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No Country for Young Men

[Editor's Note: This is a terrific article by Dylan Ford that accurately reflects the NWO takeover reality that we are currently experiencing and the phony, faux facade of 'normalcy' that the sellout politicians, the print media, radio, and TV hacks present to us daily. Dylan is a younger person who has sent me thoughtful commentary and articles in the past. I find myself cheering in agreement with 98% of what is written here. I have a less charitable view of Rockefeller's Indonesian Imposter of course, and a decidedly more upbeat view of the denouement of this attempted hyjacking of America. Although, I can understand how a young person would view the future with trepidation because things look bad right now for the NWO takeover of America--from the surface-- but things are taking place on a higher plane that is causing the DISMANTLING of the demonic power structure behind the NWO manipulators. These positive changes will gradually bear fruit with every passing month and year as more and more people wake up to the takeover game and get into the mix to re-establish the Constitutional Republic of America. The only question to ask yourself is: What role can I play in the rescue of America? And then play that role--with conviction. ..Ken Adachi]

By Dylan Ford <dford (at)>
December 17, 2011

No Country for Young Men by Dylan Ford (Dec. 17, 2011)

The more you observe politics, the more you've got to admit that each party is worse than the other.  -  Will Rogers
No person of common decency would wish to see anything bad happen to President Obama. He is a healthy and attractive young father in the prime of his good fortune, with a fine wife and two lovely daughters to raise. Barack Obama has played his cards right, and as a result has a lot in this life to lose. So one must feel some compassion for him as he pussy-foots about in the mine-field of American politics, keeping his surface-cool but shedding campaign promises and policy commitments like beads of battle sweat. As many before him who sought national office on broad promises of “change”, the outrageous cost of playing the big game left him indentured to financial backers in corporate boardrooms - thus the only thing he has changed is his tune.

Though they have traditionally been more or less “elected”, over the last century or two there have been many revelations to the effect that our presidents actually serve at the pleasure of a group of wealthy and ruthless power brokers. These people go to a great deal of trouble and expense to protect their anonymity and advantage, and they don’t handle disappointment well. Those politicians who serve the interests of the private, privileged one percent are richly rewarded. Those who frustrate them perish in plane crashes and sex scandals. Anyone who says this out loud in public is mocked.

American presidents must be especially careful that they do not do too much to provoke these ferocious folks, or they get removed from “power” - with extreme prejudice in broad daylight, as in the case of frequent offender John Kennedy; or by less obvious and drastic means, as happened with Richard Nixon. In spite of their many political differences and disparate character flaws, both of these men had the naiveté and nerve to believe that upon winning the presidency, they had secured a mandate to steer the nation on a course of their own devising. And in time (and out of utter frustration at being so often lied to and impeded) both men sought in different ways to circumvent the interference and the influence of the covert ruling class, as expressed through the unresponsive federal bureaucracies, the intelligence agencies, the military-industrial complex, and other manifestations and mechanisms of the permanent, unelected government.

"Predator" Copyright Dylan Ford 2011. All rights reserved     

These days the American president is pretty much relegated to consoling and diverting the citizenry with fine, empty words and gestures while the country is looted dry, while what remain of our constitutionally guaranteed liberties are whittled away “for our protection” by congressional traitors, and the last of the living-wage jobs are deported to obliging third world gulag-states. All to facilitate the imposition of a multinational corporate agenda – the so-called “New World Order” that George Bush the Elder used to gloat about to during his single term in the executive office.

A “New World Order”, or global corporate empire, in which, as clandestine design and discreet bipartisan preparations ensured, the newly broke, down at the heels, and deadbeat USA (like the former “Superpower” Soviet Union, after also having been sabotaged and bankrupted from within), will find its international standing degraded, its leverage limited. What is still euphemistically referred to as the “Land of the Free and the Home Of The Brave” is being made-over into a bleak, balkanized debtor nation and corporate-controlled police state – an impoverished but super-militarized zombie enforcement wing for the NWO’s bogus “Perpetual War Against Terror”.

Had President Obama tried in any significant way to disrupt this accelerating domestic program of organized theft and citizen disempowerment, had he not swindled his small-money supporters and betrayed his bewitching campaign rhetoric at every turn, he would be long gone, replaced with a more obedient figurehead. Barack Obama would be reduced to a tragic historical footnote – first African-American president of the USA – dead, now, or thoroughly disgraced and run out of town. A compelling and plausible cover story would already be established (through rote repetition in the consolidated corporate media) to pin the former remedy on a racist patsy, or to trace the latter to the parental instability, or the erratic and incoherent childhood, or even the already-floated “ineligibility-by-birthplace” of the fallen leader.

No candidate from either major party can get near the Oval Office without being vulnerable to threats and blackmail, that is, without having impeachable secrets, or scuzzball tendencies, or shameful baggage in their pasts and a great deal to lose in the present. Nor can they gain any traction in the press without first convincing the Powers That Be that they are ready to do anything necessary – anything - to hold on to and protect all they’ve got, and to get a lot more in due course. Absent these up-front guarantees, as Ron Paul is finding out, even if you place first in the Rasmussen Poll, and fifteen Straw Polls, your name will only be mentioned in the corporate media as part of a punch line.

Dark Clouds

Which means that for most citizens of the United States there is very little hope of escaping the grim future that’s been arranged for us, and our children, and every other working person on this planet. Any credible candidate for high office from either major party in the US has already pledged allegiance to the feudalistic one-world corporate empire, and is desperately competing to earn his or her own family a secure position in an aristocratic caste while there is still time. But time is running short and the preferred positions are limited and don’t come cheap – having ones hands on gobs of money helps, but isn’t enough to command a spot on an upper tier  –  service is also required.

Most politicians, even supposed war heroes and perennial senators like Johns Kerry and McCain, who both strategically remarried themselves into mind-bending fortunes, have nothing of higher value to offer in trade than the polished ability to manage and finesse their angry, frightened constituencies; to feign empathetic outrage and direct the blame and growing rage for our embezzled economy and degenerating democracy onto distant cave-dwelling bogey-men and each other’s parties; and finally, someday soon, to expedite the orderly transition of the double-crossed chumps they represent to a grudging acceptance of permanent serfdom as being better than nothing, when “nothing” is the only other item on the menu.

Nightmare On Main Street

A worldwide feudalistic caste structure is well along in the process of being foisted upon sleepwalking humanity by servants of those in the hidden corporate hierarchy who will continue to reap the lion’s share of the benefits, though for many intents and purposes the changeover is merely a formality, a global standardization of the outrageous economic inequity, the vast gap between the screwed multitude stranded below and the elite thieves and parasites rising high above, which has been effected across the planet today.

A prosperous and vital USA, dominated by a large and growing middle-class – a confident, well-informed and vocal middle-class – was one of the last impediments to the imposition of this New World Order, and for this reason we have been gradually sold-out, ripped-off, and dumbed-down, through the corporate infiltration and eventual seizure of the media, and the utter capitulation of both major parties, as well as the timely packing of the Federal Bench with treasonous corporate enablers.

The delivery of the masses of humbled, grumbling Americans to a panicked final surrender of their constitutional birthright in exchange for a safe and certain berth in societal steerage is the commitment of not only major party politicians, but well-paid media figures as well, regardless of their alleged bias to the left or right of center (yes, even Rachel and Rush). It is the collective charge of these advocates to flatter and flummox this or that contingent of the proudly and profoundly misinformed majority, by daily championing or attacking one or more aspects of the all-encompassing, and unassailable Big Lie (or what the dystopian sci-fi movie of the same name referred to as “The Matrix”). For it is the generating, up-dating, and moment-to-moment validating of the Big Lie that makes the manipulation of the bewildered masses possible, and relatively easy.

The Big Lie

The Big Lie is an elaborate, simulated reality that is superimposed over actual reality in order to guide the populace’s day to day perception of, and reaction to, the weird and worrying world. A world overrun, as we are told, with swarthy scheming foreigners, and spinning wildly adrift through rock-strewn space. The Big Lie is perpetually altered, amended, and repaired; patched and spackled by continuity crews as spontaneous cracks appear and temporary holes are blown in its superficial credibility.

 The Big Lie is spun from countless strands – useful and contrived concepts, simplified to the point where they can be embraced by even the most limited and lazy intellects. It is peopled by an ever-changing cast of engaging and appalling characters. It is full of provocative, threatening, and emotionally satisfying clap-trap, and even incorporates a limited selection of “truthy” components and probabilities. It is studded with hyped-up crises, sprinkled with amusing celebrity hi-jinks, and all frosted over with heart-tugging human interest goo, all then tangled and knotted into a vast, ever-evolving narrative-mirage, the moment-to-moment verity of which is confirmed and corroborated by having its erroneous elements debated among the handful of “experts” who are permitted (and paid) to bark and bloviate in the captive media.

False equivalence and false dichotomy are the twin pillars of the Big Lie. It is through the establishment of synthetic polarities, that is, by recasting all newsworthy events in terms of sports metaphor that the Big Lie asserts its effortless dominance over an individual’s own analysis of information. Policy disagreements, election campaigns, and wars, are all reduced to opposing teams competing on a field of play. In American politics, the two competing major party teams represent the only two positions acceptable to the corporate empire. The corporatist Republicans represent the empire’s “best-case” position, and the corporatist Democrats represent the empire’s next-best, or “fall-back” position. No other positions are permitted more than fleeting mention (for purposes of ridicule) in the corporate media.

In the absence of any other popularized options, the perplexed citizen feels compelled to pick the more-attractive (or at least the less-repulsive) major party mindset with which she can then passively identify, and for which he can root and rah. By this device the corporate media may scorn outsiders and deny third party candidates equal opportunities and balanced coverage. It was on this basis they were able to mock alternative presidential candidate Ralph Nader’s attempts to participate in the “official” debates as the equivalent of some old fart putting on a uniform and trying to take the field with the “real” team members during a World Series baseball game.
 Any statement made in public that does not respect the defined boundaries of the Big Lie is immediately defused and deflected as “a conspiracy theory”. Anyone who persists in advancing such “theories” is dismissed as part of the “tinfoil-hat” crowd. Serious efforts to undermine and contrast the Big Lie with demonstrable facts are met with all the vicious tricks that the establishment has in its arsenal – one need look no further than the ongoing torture of PFC Bradley Manning and the smearing and questionable prosecutions of Julian Assange of Wikileaks – because together they exposed some of the suppressed reality taking place behind the calculated distortions of the Big Lie.
The Big Lie is like a mighty, muddy, virtual river, that rolls through and inundates all the days of our lives, and then empties down Orwell’s “memory-hole”, carrying every potential lesson and expired lie off to amnesiac oblivion.

Company Man

I am neither angry at, nor disappointed in President Obama for his failure to challenge the ransacking of the republic, the hostile corporate takeover of the United States. It does not surprise me in the least that he grabbed the filthy, blood-spattered baton and became a willing accessory-after-the-fact to every crumb of Cheney-Bush White House malfeasance and depravity, providing getaway cover and protection for the war-criminals and war-profiteers, further propping-up the well-connected Banksters and Wall Street hustlers, maintaining the illegal domestic-surveillors, the torturers and renditioneers. I am not shocked that he would reappoint the inside agents of America’s economic ruin, as I believe he was given no choice in the matter. And that rather than immediately bringing the troops home as promised (and after having the gall to accept a Nobel Peace Prize under obviously false pretenses), he instead performed a sleight-of-hand switcheroo in Iraq (and has just announced another phony withdrawal), while he simultaneously, as promised, has expanded upon the most futile and expensive and potentially explosive foreign campaign in Afghanistan (which is now spilling over into Pakistan and other tinderbox nation-states); that he continued the massive slush-funding and preferential-utilization and field-training of vast, government-financed, corporate-owned mercenary armies that owe zero fealty to the American public and will be well-placed to become the Gestapo agents of our domestic oppression. (The precedent for this has already been established – rather than providing a rapid outpouring of humanitarian assistance to the swamped and starving citizens in the aftermath of Katrina, the Cheney/ Bush administration instead instituted an aid embargo and placed armed Blackwater vigilantes into the streets of Louisiana to “maintain order”).

I am not amazed that this “progressive” administration would target and persecute ethical whistle-blowers with unprecedented enthusiasm and vindictiveness, or pursue environmental de-regulation with lamentable vigor and zeal. Nor that this “constitutional scholar” would sign the latest iteration of the unconstitutional “Patriot Act”, nor that he has failed to restore Habeas Corpus, the historical cornerstone of citizen protection against arbitrary and capricious arrest and detainment by the state. Or that he would take it upon himself to order the extrajudicial assassination of American citizens he supposes to be in cahoots with “terrorists”. None of it surprises me. Not a bit, not a wit.

I expected nothing else from a Company Man, a loyal member-in-good-standing of one of the two divisions of the well-funded, pay-to-play corporatist party, which has privatized our politics and monopolized and fictionalized all public discourse. I was never won over by candidate Obama’s glib patter and clipped diction, his deft facility at dancing around a subject, nor his mesmerizing poise and composure – nor did I project my hopes and dreams upon the blank screen of his near-anonymity and non-specificity and whirlwind rise from obscurity. I find myself annoyed and insulted, rather than charmed and disarmed by his occasional patronizing slippage into southern blaccented vernacular, y’all.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Barack Obama as a personality. I wish him and his family well. I am even somewhat pleased, (for what little it’s worth) that the historical record will hold that early in the twenty-first century a bright man of obvious African heritage beat the cranky, lily-white demagogue John McCain (supposedly, anyway – who can really say?) in a USA general election. And it tickles me that this fact enrages bigots, and will drive them to further distraction in perpetuity. But I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t believe in him. And now I am embarrassed for the wishful-thinkers who bought his con - those who are now in the business of making perpetual excuses for his wishy-washy vacillations, and his apparent pusillanimous submission to Republican bullying, and above all to his kowtowing to entrenched and boundless corporate entitlement.

Self-preservation is an instinctual imperative that we all share, and having children committed Barack Obama, like all parents, to do everything in his power to assure their current and future prosperity and well-being. And while I realize he didn’t write the script, and is just playing a starring role, the scope of his personal opportunism at the expense of the American middle-class and the working poor and their children - disgusts me. It is a shameful breach of basic human decency and a stunning betrayal of the desperate optimists who supported his campaign; particularly the young people, many of them political novices and first-time voters, who took him at his word, who believed in his shimmery populist jive. Many of whom are now back where the corporate empire prefers them to be – depressed, cynical, fed-up, and indifferent to politics. I think President Obama’s work is done here. I would prefer that he pack up his family and collect his spoils and go away now.  

Original Cyn 

Though I wished her no ill, either, and though in doing so I suspected I was helping to place her in harm’s way, I voted for Cynthia McKinney, on the Green Party ticket - a courageous and independent African-American woman who seems downright reckless in her willingness to openly address matters outside the policed borders of The Big Lie. Her insistence on publicly asking questions about taboo subjects like the cover-up of compelling evidence of high-level governmental and military connivance in the false-flag demolition events of 9/11 got her drummed out of Democratic politics, and exiled to the lunatic fringe. To the Israeliphilic Big Lie machine, her active and unrelenting support for the human rights of besieged, displaced, and persecuted Palestinians made her a media leper, an untouchable.

I needn’t have worried on her behalf – luckily, for her continued health and well-being, Rep. McKinney never had a whisper of a ghost of a prayer of a chance. Well-financed corporate huckster Barack Obama with his deceitful gospel of “hope” and “change you can believe in” steam-rolled over all challengers. The train of state got a natty new engineer but the tracks still lead to the same FEMA detention camps. And Obama sings a soothing lullaby that keeps Blue-Pill Democrats from waking up and smelling the percolating fascism.

I truly don’t hope he’ll change now, either. As I said, I don’t wish to see anything bad happen to him or his family. I can only guess at all that he and his beloved White House hostages have been promised and threatened with. The entities with the juice to deliver such ultimatums with impunity don’t mess about, and do mean business. As John Perkins revealed in his book “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man”, the corporate empire always makes any potential nuisance an offer they can refuse only at their own peril; that is, the choice between accepting a very, very attractive bribe or receiving a terrible retribution. It is a vicious modern twist on the old “carrot or stick”, a choice which the Central American drug cartels (that learned it from the corporate masters and also make profitable use of) call, “el oro o el plomo”, “the gold or the lead”. Wrenching America out of the death-grip of the global corporate empire and back from the brink of total corruption and collapse (while there still remains any lingering possibility of doing so) is not a job for Barack Obama, or any other person with minor children to look out for, or for any other career politician from one of the two major parties seeking to pass through the revolving door into a long, satisfying, Clintonesque future of corporate payola and pampering for past political services rendered.

Saving America is an undertaking that demands wise, seasoned warriors – tenacious old campaigners with rock solid track-records and snow on their rooves; short-timers with little left to lose; ethical geezers who have bravely stuck to their philosophical guns through long, lonely, vigils – a few hopeful battles won, but more undertaken in vain for the sake of personal honor and true patriotic fidelity; durable troopers beyond the age of cravings, whose pasts are open books and whose futures are all but used up. American citizens have been complacent and unwary, and as a result have been tricked by charismatic grifters into treacherous terrain, a repressive political wilderness of no-return. We require men of proven integrity, and life-long dedication to their principles to blaze a passage out. This is no country for young men.

Green Tea

Which is why in 2012 I hope to support a rumored coalition ticket consisting of Ralph Nader and Ron Paul, or what I like to think of as a Green-Tea Party. Both men are treated like crack-pots in the corporate press because they represent the greatest threat to the global corporate empire – they are both men of character and courage who cannot be bought-off or frightened-off or even, anymore, in these darkening days, laughed-off. They both agree that the multinational corporations and the elite power brokers have collectively hi-jacked the US government, with aid and comfort provided by pragmatic tacticians and bean-counters in the deformed Republican and the Democratic parties. And both are men of vision, clarity, and rationality. They see the way out. Their moment has come.

While Mr. Nader and Rep. Paul acknowledge fundamental differences in their positions on many issues, they are on the record together as being prepared to concentrate on matters in which they find common cause. If they pledge to stick to this limited agenda – just pressing those issues which they both agree demand immediate attention and emphasis, I think that as a partnership they could enjoy a broad level of support that neither man alone has been able to inspire in the past. Especially as it becomes increasingly clear that every vote given to a candidate representing either major party for a national office is a vote for the corporate fix to remain in, for the game to stay rigged against average working families. It is a vote for corporate operatives to legislate away the last remnants of our individual freedoms. It is a vote for the global fascist endgame to proceed, for getting us a step closer to the permanent high-tech enslavement of most of the American people, and most of the people of the world.

I can’t pretend to agree with everything Ron Paul proposes, and his vision of a modern American government stripped down to the barest 18th century Constitutional essentials seems drastic, archaic, and inadequate to me. As they wrote the Constitution in 1787 the founding fathers could not have imagined the 21st century America, nor the physical ruin of the world in which it teeters today. Sitting as they were at the eastern edge of thousands of miles of uncharted and unspoiled frontier, those Enlightenment geniuses, for all their wisdom and foresight, could not have believed it possible that in a little over twenty-two decades our technological prowess and human ingenuity and carelessness, and our toleration of scorched-earth corporate greed could have perpetrated such an ecological holocaust upon this country’s life-supporting surface, its air, its waters, its soils - a blistering reign of terra-terror across the planet that already threatens its long-term habitability by higher life forms. They could not have pre-supposed an earth so defeated and debased, driven so dreadfully out of balance, its massive oceans, woodlands and prairies ninety percent scoured of once profuse and thriving wildlife, its potable water all but exhausted, and every second of every day thousands of poisoned rivers perpetually emptying such a dissolved cargo of chemical filth from industrial wastes and factory farm runoff and pharmaceutically-tainted human sewage into our befouled coastal basins.

No, Congressman Paul, the founding fathers could not have foreseen the invention of plastic, let alone floating continents of discarded plastic trash off our west coast. They could not have foreseen the nuclear age, let alone the predictable Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi outcomes, and worse yet to come if we don’t decommission and dismantle these ticking nuclear time bombs. The market alone cannot not save us from all that we have wrought. There is a place for enlightened government intervention, if at last the pirates and privateers can be prevented from co-opting every process.

Still, in a world gone so wrong, Ron Paul is so refreshingly right about so many things, and Ralph Nader is so right about so many others, that perhaps if we citizens will finally assume responsibility for the baby ourselves, we can deputize these two famous no-nonsense skinflints to get rid of America’s outrageous, debilitating, and profligate bathwater. If Barack Obama’s presidency should have taught us (particularly Democrats) anything, it is that we can’t just promote a smooth operator and then go back to sleep for four years. Pressure must be continually applied, guidance must be constantly offered, complaints must be immediately and forcefully registered. Even if we as a nation are able to turn our backs on the major parties, we still must learn to treat all presidents as our temp workers.

Squandered Potential, Stolen Dreams 

Although the main aim of the secret controllers behind the corporate empire is convincing everyone else that there are no such thing as secret controllers or a corporate empire, there is one other primary truth that they would never, ever have us know – and that is what an unimaginably wealthy country the USA would be if we ever stopped hemorrhaging money into the void to perpetrate murder and mayhem around the globe to the benefit of the corporate empire of the hidden hierarchy. The examples of waste and theft and mismanagement that have come to light in the last dozen years are legion.

To mention a few - on September 10th, 2001, the day before whatever truly occurred on 9/11, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon was unable to account for 2.3 trillion dollars that had mysteriously gone missing in recent times. Later that number would be attacked as representing a gross low-ball, the true figure being closer to 10 trillion. According to Bloomberg News, the Federal Reserve in 2010 was unable or unwilling to account for 9 trillion dollars that had evaporated from its accounting in the previous year. The US “Defense” budget for 2011 was 895 billion dollars, six or seven times that of our next closest paranoid competitor (and creditor), China. Early in 2011 James Clapper, Director of the National Intelligence claimed that the annual non-military Intelligence budget was 55 billion dollars, out of an overall Intelligence budget of 80 billion dollars, but those agencies are all Black-Budgeted, so who’s to say whether that astounding figure is accurate, or another example of what professional obfuscators in the spook community call a “limited-hangout”?

Though comparatively slight, perhaps the most blatant and outlandish heist was in 2003, when 12 billion dollars in paletted, shrink-wrapped 100 dollar bills were shipped in a US military cargo plane to Baghdad and shortly thereafter, while still in US military custody, flaked away without a trace, nor any follow-up investigation.

If the 30 million dollars per hour rate of military squandering and embezzlement going on right now in Afghanistan wasn’t bad enough, the pointless, failed War on Drugs costs the American taxpayers $1,716.77 a second, for every second of every day. As of this writing in mid-October, since January 1 of this year alone it has siphoned-off  43 billion dollars, presumably to protect the government-sanctioned illegal drug traffickers from any potential competition. According to Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC and other researchers, the price tag for the bail-outs of the too-large-to-fail domestic banks and trading casinos that conspired to detonate the world’s economies has now reached 27 trillion dollars. And this with no attendant indictments, arrests, or convictions for the architects, engineers and expeditors of this premeditated global Armageddon.

Millions, billions, trillions, and counting, with no end in sight, of American taxpayer dollars casually flushed down secret toilets without any serious checks and balances, much of it certainly ending up in corporate accounts, and private accounts, or funding criminal enterprises and extra-legal black-ops that further destabilize our world, and isolate and alienate us from the rest of humanity. And promote the ascendance of the corporate elite at the cost of our stolen wealth, stolen jobs, and stolen liberty.

 Meanwhile here at home we are faced with austerity and social despair as we close schools, hospitals, libraries and soup kitchens. There has never historically been a nation of such productive, hard-working, and law-abiding citizens, and who also displayed such an inexplicable willingness to pay, year after year, decade after decade, for lavish money-feasts that they were neither invited, nor permitted, to attend, even as they and their own families must pinch-pennies, cut corners, slip ever deeper into debt, or simply do without. The same citizens, incidentally, who are regularly required to hand over their children to die, or be physically, mentally, or spiritually mutilated in corporate-resource wars.

 The Year Of The Ox

 All wars are, to one degree or another, resource wars. That fact, and any mention of the resources the US armed services are in the process of forcibly grabbing for the benefit of private concerns is stricken from the Big Lie, replaced with titillating and self-congratulatory nonsense about what our heroic motives in undertaking these outrages really are. Major General Smedley Butler, a 34 year veteran of the Marine Corps, and in his time the most decorated American soldier in history, long ago tried to alert the American public to this awful truth in his 1935 book, “War Is A Racket”. He wrote, "War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives."

And, "A few profit – and the many pay. But there is a way to stop it. You can't end it by disarmament conferences. You can't eliminate it by peace parleys at Geneva. Well-meaning but impractical groups can't wipe it out by resolutions. It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war."

In modern times, where civilian support and troop services have been so expanded, as well as out-sourced and privatized, the act of waging war itself has become an outstanding resource; a corporate bonanza, a profuse and unparalleled flow of gravy for those connected and selected corporations on the receiving end of extravagant no-bid military contracts with precious little (and sometimes, apparently, nothing) demanded in return. The resources that the war is waged to take away from whoever controls them now become of residual, eventual, (though by no means lesser) importance than the massively corrupt, windfall-laden process of stealing it.

The major party candidates volunteering to rescue and restore America in a world gone mad, are being bankrolled and controlled by those who drive it mad, and are intent on keeping it so, at least until they have used cultivated crises and false flag ambushes as pretexts to grab more power, someday soon culminating in the imposition of martial law and an “emergency” suspension of the American Constitution. And the plan was proceeding smoothly until the Arab uprisings last spring inspired a  crew of frustrated but intrepid young activists to come together to occupy Zuccotti Park (now Liberty Square) in New York City, on Broadway near the foot of Wall Street.

With no visible leadership, no clear demands, but with a smart, orderly, and disciplined General Assembly debating strategy and arriving at the collective decisions, this seminal and ongoing peaceful demonstration against the corporate domination of the political process, and against the pitiless bankster/speculator pig-out underway, initially provoked little more than mockery or total media black-out from the purveyors of the Big Lie. But as I write there are reportedly over 1500 similar demonstrations underway in countries around the world. This, apparently, is an idea whose time has come. For the USA’s top creditor nation, China, this is astrologically the year of the “Rabbit”, but across the globe it is becoming the year of the “Ox”, (or “Occs”, short for “Occupiers”). And the “Ox” everywhere are confronting and rejecting the traditional Wall Street “Bull”.  

Among the potential candidates, only Rep. Paul and Mr. Nader are willing to identify and condemn the bipartisan corporatist alliances (which saw to it that beyond the tireless spin and the tiresome political theatre, the actual real-life outcomes of the Obama presidency are all but indistinguishable from those of his immediate predecessors). Rep. Paul is currently out battling to win the nomination of the wayward Republican party he has always been uncomfortably affiliated with, but he must know he is shoveling into the wind; the corporations would never permit it. They will not even permit his standing in polls to be mentioned on television. I believe that while Rep. Paul knows he will never be embraced by the Republican party, he is using this opportunity to get his message out to wider, perhaps newly receptive audience, to expand and inspire his nationwide following before the actual campaign begins.

This is not to suggest that Ron Paul or anyone else should ever again be handed a blank check, a mandate to do all that he pleases without reference to what the citizens want and need. Nobody I know is looking for an extremist Paul-Pot figure, to usher in an era of severe and fanatical Khmer Libertarianism. And there is no question but that Ron Paul’s insistence upon strict adherence to the letter of the Constitution is widely regarded as inadequate to the problems we face.

His certainty that a mere return to fundamentalist Constitutional basics and an unfettered marketplace is a panacea for all modern ills gives many potential supporters pause, though he has often expressed his commonality with Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Bernie Sanders and others -- that the immediate goals to concentrate upon would be eliminating all welfare for the corporations, and the corporate influence upon our governance; slashing the outrageously bloated “defense” budget and immediately ending all undeclared imperial wars, and closing redundant foreign bases and seeing now to the care and healing of the castoff veterans; auditing, investigating, and possibly ending the NWO’s Federal Reserve bank, or at very least placing it under congressional control; repealing the Patriot Act and restoring Habeas Corpus, as well as ending the myriad violations of citizen privacy and privilege now commonplace; and outlawing deficit financing, this stealing from the future by paying for the day to day mischief and over-reaches of a spendthrift corporatist government through daily multi-billion dollar loans from China.  

Ron Paul has also pledged to end the pointless drug war, to decriminalize drugs, to allow American farmers (like farmers everywhere else) to return to growing industrial hemp as a cash crop, to pardon and release all non-violent federal drug offenders, and concentrate on treatment rather than persecution of drug addicts.  

While Rep. Paul has on many occasions expressed his contempt for congressional bipartisan collusion among the corporatist minions controlling either side of the aisle, he has gone on the record as being enthusiastically in favor of coalitions amongst disparate political factions that share over-lapping goals. Thus his repeated public appearances with Ralph Nader, and their expressions of mutual admiration and qualified support.

For many decades now the two major corporate-parties have deceived and disserved the American citizenry on behalf of big business and the hidden hierarchy, and have never yet been called to account for these serial betrayals. Voters either stick with one party or the other out of a vestigial sense of philosophical kinship, or they hold their noses and flip back and forth between the two in impotent frustration, seeking to select the current “lesser of two evils”. As Ron Paul says of the “lesser of two evils” strategy, “I don’t do that. Evil is evil! If you vote for one that you think is a little less… actually, you think that you vote for a Republican to balance the budget and they’re worse than the Democrats… you vote for a Democrat to end the war, and they expand the war as much as the Republicans.”  As a society we stand by the notion that there must be consequences for antisocial activities and criminal behavior and yet we continually allow our representatives in these corrupted party organizations to violate their oaths of office, their campaign promises, and our trust – all at no apparent cost to their credibility, no danger to their standing. 

For anyone who entertains doubts that the two major parties are cooperative partners behind the scenes, even as their members (like fake TV wrestlers) publicly bellow insults back and forth to foster the illusion of being distinct and competitive entities, the lack of any attention or remediation being brought to bear by the Democrats on the issue of the crooked and easily hacked-into electronic voting machines (provided by Republican-affiliated corporations), and the perpetual and ongoing Republican party efforts toward disenfranchising legal voters (particularly Democratic voters of color and advanced age) as well as tampering with election tallies, are instructive, and troubling. It has long been clear that by any complete count and legal reckoning, Al Gore won the 2000 election, even in Florida, and this in spite of the massive and widely-reported Republican fraud and illegal chicanery. Rather than fighting for his prize and crusading against the inappropriate and preposterous ruling handed down, in part, by conflicted justices on the Supreme Court (Scalia and Thomas), he stepped dutifully aside and went off to look into other (alleged) “inconvenient truths”.

 In the 2002 midterm elections (usually not a good one for the party of the incumbent president) in contradiction of all pre-election and exit polls, the Republicans picked up eight seats in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate, including the seat of the wildly popular Vietnam war hero Max Cleland. The greatest supposed eleventh-hour voter swing toward the Republicans in history occurred in states, like Senator Cleland’s Georgia, that had just switched over to electronic voting.

Author and radio host Dr. Thom Hartmann commented on this curious phenomena in an article written for “Common Dreams” in 2005, “Perhaps, after a half-century of fine-tuning exit polling to such a science that it's now used to verify if elections are clean in Third World countries, it really did suddenly become inaccurate in the United States in the past few years and just won't work here anymore. Perhaps it's just a coincidence that the sudden rise of inaccurate exit polls happened around the same time corporate-programmed, computer-controlled, modem-capable voting machines began recording and tabulating ballots.”Then the 2004 presidential election was stolen again. Bush’s fellow Skull and Bones frat-brother Kerry won, but despite clear evidence of widespread voter machine tampering, he immediately threw the fight and went skiing.

Also published in “Common Dreams” in 2007, Michael Parenti wrote of the 2004 results, “Most revealing, the discrepancies between exit polls and official tallies were never random but worked to Bush’s advantage in ten of eleven swing states that were too close to call, sometimes by as much as 9.5 percent as in New Hampshire, an unheard of margin of error for an exit poll. In Nevada, Ohio, New Mexico, and Iowa exit polls registered solid victories for Kerry, yet the official tally in each case went to Bush, a mystifying outcome.”

And, “Since the introduction of touch screen voting, mysterious congressional election results have been increasing. In 2000 and 2002, Senate and House contests and state legislative races in North Carolina, Nebraska, Alabama, Minnesota, Colorado, and elsewhere produced dramatic and puzzling upsets, always at the expense of Democrats who were ahead in the polls.”

So after three national elections in a row openly, obviously, stolen by the corporatist Republicans, largely to effect and then enhance and maintain the Cheney/Bush Administration coup d’etat, with all the pillage and lies and crimes that resulted, why have the corporatist Democrats to date done nothing to expose and remediate this alarming theft? Why has this information been allowed to remain absent from the Big Lie?

And those aren’t the only stolen elections we know of. More recently in 2010, Republican Scott Brown won a surprising upset victory for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat over Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, the clear favorite in the polls. According to Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, Coakley won in all hand-counted precincts. Only where the votes were machine-tabulated did Scott win. And in machine-counted precincts where Coakley won anyway, the results were withheld until after her concession. If we can no longer trust any election results, and nobody in power from either party has any interest in examining or fixing this outrage, and bringing the responsible criminals to justice, we have already lost our country to corporate empire, the New World Order. It’s all over now but the tears.

Everybody in America must now realize that while ATM machines and State Lottery systems don’t make mistakes, operate on proprietary systems that are entirely unhackable and are carefully tracked and entirely traceable, and simultaneously print out paper records of every single transaction, there is no reason in the world why voting machines couldn’t achieve the same – if anyone in power wanted them to. The trouble is that the top Democrats know their place in the Corporate Empire. They are the equivalent of the NY Generals, the comic foils and partners to the showboat Harlem Globetrotters – and, just as in national politics -  the only team they will play against. Like the Generals, the Democrats job is to make the choreographed exhibition games look plausible, to stay within ten points, and to lose. Not every election, but every single, phony policy dispute.  

As Fredric Douglas famously said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

Only by voters across the political spectrum simultaneously rejecting both of these corrupted parties for a several elections (or, if necessary, forever) do we stand any chance of rehabilitating them, of yanking the politicians out of the deep, dark corporate pockets in which they have found refuge and remuneration. But it can only work if enough voters across the board quit being played for fools, and reject both corporatist parties. Reject only one of the two and the corporate empire still wins, and America is gone. These parties need a protracted “time-out”. We must make it hurt bad enough that the leadership must finally reflect upon and reform their twisted operational rationale. If we do not vote for any members of these parties in a few national elections, then these parties have nothing to sell to the corporations, and they will receive neither the votes nor the bribes. Perhaps then they will find it prudent to actually begin representing the folks who (still, hopefully) get to vote.    

 The Tea Party

The “Tea Party” was formed by disgusted voters on the right, many of them fans of Ron Paul, but was quickly co-opted and distorted by the self-serving billionaire Koch Brothers and other corporatist entities. It remains to be seen if the “Occupy” movement can stay clear of the forces seeking to seize it and reshape it to their own purposes. While Ron Paul is not my dream candidate, if he chooses to throw in his lot with Ralph Nader, I am prepared to support the combination, and to only vote for other national candidates who pledge to do the same.

Nobody who has known me for long will likely believe that I could bring myself to support a candidate who has called himself a “Reagan Republican”. I have no explanation why an educated man, a Licensed Physician and Constitutional Scholar would choose to identify himself with that affable and photogenic dunce, and who, in spite of the revisionist makeover provided by The Big Lie, was no more than a spokes-model fronting for a phenomenally corrupt, wasteful, and lawless administration. Perhaps Rep. Paul is not above a bit of political opportunism, himself. Nevertheless, I will support Ron Paul because he will not permit mandatory vaccinations for the American people, even though he believes in some vaccines himself. He has put in writing his absolute opposition to the Codex Alimentarius, which would end American citizens having free access to over-the-counter herbs, vitamins, and mineral supplements (which has already become the established law in the European Union and Australia). He would extract the USA from NAFTA and other crippling trade agreements. He believes in citizens’ right to choose whether or not they wish to consume Raw Milk or GMO Foods or Medical Marijuana. He does not support the mad surveillance state that the government is funding without our permission and at our expense. He profoundly believes in individual liberty and choice, and freedom from state interference. I am not interested in Ron Paul’s (or anyone else’s) religion, or views on abortion, nor his desire to sell off the national lands. Nor am I interested in Ralph Nader’s position on gun control. I merely want to hire these men to halt the freefall of this country into a state of feudalistic fascism. This may be the last election where the potential to salvage this country is a possibility, if it is not too late already.

And I would request that Ralph Nader be given the responsibility and resources to create a new version of “Nader’s Raiders”, but this time a crew of lawyers and forensic accountants, to follow the money - find out where it all went, and to go get it back – with interest. To which end, knowing there is no honor among thieves, I suggest that we start a “Truth and Reconciliation” movement in reference to the corporate rip-offs that have occurred. If Ron Paul empties all those federal cells that are currently holding non-violent drug offenders, we will have plenty of room to store the thieves who destroyed the US and world economies. Those who fully confess to their crimes in detail and return the money don’t go to jail. The rest do.

Dylan Ford
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable....   John F. Kennedy

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