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Fort Hood Flag Wavers: 9/11 Scapegoating, Act II

From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 16, 2009

Fort Hood Flag Wavers: 9/11 Scapegoating, Act II by Ken Adachi (Nov. 16, 2009)

[Update, Nov. 19, 2008. I received a second e-mail from the same man who sent me the e-mail posted below. He identified himself and explained that he was not supporting the retired Army flag waver running for office in Florida and waving the Pentagon's "We're Under Attack from the Jihadis" propaganda story line, but rather was forwarding a received e-mail to me. I'll accept his explanation as genuine and withdraw my appellation of him as Jackass "A". I was originally under the impression that it was he who was applauding said retired Army flag waver (who shall continue to known as Jackass "B" at this web site, until he has something more intelligent to say about the Fort Hood shooter (who Don NIcoloff has exposed as a mind controlled CIA "asset" and patsy). I'll leave the original story intact, but remove the e-mail address of the man who forwarded the e-mail (see his second e-mail posted further below under Comments)..Ken]

November 16, 2009

I received the e-mail posted below from an unknown individual who is only identifiable by his e-mail address of "[removed]". Ignoring my warning to NOT send me mail without identifying himself by name, this e-mailer, whom I shall call Flag Waver/Jackass "A", plows right ahead into his misty eyed characterization of Col. Allen West, (U.S. Army, ret.) whom I shall re-name Flag Waver/Jackass "B", as the sort of man whose inspirational message is of such value and importance to the nation, that we should all consider moving down to Florida in order to shake B's hand, salute him, and then vote him into office.

I think I'll pass on that invitation, but I will pen a few comments here about the retarded mentality and hopeless stupidity which has overtaken the room temperature IQ's of Jackass A and his hero, Jackass B. In all fairness to these two brain-dead flag wavers, I notice that all "conservative" AM radio talk show hosts (Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, "John and Ken", etc.) have been spewing a steady stream of Muslim-bashing rhetoric ever since the Fort Hood shooting hit the air waves in order to jack up the hatred and resentment--once again--for people of Arabic, Middle Eastern background in EXACTLY the same way that this propaganda hate campaign was launched in the wake of 9-11.

I published a short article on September 12, 2001 and made it clear to my readers that the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon were not the result of planning by outside Arab "terrorists', but rather the result of DOMESTIC SUBVERSION, TREASON, and BETRAYAL by our own government, our own Pentagon, our own intelligence agencies, along with our "ally", Israel.

If you are familiar with the "predictions" of Satanist Albert Pike, you would know that he said there would be three great world wars in the next century following his. Pike said that World War III would be the final, great conflagration between the Christian world and the Islamic world and this would lead to the emergence of the 'phoenix' (New World Order) from the ashes of that world wide conflict.

How could Pike possibly know this in the middle of the 19th century?


Pike wasn't "predicting" the future, but rather was revealing the Illuminati's PLAN to CREATE three world wars. The "final" world war was to take place in the Middle East in order to meld with the Biblical Revelation "predictions" of Armageddon and the End Times. As I've written in other articles, the creation of the state of Israel was planned by British oligarchs (the British Round Table) in the 19th century. The 'Balfour Declaration' was issued at the end of World War I by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, at the behest of the Rothchilds, to set the stage (and moral imperative) to create Israel at the end of the NEXT world war, which was ALREADY in the planning stages (British, American, and Rothchild Illuminati bloodline families funded Hitler into existence, just like they funded Trotsky and Lenin into existence) .

Israel was created in 1949 by expelling the legitimate owners of the land which was called Palestine, and establishing the Rothchild's nation state of Israel which would in time become the catalyst for agitating the entire Middle East into a boiling cauldron of racial and religious hatred, and lead to--you guessed it--Albert Pike's long 'predicted', grand conflagration of World War III between "opposing" sides of Christians versus Muslims.

Obviously, if we're going to be "good" American flag wavers like Jackass A and Jackass B, we have to hype up the blood lust towards Muslims in order to rev up sufficient testosterone courage to get prepared to go 'over there' AGAIN and kick some Jihadi ass!

Naturally, Tavistock planners are fully aware of the Pavlovian mentality of such men, and conveniently supply the talking heads on TV and "conservative" talk radio shows to sell the Story Line to the American public that the Muslim "terrorists" are responsible for yet another CIA mind controlled, covert operation put into motion on November 5, 2009 at Fort Hood, as a DIVERSION and COVER for yet another HIDDEN operation that was taking place at Fort Hood on the same date involving the removal of a great deal of stored gold by the Bush family which erupted into gun fire among opposing factions.

For those too young to know, America was sucked into World War I largely through the manipulation of President Woodrow Wilson by one "Colonel" Edward Mandell House, Rothchild agent for the same British Oligarchs who planned the creation of Israel. The American people did not want to fight Europe's wars on Europe's soil, but such Americans were derisively characterized in the Illuminati controlled press as "isolationists." In order to win over the hearts and minds of America's youth, stories were circulated in newspapers in Britain and America about the "atrocities" being committed by invading German "hordes" marching through Belgium and France. The German 'hun" as he was labeled, was stabbing babies torn from their mother's arms and slicing off the breasts of young Belgium woman in the town squares as German troops rampaged from one town to the next. The horrific events were shown depicted in newspapers and magazines with large drawings which always accompanied each lurid, front-page story. It was only after the war, that it came to light that none of the supposed "atrocities" by the invading German "hordes" ever took place. It was fabricated by Lord Beaverbrook of Wellington House (member of the British Round Table) , the precursor to what later became known as the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

Similarly, a racial hate campaign was initiated against Japanese people following the attack on Pearl Harbor. For those who don't know. Churchill was doing everything within his power to get FDR to join in the war and directly involve Americans in the fight against Germany. FDR and Cordel Hull, Secretary of State, arranged for all oil and rubber supplies to Japan to be cut off. FDR KNEW that Japan would attack the US in order to regain access to oil and rubber supply lines. FDR gave Japan the reason it needed to attack the US and thus allow America to declare war on both Germany and Japan.

A seaman by the name of Duane Whitlock was working for Naval intelligence in the 1930s. He played a leading role in a Navy team which BROKE the Japanese code in the late the 1930s. He told me in phone conversations some months before his passing, that his group had intercepted the messages from the Japanese naval battle group heading towards the Hawaiian Islands and reported that information to the Naval Chief of staff at LEAST SIX weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt both knew of the planned attack on Pearl Harbor before the fact and had arranged for the blockade of oil and rubber to Japan in order to instigate the attack on America. He told the American people that Japan's attack would be a day that "would live in infamy," but the infamy was his because he had betrayed his own people in order to serve the chess game being waged by British Oligarchs.

Now we are entering the third phase of Pike's "predictions."

9-11 was the shot across the bow that was intended to get us "freedom loving" American riled up against those freedom-hating, Islamic Jihadi "terrorists" who, along with the 800+ hapless people rounded up in Afghanistan by sundry tribal war lords and mercenaries to be sold for a handsome sum to the U.S. military (and eventually shipped off to the water boarding "interrogation" awaiting them in Cuba), were suppose to be responsible for the 3,000 Americans killed at the World Trade center on September 11, 2001. In fact, I just heard a mind numbing, neo-con Bushite, by the name of "Deborah" (who I think was Debbie Schlussel), tell Mark Levin on ABC radio last week, that we shouldn't allow those dastardly "terrorists" at Guantanamo, who were RESPONSIBLE, she said, for the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans on 9-11, to come onto US soil and be tried in a civilian court under Constitutional restraints because they were NOT prisoners of war, but rather were "terrorists combatants" and should only be tried (and convicted of course) by a military commissions "court."

Shall we allow the criminal psychopaths in government and the morons that the Tavistock propagandists can so easily draw into the breech to lead us into yet another world war? Shall we repeat the SAME play, using the SAME tired, scapegoating script, merely changing the title from "Japs"', or "Krauts", or "huns", to "muslims" or "ragheads" and allow the propagandists to take the field?

When are we going to wake up?

When are we going to put an end to the manipulation of our lives and the political destiny of this country?

Most important, when are we going to end the senseless slaughter of our sons and daughters and the sons and daughters of parents on the other side of the world, to the insatiable Killing Machines of the militarists, their corporate/industrial sponsors, and the Illuminated satanic psychopaths euphemistically called "world leaders"?


Ken Adachi

Subject: Deliberate killings
From: [removed]
Date: Mon, November 16, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Subject: "Tragedy at Ft Hood" Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret)

Its a shame we all cant move to Florida just to shake this mans hand, salute him and then all vote him into office. For those of you who don't know, Col. Allen West is running for U.S. Congressman Ron Klein's seat in Florida. Attached is his article regarding the shootings at Ft. Hood, Texas.

Please take a few minutes to read what he wrote.

"Tragedy at Ft Hood"
Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret)

This past Thursday 13 American Soldiers were killed and another 30 wounded at a horrific mass shooting at US Army installation, Ft Hood Texas. As I watched in horror and then anger I recalled my two years of final service in the Army as a Battalion Commander at Ft Hood, 2002-2004.

My wife and two daughters were stunned at the incident having lived on the post in family housing.

A military installation, whether it is Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, or Coast Guard, is supposed to be a safe sanctuary for our Warriors and their families. It is intended to provide a home whereby our "Band of Brothers and Sisters" can find solace and bond beyond just the foxhole but as family units.

A military installation is supposed to be a place where our Warriors train for war, to serve and protect our Nation.

On Thursday, 5 November 2009 Ft Hood became a part of the battlefield in the war against Islamic totalitarianism and state sponsored terrorism.

There may be those who feel threatened by my words and would even recommend they not be uttered. To those individuals I say step aside because now is not the time for cowardice. Our Country has become so paralyzed by political correctness that we have allowed a vile and determined enemy to breach what should be the safest place in America, an Army post.

We have become so politically correct that our media is more concerned about the stress of the shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan. The misplaced benevolence intending to portray him as a victim is despicable. The fact that there are some who have now created an entire new classification called; "pre-virtual vicarious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)" is unconscionable.

This is not a "man caused disaster". It is what it is, an Islamic jihadist attack.

We have seen this before in 2003 when a SGT Hasan of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) threw hand grenades and opened fire into his Commanding Officer's tent in Kuwait. We have seen the foiled attempt of Albanian Muslims who sought to attack Ft Dix, NJ. Recently we saw a young convert to Islam named Carlos Bledsoe travel to Yemen, receive terrorist training, and return to gun down two US Soldiers at a Little Rock, Arkansas Army recruiting station. We thwarted another Islamic terrorist plot in North Carolina which had US Marine Corps Base, Quantico
as a target.

What have we done with all these prevalent trends? Nothing.

What we see are recalcitrant leaders who are refusing to confront the issue, Islamic terrorist infiltration into America, and possibly further into our Armed Services. Instead we have a multiculturalism and diversity syndrome on steroids.

Major Hasan should have never been transferred to Ft Hood, matter of fact he should have been Chaptered from the Army. His previous statements, poor evaluation reports, and the fact that the FBI had him under investigation for jihadist website posting should have been proof positive.

However, what we have is a typical liberal approach to find a victim, not the 13 and 30 Soldiers and Civilian, but rather the poor shooter. A shooter who we are told was a great American, who loved the Army and serving his Nation and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) stating that his actions had nothing to do with religious belief.

We know that Major Hasan deliberately planned this episode; he did give away his possessions. He stood atop a table in the confined space of the Soldier Readiness Center shouting "Allahu Akhbar", same chant as the 9-11 terrorists and those we fight against overseas in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of operation.

No one in leadership seems willing to sound the alarm for the American people; they are therefore complicit in any future attacks. Our Congress should suspend the insidious action to vote on a preposterous and unconstitutional healthcare bill and resolve the issue of "protecting the American people".

The recent incidents in Dearborn Michigan, Boston Massachusetts, Dallas Texas, and Chicago Illinois should bear witness to the fact that we have an Islamic terrorism issue in America. And don't have CAIR call me and try to issue a vanilla press statement; they are an illegitimate terrorist associated organization which should be disbanded.

We have Saudi Arabia funding close to 80% of the mosques in the United States, one right here in South Florida, Pompano Beach. Are we building churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia? Are "Kaffirs" and "Infidels" allowed travel to Mecca?

So much for peaceful coexistence.

Saudi Arabia is sponsoring radical Imams who enter into our prisons and convert young men into a virulent Wahabbist resulting in four individuals wanting to destroy synagogues in New York with plastic explosives. Thank God the explosives were dummy. They are sponsoring textbooks which present Islamic centric revisionist history in our schools.

We must recognize that there is an urgent need to separate the theo-political radical Islamic ideology out of our American society. We must begin to demand surveillance of suspected Imams and mosques that are spreading hate and preaching the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic..that speech is not protected under First Amendment, it is sedition and if done by an American treason.

There should not be some 30 Islamic terrorist training camps in America that has nothing to do with First Amendment, Freedom of Religion. The Saudis are not our friends and any American political figure who believes such is delusional.

When tolerance becomes a one way street it certainly leads to cultural suicide. We are on that street. Liberals cannot be trusted to defend our Republic, because their sympathies obviously lie with their perceived victim, Major Nidal Malik Hasan.

I make no apologies for these words, and anyone angered by them, please, go to Ft Hood and look into the eyes of the real victims. The tragedy at Ft Hood Texas did not have to happen. Consider now the feelings of those there and on every military installation in the world. Consider the feelings of the Warriors deployed into combat zones who now are concerned that their loved ones at home are in a combat zone.

Ft Hood suffered an Islamic jihadist attack, stop the denial, and realize a simple point.

The reality of your enemy must become your own.

Steadfast and Loyal,
Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret)


Subject: fort hood flag wavers
From: Mike T
Date: Tue, November 17, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I am a reader of your site and have been for a very long time. While there are some things that you have posted, I do not agree with, it is none-the-less your site. The unfortunate interpretation that I somehow agreed with the ramblings of the idiot that wrote that article was mis-concieved. The purpose for forwarding that article to you was only for information as it was sent to me. You are (were) the only other person that I forwarded this to just for your reveiw. Since I was not expecting a response by you or for that matter, anyone else, I must admitt that I was caught off guard with your posting of this matter. Furthermore, I am not ashamed or embarassed for not posting my name, but simply screwed up and mistakenly sent the article to you before I had a chance to voice my disgust much in the same manner as did you.

I am Mike T and will make every effort to not allow this to happen again.


Hi Mike,

OK, thanks for the explanation. If I misjudged you, then I apologize. Glad to see that we're on the same page. I expected a much different response.

Regards, Ken

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