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Forwarded Message from Suzy Ward to Ken Adachi on Matthew Messages
March 6, 2008

Forwarded Message from Suzy Ward to Ken Adachi on Matthew Messages (March 13, 2008)

Subject: Forward to you [Ken Adachi] at Susy's request
From: [Jean Hudon]
Date: Thu, March 6, 2008
To: Ken Adachi <Editor>

From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
To: "Jean Hudon" <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Re: URGENT!! FWD Engineered Banking Crisis on April 1, 2008? The April
Fools Day Dowse
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008

Hi Jean!

"Dear soul, Jean, you do a great service for the light by not publishing that material. Your mission, like my mother's, is to truthfully inform all receptive people, and in addition to the great importance of focusing on positive instead of fearful information, consider two truths about dowsing: That practice can reflect the dower's beliefs and fears just as telepathic communication can; and, also like telepathic communcation, unless the individual has asked for protection of the Christed light, he or she may reach dark sources." [from Matthew]

First he asked me to thank you for him, then decided he wanted to speak for himself.

After the August 1st message that mostly was from God, Ken published a letter on his site about Matthew being a dark soul or I was a fraud and composing all the messages -- it seemed that what God said about no crucifixion hit a tender spot. He wrote that he checked with Carol (her last name just flew out of my head-- she and her husband do energy work with HHG -- I think that's holy hand grenades), who astrally travels, and she said there is no such soul as Matthew -- of course she has no way of knowing that in replying to several people who asked about that couple, Matthew spoke highly of their intentions and effectiveness. Naturally I was shocked and terribly disappointed in Ken -- he used to publish all the messages but deleted them after that one. Someone forwarded his letter so I could respond but what would I have written -- how can I convince anyone of Matthew's existence and what can anyone say to a person who has closed their mind?

I'm always happy to simplify those parts that are pesky to translate!



Hello Jean,

You are not required to read or accept anything published at my web site, including dowses made by Phil Ledoux and Tim Hicks. I am searching for and hoping to discover the truth of things, as the light which permeates my spirit will allow. I believe that Phil and Tim are on a similar journey. I am not infallible, nor is Phil, nor is Tim. Dowsing is not infallible either. I've mentioned that when it comes to many of the dowses posted to my web site.

Dowsing is a tool that can be quite accurate-at least in the hands of a master dowser, but no accomplished dowser will claim 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. For Matthew to state that the dowse put up by Tim Hicks and Phil Ledoux about a possible engineered banking crisis in early April is reflective of "fearful information", only speaks to me with GREATER clarity that "Matthew" may not be the consciousness that he claims to be communicating from his home in "Nirvana." The purpose of posting the dowse on the internet BEFORE the event is to tip off the Illuminati that some of us, at least, are getting wind of their game plans and forcing them to ABORT said event before it happens. There's nothing "fearful" about such preemptive action. It's called Stopping the Illuminati Before They Can Do More Damage.

To set the record straight, I had never said that Matthew was a dark soul or that Suzy was a fraud or that she composed the messages. I never used those words. Nor did Carol Croft say that Matthew was without a soul. She said that the information was deceptive and that Suzy was unaware of the deception. Here's the article, you can read it for yourself (

After keeping quiet for a couple of years, I finally said that I could no longer accept certain statements from Matthew as being on the path of Light. Certain statements or the endorsement of certain people and ideas were contrary to my convictions of what was true and in certain cases I found his statements to parallel exactly what I interpret to be Illuminati deception. Obviously, I can't continue to promote information that I can no longer hold in complete confidence. It wasn't a decision that I made lightly. I knew that taking down the Matthew messages would offend Suzy, and I had no desire to offend Suzy, but leaving up the Matthew messages, when I no longer could accept them as totally free of deception, was not an option.

When one is channeling or receiving information from a spirit, one has no way of knowing-with certainly-who or what that entity is. One can only form an opinion based on the quality of the information relayed. I could also say that the Illuminati possesses alien-based technologies that are far in advance of anything that the public is even remotely aware of, including mind control programs which can download (or upload) an entire lifetime of experiences and memories into a human mind of that of a computer data bank. I know nothing of what occurred in Matthew's 17 years of life before he died, nor do I know anything about his father, who was living with him in Central America at the time of Matthew's car accident.

I'm sure that Suzy believes that she's is in communication with the spirit of her dead son, but I have no way of knowing that. I posted the Matthew messages for as long as I did because I felt they were uplifting and inspirational in most areas discussed. I ignored or swept under the rug certain statements which concerned me in the interest of a "greater good" that the inspirational parts were achieving. But in time, the Matthew statements which bothered me as deceptive grew in significance and I could no longer ignore them. 

I stopped reading and posting Matthew messages for the same reason I stopped reading and posting Zeta Talk messages back in 2003. Once I came to realize that a certain percentage of deceptive material was being layered in among a much larger volume of honest material, I had to cut the cord.

If every word posted in the Matthew messages is that of truth, wisdom, and light, then it's of no consequence what my opinion may be of the Matthew messages because the universe will always lead those who are seeking out the truth to those sources which are richest in truth. On the other hand, those who deceive, even slightly, will eventually be discovered and suffer the slings and arrows of their intent.

There's nothing I could have said to Suzy to soften the blow, nor is there anything she could have said to me to change my mind, so it didn't look like much could be gained by writing to each other. I'm sure she feels the same way. It's one of those unfortunate things. I take no pleasure in causing people to become disappointed and upset, least of all Suzy Ward.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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Subject: Matthew Ward's messages
From: Judy
Date: Mon, March 24, 2008
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I find it so strange that you've totally debunked Matthew's messages because of certain things you don't believe he said. Yet, you give credence to David Icke no matter what. Here is part of an answer you gave to someone regarding a Dr. Boylan in August 2007."With the exception of his embracing mono atomic gold and his debunking of the Christ story as myth, there isn't much from David Icke that I don't agree with". I used to read your site regularly but this seems so hypocritical and I'm totally confused to say the least!



Hi Judy,

You have to realize that my web site is -generally- a reflection of my opinions. I'm not going to promote information at my web site unless I feel it's on the level and of use to people who want to remain free. You are not required to agree with my opinions. I'm not looking for followers or to be a leader of a group who agree on a similar thesis. That's what cults or organized religious groups want to do, but that's not my interest.

We are fast moving towards a harshly controlled, police state in your country and in mine. There's no time for pussy-footing around. Any internet source of information that is promoting the Illuminati's agenda to replace spirituality with a non-belief in spirituality is going to have a hard time getting on my web site. The historical existence of Christ is a critical issue in that regard.  

Now, in the case of Matthew, this being, if we can call him that, is supposedly in the Spirit world. He's physically dead. He has, supposedly, a broader vision of reality than those of us who are still in physical form. I expect GREATER things from him than I would of a human in physical form. There are no secrets in the Spirit world. Everyone there can read everyone else's mind. You can't deceive because your thoughts are transpanrent to every other spirit or consciousness, or soul, or whatever you want to call it.  

David Icke is still alive. I don't agree with his conclusion that Christ is a mythological character, but mortal men can be convinced of many things because they are susceptible to persuasion. I also don't believe that it was a good idea for David to go to South America and try Hyawaska and have these 'mind-expanding' experiences that he wrote about. He seems to be a different person in some ways since that event and I'm totally opposed to that approach. You don't obtain enlightenment through drugs, period.

However, I'm not going to throw David Icke under the bus because he took Hyawaska or doesn't believe in the historical existence of Christ. He has done more than most to expose the NWO, the aliens who are behind the NWO, and their satanic underpinnings. Sure, Dr. John Coleman, Anthony Sutton, Admiral Guy Carr, Mae Brussell, Bill Cooper, etc., may have originated much of the damning information that David Icke ran with in earlier years (and DIDN'T credit as his sources), but DAvid got out there in the public for about 15 years - at lectures and conferences around the world- and informed MILLIONS of people-who otherwise were CLUELESS- of the Illluminati's takeover game. He also brought to the fore the alien connection which Dr Coleman, for example, does not believe in, so on balance I think David deserves much credit for his writings and lectures.

Sadly, I subsequently came to realize that Matthew was a set up; a very convincing and cleverly disguised set up, but a set up all the same and I had to pull the plug.   That's a conclusion that I arrived at, but remember, you are not required to agree with me. You can come to your own conclusions in all regards.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Matthew Messages
From: anton_alvarez
Date: Mon, March 17, 2008
To: Editor

I disagree on your decision not to post any more Matthew Messages for one simple reason. You have decided to "choose" for us what we are to read. I am 52 and have read much from all sources such as David Icke, Edgar Cayce, The Cassiopaen Material, Cosmic Awareness material, your website, Rense, many many more. Not all are perfect. And probably all have doom and gloom sections or articles. But all of them have helped me put the "pieces" together. I do not believe everything I read but at least have the option to choose which part "resonates" with me. I of course
respect your decision not to post them and will continue to have your website as one of my favorites. I just thought it was incorrect for you to "choose" for us.


Hello Anton,

I'm afraid that you've missed a critical point. I am not the host of the Matthew Messages, and I never have been. Suzy Ward has been the host of the Matthew Messages since the beginning.

She has her own web site where all of the Matthew messages are posted-and always have been. I always included a link to her web site when I was REPOSTING the Matthew messages at my web site and I told folks that they can read the messages at her site, even though they were no longer posted at mine.

So I haven't taken anything away from you.

I can't post information that I can't completely trust, but that doesn't stop you from reading it at another web site if you want to.

(Talk about a tempest in a teapot.)

Regards, Ken


Subject: David Icke and Matthew
From: M.S.J. (UK)
Date: Thu, March 27, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

Recently I have been a touched troubled by both of the above promoting monoatomic gold, as alot of what they say I resonate with (the question of Christ's existence is a much stickier wicket, but I won't condemn anyone their view). Having read your correspondences on the subjects I feel your reasoning is sound and balanced. There are many aspects of Matthew's messages which are useful, but also aspects that don't ring true with me.

David Icke is a great compiler and collator of information and gave the awakening process a good swift kick where it was needed, and still is. I
put you and your site in the same bracket. We all have self-responsibility and the power of spiritual discernment. Both these are meant to be used as our God given right. It is up to each individual to sort, what is for them, the wheat from the chaff.

Bottom line - it's your site to do with as you wish. We,as free thinking (hopefully) souls can decide for ourselves what is truth or deception. Or we should be able to.

Storm in a teacup - an eggcup more like!

Once again, many thanks for your work.

: M.S.J.

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