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WHY Are UN/NATO Troops Delivering DHS Armored Vehicles Across USA?

by Pamela Schuffert <>
March 7, 2013

WHY Are UN/NATO Troops Delivering DHS Armored Vehicles Across USA? by Pam Schufert (March 8, 2013)


"We are here to do the dirty work your American troops don't want to do to you under martial law..."

German Bundeswehr forces 

-German Bundeswehr military admission-
Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM

I recently received a report being distributed by a "Sherrie Questioning All" of Tennessee. (Full name removed at her request.)She had taken photographs of DHS armored vehicles being delivered from Kentucky to Tennessee. What makes this interesting is that the drivers were not AMERICAN military, but rather FOREIGN military troops driving these vehicles.

Foreign Military delivering DHS armored vehicles
(Thank you, "Sherry Questioning All" )

When American people spoke to these foreign drivers, they detected they were either Russian or Eastern European/Slavic in background. Many Americans are wondering what this is all about. 

I will tell you exactly what this is all about, from years of research across America, and traveling to Europe to uncover more of the role of foreign troops in America's grim future.

When I first began to research this subject of the NWO agenda and America's future, I began receiving reports of how FOREIGN TROOPS would be used to do the dirty work that American military would naturally feel uncomfortable performing against their fellow Americans under martial law.

After I heard that Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM, had been turned over to the GERMAN BUNDESWEHR LUFTWAFFE (German Air Force) for their military use and training of German pilots, I decided to go down to Alamogordo to see what was unfolding. 

Six weeks were spent in interviewing both American and German troops in Alamogordo, NM. I also went live on radio with Mike Shinaberry to discuss martial law in America and the role of foreign troops, including German troops. My book then in print, "PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST," was also being distributed at that time there. IN fact, the Germans sent one of their military men to purchase a copy of my book at the radio station.

I came away from that sobering experience very enlightened...and also shaken. I remember thinking, "SO it IS true...everything I have been reading about the NWO and martial law!"

German military were actually bragging at times to the Americans, that they were indeed there for martial law. One German military officer informed a Christian group out for Sunday buffet after church, that they were there to do the dirty work that the American troops did not want to do to their fellow Americans under martial law.

"Don't you know WHY your President keeps sending more and more of your American troops OUT of America, and bringing in more of us GERMAN military? He knows that UNDER MARTIAL LAW, your American soldiers don't really want to arrest or fire upon you or seize your weapons, but he knows WE GERMANS WON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!"

Concerned people throughout Alamogordo admitted that the Germans acted as if they had come there to take over. And in fact, they WERE there to take over someday!

One man told me he found out from a CIA source that Alamogordo was already under UNITED NATIONS JURISDICTION...but that it was being kept a secret from the city.

One owner of a construction company informed me that large prison units were being built in the desert outside Alamogordo. They were empty at that time. We both sensed that they were going to be used for future incarceration of NWO resisters under martial law.

I traveled to Germany after this, to spend six months investigating the future role of German and UN/NATO troops in America someday. I stayed in a campground in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in the Bavarian Alps. Garmisch is the home to the MARSHALL CENTER. This is a military installation totally devoted to bringing forth the NEW WORLD ORDER on a large military scale, working closely with the UN and NATO forces.

General George C. Marshall, after whom this facility was named, was a full supporter of globalism and the NWO vision.

Every five-six weeks or so, they would graduate foreign military attendees who were being indoctrinated in the military NWO agenda for the world, and America as well.

Class studying in the Marshall Center

I spent time in their library. Magazine publications that you would never find openly in America, I discovered on their shelves. Such truth is hidden from the general public in America.

A particularly revealing magazine was published by the United Nations. This magazine openly spoke about the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, and how former Yugoslavia was in fact a "NWO EXPERIMENT" designed to totally control this nation by the UN. They did this by dividing Yugoslavia up into various regions (4) to be enforced by various UN/NATO troops.

UN/NATO troops in former Yugoslavia practiced how to seize and confiscate all weapons from "freedom fighters" and "insurgents" who refused to surrender their nation's sovereignty to the UN. I viewed photos of UN tanks operated by German Bundeswehr, as they rolled over piles of weapons seized from freedom fighters, crushing them. 

I saw photographs of UN/NATO troop checkpoints established to detect all resisters, gun owners, and others who somehow posed a threat to their UN agenda. Articles were written telling of how vehicles with loudspeakers blaring the message, "Surrender your cannot possibly succeed in fighting us...." traveled throughout the communities there.

Today, I want to inform my fellow Americans, that THESE are the kinds of foreign military troops you are now witnessing delivering DHS armored vehicles across our nation today. There is nothing mysterious about it. These are the foreign troops that have been trained in such activities, both in the MARSHALL CENTER in Germany, and who have trained and practiced in former Yugoslavia and Kosovo (and many other regions worldwide) as well. They have been trained to enforce the UN/NWO agenda for the WORLD.

DHS vehicle being delivered by foreign NATO troops

The recent articles I have read about these DHS vehicles in Kentucky and Tennessee, describe the foreign troops as "Russian." I want to state emphatically that while there will be Russian/Ukrainian troops on American soil under martial law, there will also be many others as well.

These foreign UN/NATO troops may consist of German Bundeswehr forces, or Slavic/Eastern European forces. At times, someday you will even see Russian and Chinese forces throughout America as well.

Most Americans cannot tell the difference between Russian/Ukrainian language, and similar yet different Slavic languages such as Czech. Nor can most Americans properly identify Romanian, Bulgarian, and other Eastern European languages. 

I have personally worked among such foreign peoples in my years of studying Russian and working with Slavic peoples and Eastern European, as I performed Christian outreach among them. I have learned how to detect such people both by languages and by facial features. There is a distinct Russian or Slavic/European appearance that is often readily discernible.

It is time to take the mystique away from what is unfolding across America concerning foreign troop presence. Unknown to the American people, secret treaties have been formed with many foreign nations and their military, to invade and infiltrate America for the NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBALIST AGENDA. And they are now also being quietly infiltrated throughout America under the guise presently of working with DHS.

However, it is not just through the aupsices of DHS that foreign troops have arrived and are being used. For many years foreign troops have  been brought quietly into America for the future martial law takeover for the New World Order. My previous research uncovered that German military have been stationed in over one hundred US military bases and installations already. 

And these are the ones bragging openly that they are here to arrest and fire upon us and seize our weapons..."AND WE GERMANS WON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!"

When I was researching in Germany in 2001, I read in the US military publication "Stars and Stripes" that for the first time in America, there were more FOREIGN TROOPS on American soil, than US TROOPS. And this was back in 2001! Isn't it strange how the mainstream news media never reveals this kind of information to the unsuspecting American people???

Such foreign military have indeed been trained in the MARSHALL CENTER in Germany, and also in our own military bases at various times and locations as well. There are other UN/NWO training facilities throughout the world also. 

In the minds of the world globalists, "AMERIKA" UNDER MARTIAL LAW AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER is already a given...a "done deal."

DoD Counterterrorism Program at the MARSHALL CENTER

And right now, even as you read this article,  the MARSHALL CENTER is hosting a conference held by the US Department of Defense, regarding COUNTERTERRORISM. 

And of course, it is regarding "terrorism" by THEIR definition...the NWO's, that is. 

According to their definition, a "terrorist" can easily be defined as a freedom fighter resisting UN/NWO takeover of his nation. The NWO defines all "NWO resisters" as "terrorists," in fact.

Are YOU a "terrorist?" 

Do YOU believe in our national sovereignty and our US Constitution? 

Do YOU believe in the right to own guns and bear arms? 

Do YOU believe in religious liberty and freedom of speech? 

Are YOU prepared to STAND UP AND FIGHT to defend your freedoms under martial law?

Then by UN/NWO definition, YOU ARE "A TERRORIST!"

And perhaps the very meetings now occurring in THE MARSHALL CENTER in Germany, being held by the DoD, are being conducted in part to discuss how to deal with ALL FUTURE "TERRORISTS" they will encounter someday in AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

But remember: one man's "terrorist" is another man's "freedom fighter." 

And we, the God and freedom-loving American Patriots and Constitutionalists, who understand and cherish our American heritage, know exactly who the REAL terrorists are in America today.

The real terrorists in America today are the God-and-freedom haters of the NWO, who set up black ops/false flags like the OKC bombing, and the "9/11's," and who are behind the chemtrails and PROJECT HAARP tornado/earthquake murders of Americans, and who have laid the groundwork for the future NWO/martial law tyranny over "AMERIKA."

The real terrorists are the ones who have covertly taken your tax dollars to build hundreds of infamous detention camps reserved for God fearing American Patriots and gun YOU. 

Such real terrorists are behind the manufacturing of thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles to take YOU to the camps under martial law.

Such real terrorists are behind the insidious US military covert program to manufacture modern GUILLOTINES and to train our very own military in US bases in how to operate these infernal tools of terror and death on YOU under martial law.

Such real terrorists are behind every false-flag black-ops  staged mall and school shooting massacres, designed to sway public opinion against gun freedom in America, and to coerce voters to vote for anti-gun freedom legislation.

Everything I have described above (and much more), will be used to literally TERRORIZE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE into compliance with a satanic NWO agenda under martial law. 

America, these are your 
operating in our nation today.

And the God-fearing American Patriots, are 
NOT THE ONES! Such people are

Let the truth be known about the real reason the foreign troops are in America today. 


"This is the truth about NATO. NATO and the UN are one in purpose, mission, and principles. And as such, no matter the propaganda, no matter the short term benefit, the long range goal of NATO is, as it is at the UN, to subvert the sovereignty of the United States, and the rest of the world with us, into a global fascist state."

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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This is the website that many Americans are afraid to visit, because they do not want to KNOW THE TRUTH.

And they have told me so. 

But once they do, they tell me they are never the same again.

TRUTH has the power to CHANGE PEOPLE.

It is time for America to WAKE UP.