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Freemasonry is a Non-Christian Occult Religion

From The Christian Chapel CME Church, Dallas, Texas USA
March 31, 2005

Forward courtesy of Jack Lancaster

Freemasonry goes by many names, including the Scottish Rite, Masonry, Blue Lodge, Eastern Star (for women), and Shriners. Historically, Masonry has had a strong unifying effect on the American black community. Many people who consider themselves Christians, both black and white, are Masons. Most people, even many Masons, incorrectly believe that Masonry is merely a fraternal order, like the Lions Club, Elks Club, etc. Masonry expressly denies it is a religion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Freemasonry is a non-Christian occult religion that teaches a different way to salvation and considers Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and all spiritual leaders to be only messengers of "The Grand Architect of the Universe". The Grand Architect is not just another term for Jehovah. Freemasonry teaches that there are two basic Gods: Adonay, the god of the Christians, a god of evil and Lucifer, a separate god of good. Freemasonry considers the religious scriptures of all religions to be equally valid.


Masonry has at least 33 degrees (the lowest is level 1). At each level, a person is given more details, more Masonic 'truth'. Most Masons never get beyond the first few levels. The higher levels expressly teach that candidates at the lower levels should not be taught the truth but should be given the impression
that they are being taught the truth. For instance, the "Lucifer is good and Adonay is evil" is taught at the 30th through 32nd level.

At the highest levels, Masons take a blood oath to keep each others' secrets including murder and treason.

The Scottish Rite Third-Degree Master Mason oath (emphasis added)

This commits the oath-taker to commit murder, if necessary:

I do promise and swear upon the Holy Bible never to reveal where I have received this degree . . . and in failure of this I consent to have my body opened perpendicularly and to be exposed for eight hours in the open air, so that the venomous flies may eat my entrails, my head to be cut off and put on the highest pinnacle of the world, and I will always be ready to inflict the same punishment on those who shall disclose this degree and break this obligation. So may God help and maintain me. Amen.

Freemasonry is not compatible with Christianity

The Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church prohibits Masons from becoming members of their church. The Nazarene Church has banned from its membership any person who is a member of a secret organization. Ever since 1728 Catholics have been prohibited from joining the Masons. That stance was reaffirmed by the Vatican in 1985 with a pronouncement that any Catholic who joins the Masons is "in a state of grave sin and cannot partake in Holy Communion." (In Catholicism, this means that if the person dies without repenting he will go to Hell.)

The British Methodist Church condemned Masonry at its General Assembly in 1985. The Assembly acted on a report of its Faith and Order Committee. That report, entitled Freemasonry & Methodism, outlined the occultic nature of Masonry in detail. The report concluded with these words: "There is a great danger the Christian who becomes a Freemason will find himself compromising his Christian beliefs or his allegiance to Christ, perhaps without realizing what he is doing."



Like many false religions, Masonry claims to have ancient roots -- Masonic writings claim that Masonry began in ancient Egypt, before Moses, even back to "the time of Enoch". Other Masonic writings date Masonry back to "the time of the building of Solomon's Temple."

According to non-Masons who have researched historical records, there is no indication of any masonic types of activity before the Middle Ages. Masonry may have developed out of the mediaeval trade guilds; but most investigators believe it began in the early 1700's.



"Depart from me you workers of inequity. I never knew you."

You cannot be both Christian and a Mason. If you don't believe that, check out the references below.

These are written by Christians and others who have investigated Masonry. They present supporting excerpts from official Masonic documents and references.

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