This aid has also come in the form of elite Green Beret training:

President George Bush called the May deployment of some 150 U.S. advisers to Georgia the latest front in the U.S. war on terrorism. Much like their fellow soldiers in the Philippines, U.S. Special Forces are teaching Georgian soldiers how to better fight Muslim extremists within their country. Also, as in the Philippines, U.S. troops are not permitted to engage in combat.

Plus, Israel is also providing training. The International Herald Tribune provides some details:

In addition to the spy drones, Israel has also been supplying Georgia with infantry weapons and electronics for artillery systems, and has helped upgrade Soviet-designed Su-25 ground attack jets assembled in Georgia, according to Koba Liklikadze, an independent military expert based in Tbilisi. Former Israeli generals also serve as advisers to the Georgian military.

It’s even deeper than that. From the Israeli

Last year, the Georgian president commissioned from private Israeli security firms several hundred military advisers, estimated at up to 1,000, to train the Georgian armed forces in commando, air, sea, armored and artillery combat tactics. They also offer instruction on military intelligence and security for the central regime. Tbilisi also purchased weapons, intelligence and electronic warfare systems from Israel.

These advisers were undoubtedly deeply involved in the Georgian army’s preparations to conquer the South Ossetian capital Friday.

Oh indeed. Danger Room writer Nathan Hodge gives a definitive answer to the Georgia question.

As Sergei Shamba, the foreign affairs minister of Abkhazia, told me in 2006: “The Georgians are euphoric because they have been equipped, trained, that they have gained military experience in Iraq. It feeds this revanchist mood… How can South Ossetia be demilitarized, when all of Georgia is bristling with weaponry, and it’s only an hour’s ride by tank from Tbilisi to Tskhinvali?”

One of the U.S. military trainers put it to me a bit more bluntly. “We’re giving them the knife,” he said. “Will they use it?”

Feeding the Georgians! But then this leads to the next question. Why are Israel and the US working together? To answer that, I have to bring up a subject that few really think to tread down, and if not brought up, also can bring a debate to a dead stop when someone says, “Well since Israel and the US are against Chavez, Putin and Ahmadinejad, they must be good”. No they must and are damn not. They are all dictators to one degree or another and are no better than Western “democratic” dictators, a subject which I cover in Hugo Chavez: The Rising Neosocialist Face of the South American Union.

The planet, from my research, is ruled by a group of families or factions, all sharing the same goal to create a world government with the continents as states making up an Earth Union. It would have a world central bank, world army, microchipped population, and a cashless electronic credit type currency, but since each one of them has been programmed from childhood to do their absolute best to dominate everything in their sight, each family-faction wants to be world king.

I can hardly believe this every day of my life, but the facts are there in front of me. The Bank of International Settlements has called for all global currencies to be ditched in favor of a small block of currencies like the euro or the dollar. And The Independent reported two years ago that the UN called for:

"The most potent threats to life on earth - global warming, health pandemics, poverty and armed conflict - could be ended by moves that would unlock $7 trillion - $7,000,000,000,000 (£3.9trn) - of previously untapped wealth, the United Nations claims today.

The price? An admission that the nation-state is an old-fashioned concept that has no role to play in a modern globalised world where financial markets have to be harnessed rather than simply condemned."

Sacrifice sovereignty to a pack of rapists and criminals? Screw that. With Timothy Geithner, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, calling for a global banking regulatory framework, and all the continent-wide unions such as the EU, African Union, the new Mediterranean and South American Unions, anyone with eyes can see that we are going into this fast. From what I’ve looked at, the Rothschilds, the chiefs of the central bank tribe are one of them, controlling Israel, the Zionists, and much of Europe, and having tremendous world influence. David Icke has well documented how the Rothschilds have been the guiding dark in Israel since the early kibbutz work farm days there. Another is the Windsors, which control the US, China of and much of Africa, also having much influence. Stewart Swerdlow, who claims that he was mind controlled and in secret government projects, says that there are at least two others. A Romanov line which controls Russia, Iran, parts of Europe and the Middle East, and a Yakuza and North Korea controlling Yamato family based in Japan.

My personal opinion on the Benjamin Fulford situation. To me it seems that he has stepped in a swamp he has no bearings on. The high ranking members of the notorious and ruthless Triads and Tongs who run the drug trade in the region and in the Chinatowns of the world are these Chinese secret societies he talks about who instigated the Boxer Rebellion. I’m sure some reading here have come across how they put the fear of god into their fellow Chinese and rule with iron fists wherever they are found. They could do so much for China to stop the out of control Chinese government. But they fatten themselves up at the expense of the Chinese people the same as the government does and use the same tactics because they are the Chinese branch of the Illuminati. The same Japanese royal family who Fulford says that he is in contact with are total scum who think of the Japanese people as roaches and sacrifice them without hesitation the same as any Rothschild or Windsor would in their attempts to gain more territory and control through imposing ritualistic trash beliefs such as kamikaze. The head of the Japan faction, Emperor Hirohito, why didn’t he keep to the Japanese tradition of seppuku and kill himself after Japan lost WWII? Wasn’t what happened to Japan the ultimate shame? Of course not, because it’s one rule to control the slaves, another for the royal bloodlines who rule this world. These people will hang Fulford out to dry in a minute and they will never help him if the going gets tough for him.

Most may not agree with everything Stewart Swerdlow says, but what is for sure is that the official story we are told about the American Revolutionary War is 100% bull. Yes, I understand, the colonists were innovators with the guerilla warfare tactics, the redcoats never encountered the style before, etc. Britain is notorious in history for being the most ruthless, greedy, money and resource hungry colonial power ever. Which is why it had the most territory of all of them. I liken the American Revolution to a battle against a vicious, greedy, hungry, nasty enemy for years who will do anything to win and get money. And then one day just gives up and says “Ok, it’s all yours, guys!” The people on the opposing side would naturally get suspicious and wonder what was up their sleeve. This is exactly the story we are told to believe as historical fact in the history books.

Harold Brooks-Baker, the publishing director of Burke’s Peerage, the encyclopedic bible of aristocratic genealogy, said in 2004 that every single president from Washington and beyond has been closely related to European royalty, and that Kerry and Bush were related to every European monarch on and off the throne, with Kerry having the most royal relatives in history. Obama is a 10th cousin once removed of George W. Bush, and McCain is the 6th cousin of Laura Bush. George W. Bush is the 13th cousin once removed of Queen Lizard II of England. George W’s mom’s maiden name was Barbara Pierce, as in President Franklin Pierce. A direct descendent. How and why is this? Because the “exit” by the colonial powers was a con job to fool the disgruntled public while they left the royal bloodlines (Washington and Bolivar and Mandela) as viceroys and the secret society networks behind as their eyes, ears, and hands to manipulate these bloodlines into power and carry out other aspects of the agenda. That’s why you see the top dogs in banking, politics, the military, and entertainment all can claim close blood links with European royalty, and why there is such a high ratio of people in these top positions that are secret society initiates compared to those who aren’t.

Working with this understanding that there are factions who all want a global government, but also fight amongst themselves for the king of the ring title, you can understand then why Putin and Chavez, who are clearly dictators when you see who they call friends and ally themselves with, are being attacked by the West. They are just getting in the way of Windsor or Rothschild power grabs. The media, controlled in areas by all factions, then issue certain nationalistic or whatever lie is necessary to cover up what is really going on behind the scenes.

Every single nation that is called a hostile or rogue state by Bush & Co. all were countries, at the time the Project for the New American Century document, Rebuilding America’s Defenses was written, that did not have US military bases on them. Burma is also a country without one of them. It is a highly strategic point because it is the center of Southeast Asia which would offer easy access to China and other Asian nations militarily in a future conflict with them that is planned. The Middle East is also right near China and it is essential that they be taken to choke China like a noose. The same idea in Eastern Europe with Russia. Radical Islam was created through the Western intelligence agencies to provide justification for getting these countries under control.

Russia and China are the two most poweful nations in the East, and they are rapidly making alliances all over the place, and gathering up natural resources in Eastern Europe and Africa to further these goals. Recently, in a deal by state owned natural gas company Gazprom with Turkmenistan, Russia has gained control over the much desired Turkmen natural gas deposits, the fifth largest in the world. Putin has already announced that he wants the former Soviet Union reunited, and this is the reason you see why Russia has such a possessive attitude in regard to neighboring countries. And why the factions controlling the US and Israel are working together in this situation and have been fueling up Georgia to block them. A member of Rice’s Georgian “diplomatic” delegation said about Russia:

On board of Condoleezza Rice’s airplane one of the members of the US delegation said something even more explicit than what Secretary Rice had said. The member wished to remain anonymous.

“Russia needs to realize that the empire is gone. Austro-Hungarian Empire is not coming back. The Ottoman Empire is not coming back and nor is the Soviet empire,” Reuters quoted the US official as saying.

The U.S. official traveling with Rice to Tbilisi said a simmering confrontation between Georgia and Russia over two breakaway regions could lead to a catastrophe, and that Moscow should realize it is no longer Georgia’s imperial master.

These are the countries Russia has already allied themselves with.

* South Ossetia - Already wanted to join up with Russia before all this started. Most of its people now have Russian citizenship. South Ossetian and Russian presidents have announced that within years, South Ossetia will merge with Russia.
* Abkhazia - Another territory that split off from Georgia that also is been fighting the Georgians with Russia.
* Tajikistan - Russia is its primary economic and security partner
* Kyrgyzstan - Bending over backwards to be in Club Russia.
* Uzbekistan - Things are looking up economically between the two countries.
* Moldova - An economic takeover it looks to be. They are already majority owner of Moldovagaz, their big natural gas company.
* Armenia - The Armenian president says the country needs to develop a deeper relationship with Russia.
* Belarus - The Belarus President has named Putin the leader of the Russia- Belarus alliance.
* Brazil, Russia, India, and China, the BRIC nations, hosted an independent meeting in Yekaterinburg to discuss a new alliance between the nations. All were in sympathy towards each other’s growing separatist movements.

* Iran - Ahmadinejad and Medvedev called for strong Tehran-Moscow ties just two weeks ago. This was obvious but I’ll just put it here again just to show the raw extent of Russia’s alliances and influence in the region.

Russia is a member of the UN Security Council, which means it can veto any Iran resolution. It is also Iran’s ally now, so you can see how that’d go. Already the US, Britain, and other nations are trying to get together to put out independent sanctions on Iran. Even though they always end up hurting only the common people. That’s freedom.

Russia already has gained through that big deal with the Turkmen gas, which must have been devastating to the plans of the Rothschild-Israel and Windsor-Uk-US factions. Most of Asia and Eastern Europe is now on the Russia-China team. They had to move fast and stop Russia from gaining any more ground and put a stop to Russia’s aggression so they can snatch up the remaining Eastern European countries into NATO and the EU. Russia’s already threatened to nuke Ukraine and other countries around it if they joined NATO. Therefore team Israel and USA create a problem by arming up Georgia, giving them the knife to go in. Which they have. They knew Russia wouldn’t stand for what happened over there, and that they’d attack. Now the perfect justification has been created for NATO and the UN to curb Russia’s violent growth, in my view.

The above is where I ended the original version of this article, and as the days pass by, I see the confirmation of more and more of what I said. Because it’s what they the Illuminati have said. David Miliband, the UK Foriegn Minister says that this is all to stop Russia from gaining territory. The Guardian article astonishingly admits that the world was cut up into regions with each of the leading world powers given their own territory. Miliband said: “Britain will not accept the redrawing of Europe into spheres of influence, the foreign secretary said today, as he kept the diplomatic pressure on Russia after its recognition of Georgia’s breakaway provinces.” At least not when Russia is getting in the way of our faction’s control desires Britain won’t. And the confirmation providing warning: “The statement, described as an “unprecedented step” by the Foreign Office, followed a warning from Miliband delivered in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, to the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, that he bore a “big responsibility” not to provoke a new cold war.” The former Georgian president Eduard Shevarnazde, in an interview with said that the US has been plotting for years to start up a new Cold War through the missile defense shield set up in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Earlier in this work, I said that NATO and the UN now have the justification to curb Russia’s territorial expansion. There is a strong case that NATO was even created with just this scenario in mind. In Miliband’s statement, he added that special type of reversespeak denial which is so common while there’s a plan in the works: “Miliband said Russia’s approach was “anathema” and belonged to the second world war era of Yalta. He rejected the argument that Nato was an offensive alliance seeking to encircle Russia.” Another Guardian article, called The week that buried the new world order, shows that the history negates all that.

Into this was interposed the issue of Nato expansion up to Russia’s very borders, sold first by President Bill Clinton and then George Bush, as a mechanism for ‘democratisation’ that would guarantee security. Gaddy says: ‘That push was counter-productive and largely responsible for what is happening today. If we push harder, [as Gordon Brown suggests] it will confirm Russia’s worst fear over what Nato is about. That is what I am afraid of - by pushing ever-harder we end up in a dangerous place.’

Indeed NATO looks like it’s going to do something. They have caused the Russians considerable alarm because the latest addition to their number of warships off the coast of Georgia now means that they outnumber Russia’s. Sarkozy, now EU president, also has said to Russia to pack it up, because “no one wants a new Cold War.” And of course, Russia issued threats, one being their ambassador to NATO growling out that any NATO interference meant war. Doubly chilling in its implications, the Chief of the Russian General staff warning the West that to defend Russia’s territories, they are ready to go nuclear, even going so far as to engage in American style preemptive strikes. Preemptive nuking. I still can’t believe all this manuevering is going on and the networks are still devoting airtime to cartoons. This time though, the West is going for broke and wants to do this domino style, Russia->China->Iran->allies. I know it looks that everything is pointing to Iran because of the threats, but Iran is too expected. I said that the China Olympics would be uneventful and I was dead on. Why? The Illuminati operate on a “shock and awe” doctrine where they use the same old techniques but always do it in an unexpected way or moment. Everyone expects a terror strike on American soil to justify a war with Iran. Everyone expects the US and/or Israel to go directly into Iran. Basically, the way this game works is to introduce an out of the blue, traumatic shock. After this happens the mind enters a sort of “out”, ungrounded state where it is terribly susceptible to outside influences or commands and thus can be controlled at that time. It is textbook Tavistock technique. Did you or anyone you know expect 9/11 on a conscious level in the way that it happened? Or any of the other controlled terror attacks? Diana? Unless you did you homework, probably not, right?. This is one of the finest tools in the Illuminati arsenal that is so essential to understand when researching the overall plan.

All this has to be done very delicately because Russia supplies most of Europe’s oil and natural gas.I saw that David Icke’s newsletter that just came out today where he gives an update current eventswise about a traffic cop that told him about a secret plan by the UK government to use CCTV operators, private security guards, traffic cops, and other people to act as military style enforcers in the aftermath of a war where the people would be rioting. With the info I’ve gone over I certainly agree with David Icke that the deliberately manipulated into war involving China is definitely the war they are prepping for with this. Icke has a scan in his article of a Daily Mail article where citizens can take a course and get police abilities. I include a link to that at the end of this article. Now the only reason why citizens would mass riot is if something really extreme happened, even worse than a new war with just one Middle East country. It couldn’t be just Iran because look at Iraq. It was a major oil supplier and prices didn’t surge up that much. So something bigger, something involving a war with Russia the major European energy supplier which would send oil and as a consequence, food prices through the roof. And the British people aren’t like Americans, programmed through that box to think that standing up for your rights is insane and criminal. If they will riot over something like a genetically modified food trial, they sure will over that. Not meaning to tear down my fellow Americans, but the truth is the truth.

To me this possible WW3 situation looks not like an unavoidable inevitability, but an ultimate opportunity for humanity to firmly stand up and stop bucking responsibility for everything we see around us. A reader sent me an email with an article about the 545 members of Congress…just 545 people who are the source of all our problems, we can do it. No. Just 7 billion people, we can do it. Soldiers need to come through the fear of being jailed and act like the real heroes we are told they are. Military men and women, is it really so bad to sit in the brig when you know that you aren’t going to earn your pay by coldly shooting or bombing people with families who love them, that you’ve never seen in your life? Contrary to popular belief, the infantry hold the greatest power in the military because through them and their deciding whether or not to follow orders, bloody massacres can happen without a hitch or never make it past the planning stages.The power to create a warless world are the youth who refuse military service. Albert Einstein. Utterly simple and utterly profound. The same principle we need to use in our daily lives. Stop giving in to the Illuminati created gangsta rap and TV news bombardments of all the 6 or so that happen in a year “race” violence occurences meant to incite racism, come together, and nonviolently choose not to participate with any police state type law that is passed. If we close our egos and open our hearts, we will know this way is the simplest, the cleanest, and the most favorable for humanity. In other words, it’s make or break time.

Stefan Fobes

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