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The Fort Hood Shootings

[Editor's Note: The Fort Hood shootings were a diversion cover for another event that was taking place at the same location and involved gunfire. Don Nicoloff's radio show tonight discussed the story of what took place with guest Drew Raines. Drew Raines pointed out numerous conflicting and revised statements in the offical story and then Don read an article posted today by Britain's Christopher Story that explained both the cover story and the hidden story that created the need to trigger those mind controlled robots to go into shooting mode. Don also discusses the exaggerated "Swine flu" deaths being reported from the Ukraine, as well as new information from General Jeremiah on the new bio-weapon being dispersed there and efforts underway to neutralize it.

Don Nicoloff and Drew Raines on Evident Footprints Radio show, Nov.5, 2009

Ken Adachi]
November 5, 2009

The Fort Hood Shootings (Nov. 5, 2009)

Subject: Fort Hood Shooting
From: Keith Howe <>
Date: Thu, November 5, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

“Sources Identify Major as Gunman in Deadly Shooting Rampage at Fort Hood”

This story is full of holes and spin! Two people were thought dead, but now alive.

“Three soldiers were taken into custody as possible suspects, Lt. Gen. Bob Cone told reporters Thursday evening, though two were later released.”

“Cone identified the lone gunman as Major Malik Nadal Hasan, a psychiatrist who reportedly didn't believe in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and wanted out of the military before he was set to be deployed overseas.”

“Hasan was in stable condition condition at a local hospital Thursday night, Cone said after previously reporting that he was killed at the scene.”

“He said his cousin, who was born and raised in Virginia and graduated from Virginia Tech University, turned against the wars after hearing the stories of those who came back from Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Virginia Tech is where another mass shooting took place, allegedly by Seung Hui Cho, who was responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. As I recall there is an undergound CIA / military base nearby. Can anyone say MKULTRA?

“Virginia Tech massacre, the worst mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history. On April 16, 2007, Cho killed 32 students and teachers and wounded many more before taking his own life.”

Now go to and click onto the photo of Seung Hui Cho to enlarge it. Now look at the “target silhouette” of a human torso glaring on his forehead, with enlarged pores that appear as bulletholes in that target. 32 people were killed that day. Count the number of “pores” on the silhouette on his forehead. How many do YOU count?

“George Stratton's son, George Stratton III, was five feet away from the shooter at the Soldier Readiness Center and suffered a gunshot wound to his left shoulder.”

"He said he was there doing medical stuff and all of a sudden someone came through the door, walked behind the desk and just started shooting," Stratton told”

This guy is five feet from the shooter. He watched him come through the door, walk behind a desk and start shooting, and he can only identify the shooter as “someone”? This stinks of cover-up / disinformation! Of course the alleged shooter was a“muslim”. Al Queda / Taliban spin will probably follow.

Keith Howe

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