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American Organizations Resisting the Illegal Alien Invasion
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[Editor's Note: Illuminated Zionist manipulators and Rockefeller money are behind the promotion of illegal aliens from our southern border. If the U.S. government WANTED to secure the Mexican-American border, we could have done it 50 years ago with the greatest of ease. It would not have been prohibitively expensive as many Washington parasites pretend, nor would it require battalions of border guards because we've possessed the electronic equipment --since World War II- to detect a mosquito flying across the border, let alone a 150 pound human being. Every single person crossing into the United States from Mexico is seen on multiple satellite monitors and land detection stations. The entire publicity show of "securing" our southern border is a pretense orchestrated by the same traitors in Washington who brought us 911 and then pretend to spearhead a 'War on Terror' by invading non-threatening countries in the Middle East and causing untold misery and death for millions of innocent people. The NWO traitors in government are NEVER going to 'secure' the border because they are trying to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and are working very hard at surreptitiously amalgamating the USA, Canada, and Mexico into ONE government, the North American Union. The only people who are going to save this republic--if it's going to be  saved--are ordinary American citizens like you and I, who recognize the treason orchestrated from Washinton and are willing to fight-while it's still possible to fight-before the FEMA concentration camps go into full operation. ..Ken Adachi].

American Organizations Resisting the Illegal Alien Invasion


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