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French Judges Protest Secret Pandemic  Decrees

[Editor's Note: When are American lawyers and judges going to start protesting against the blatant disregard for the Constitution with these outrageous 'pandemic' vaccination plans being announced by treasonous politicians in Massachusetts and Maine? At least the French still possess some semblance of courage and LOYALTY to the welfare of their own countrymen. Are there no judges, lawyers, or law school professors in this land of 360 million who are able to stand up and protest the most egregious assault to date upon our constitutional guarantees? ..Ken Adachi]

From: Linn Cohen-Cole <>
September 9, 2009

French Judges Protest Secret Pandemic  Decrees (Sep. 9. 2009)

From: Linn Cohen-Cole <>
Subject: Re: LeMonde: French judges and lawyers fiercely protest secret pandemic plans
Date: Sep 9, 2009

Dear Governors,

Certainly, you have been getting anxious calls from constituents about mandatory vaccinations, people who are not reassured by being told there won't be any.  It seems important for you to see that there are secret government plans for just that.

See below that scientists and legal experts in Canada are having a conference this Saturday and broadcasting world wide that the pandemic was artificially created by the military and the pharmaceutical industry which controls the WHO.

And people's fear of an unknown, untested, forced vaccine are not idle.



Meanwhile, here

Knowing you care about the well-being of your state's citizens and of your own family's life, it seemed important for you to have this information. 

The plans left by Bush and Cheney for suspending the Constitution using an emergency as a pretext is beyond unconstitutional.  It is treason, as is any attempted implementation of it.  We are grateful for our states and their standing as a bulwark between the people and overwhelming federal power, as the Constitution arranged.  

French judges protest secret pandemic  decrees

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The union óf judges and lawyers in France has written a letter of protest to the French Justice Minister over plans to strip people of their civil liberties during the swine flu pandemic, which were made "in the greatest secrecy." 

According to a report in Le Monde on Tuesday, the lawyer's union has fiercely criticised the decree which would dismantle the civic rights of the people of France in the name of a pandemic emergency and which was issued without any "democratic debate".,40-0@2-3224,50-1237329,0.html

Forced Vaccination NightmareEmmanuelle Perreux,  president of the judge's union said that it was "unacceptable" for the government to remove people's fundamental liberties by secret decree on the pretext of a pandemic emergency. 

She said that she hoped that parliament would intervene after the revelation on Tuesday that the French Minister of Justice Michele Alliot-Marie had circulated orders in secret in July instructing judges to allow children to be put on trial in adult courts and detentions without any court order in the name of a pandemic emergency. 

Alliot-Marie denied that there was "any secret plan" and claimed the secret orders were a provisional working document as outrage in France over the secret vaccination and detention plans that are now attracting widespread coverage in the mainstream media mounts.,40-0@2-3224,50-1237329,0.html

Grippe A : "On ne peut pas accepter une justice d'exception"

LEMONDE.FR | 08.09.09 | 13h47  •  Mis à jour le 08.09.09 | 16h01

According to the AFP,

France's daily Liberation reported Tuesday that documents provided by a judges' union show a French government plan, coinciding with the "pandemic" and vaccinations, to "extend the period police can keep a suspect in detention without charge or a hearing before a judge to up to six months. Suspects would also not be able to contact a lawyer until after spending 24 hours in custody. Under the plan, children could be tried in adult courts and more trials held behind closed doors.

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