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The Myths of Christian Fundamentalism

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
Feb. 27, 2008

The Myths of Christian Fundamentalism (Feb. 29, 2008)

Normally, I would not expound on this subject. I don't believe in wearing your religious beliefs on your sleeve and I don't approve of trying to push your convictions upon others, however, I feel it's necessary to expose teachings -delivered within the framework of religious instruction or Biblical instruction- which are untrue and ultimately lead to harm for those who subscribe to them. I'm referring to the myths of Christian fundamentalism.

A belief is not the same thing as knowledge. A belief is an idea that we are conditioned to believe is true, yet we possess no concrete way to know or prove to ourselves (or to others) that it is true. In order to accept a belief as true, you must first possess faith we are told. But all faith is blind faith by definition and that's the rub. All victims of belief manipulation are first convinced that they must possess faith in order to be 'saved'. But faith in what? Faith in whatever the preacher says is the "Word of God" while holding up one of the 650 different versions of  the "Holy" Bible and declaring it to be the unchallenged written Word of God. I can get you to believe in anything, if you will first surrender your intellect and common sense and allow me to supplant them with a firm conviction in the notion of "faith." That's why preacher-propagandists spend so much effort touting the supposed  virtue and desirability of possessing "faith" and will repeat well-worn Biblical mantras like "Oh ye of little faith" or "doubting Thomas" to reinforce the idea that blind acceptance-based on faith- is a good thing , while entertaining any sort of doubt (meaning questioning the validity of what's being shoved down your throat) is a bad thing . 

How reprehensible it is to treat people in this way, yet that is the mind wash that's being pushed upon a very large group of people in America who refer to themselves as "Christians." But are these self-described Christians truly followers of Christ and do they emulate His example and adhere to His teachings? I don't think so. If anything, they are grossly unaware of the true teachings of Jesus Christ. They are misled by false teachers into deception and calculated manipulation. They may refer to themselves as non-denominational, or charismatic, or evangelical Christians, but ultimately they are fundamentalist Christians and they are the most duped people on the face of the earth. .

Being a fundamentalist anything is undesirable because a fundamentalist is a zealot-and zealots can be dangerous. A zealot believes in a set of acquired postulates and will go to extremes to coerce his beliefs upon others. The false postulate that the fundamentalist Christian has an obligation, or duty, or mission to "save" other people on behalf of "God" or Jesus is an affront to the free will and self-determination that every soul in God's creation is entitled to-and no one has the right to try to impose his beliefs or will upon others.

I recently saw a documentary on Mormons on public television. It may have been Frontline or The American Experience, I can't remember, but it was a revealing expose of the underside of the Church of Later Day Saints and their evangelical 'mission' to brainwash young men into giving up two years of their young lives to go to a far-away place and engage in the very sort of un-welcomed coercion that I'm describing here. One disillusioned ex-missionary remarked that after two solid years of daily accosting, haranguing, and 'evangelizing', he had not succeeded in obtaining even a single convert (what a surprise!). Had this individual retained the capacity to think for himself and not allow himself to be blindly brainwashed, he would have recognized that Jesus never engaged in 'evangelical' behavior. The people who listened to Jesus sought Him out, not the other way around. Jesus gained followers by example and the wisdom of his counsel, not by any form of coercion (if even one self-described fundamentalist Christian reading these words acquires an understanding or realization that's it's fundamentally WRONG to try and force your beliefs on others-the very core of "evangelism"- then I will have succeeded in serving humanity with this article).

Evangelism, however, is not the only false postulate that Christian fundamentalists embrace. There are many destructive notions that are seeded into the fundamentalist psyche that cause him to engage in behavior or hold beliefs that lead to strife and conflict. These include the concepts of "judgment", (whether against others on the earthly plane, or the judgment that they assume they will face when they arrive at the Pearly Gates) and the concept of "sin", which carries a debt of guilt and the need to atone in some punishing way. That atonement includes the idea of burning away in Hell for eternity (or burning for a time in the halfway house, Purgatory) which is offered up to impressionable youngsters in order to scare them straight so they in turn will pass the Fear torch on to their children ( and on and on it goes in a continuous Merry-Go-Round of pulpit-inspired deception, generation after generation).

At the heart of Christian fundamentalist myths is the idea that man is a lowly sinner who must be "saved" by the grace of God (or Jesus) in order to obtain salvation and buy a ticket to Heaven. This concept (which includes the myth of Original Sin) is erroneous and leads one to think of himself as being separate and detached from the Creator  We are not detached from the Creator. We are part of the Creator and therefore we possess the capacity to create. It riles the Christian fundamentalist dogmatist to no end to confront the notion that his lowly, unworthy "sinner" is possessed of a divine nature and can create himself,  but this is exactly what Jesus told us when he said "you can do all that I have done, and more." Is that not so?

Therefore, we have a divine nature, since we have God dwelling within us at all times, whether it appears that way or not. Every single human being possess a divine nature and we are ALL sons and daughters of God-without exception. Yet, consider the rank hypocrisy of Christian clergymen everywhere who refer on one hand to their congregation as "children of God" while in the same breath declare that Jesus in the ONLY Son of God. You can't have it both ways.

(By the way, Jesus never said He was the Son of God. He referred to Himself as the "Son of Man". The Roman emperor Constantine decided that Christ was the "Son of God" in 323 AD at the Council of Nicea).

What we see in the mirror is a reflection of a fleshy garment which we wear while on the physical plane, but it is not the essence of who we are. We are an immortal consciousness, a Being of Light, who is temporarily housed in that fleshy garment while on earth to learn spiritual lessons. Besides the skin we wear, we also have other "bodies" nested within our human form like layers of an onion.

We have a sensual 'body' that can be so captivated by pleasurable sensations that it can lead us to addictive and obsessive behavior such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, or food addiction, if allowed to run unchecked and uncontrolled by our inner consciousness. We have an emotional 'body' that can respond wildly to the stimulus of emotions and especially to the dictates of the ego unless we recognize its influence and can learn to contain it. This is the 'body' that is most manipulated by Christian preacher-propagandists who employ the use of charged emotions (the fired-up emotional delivery of the preacher, the power of music to emotionally sweep us off our feet, the powerful dynamics of group reverie (or pseudo-reverie) to suspend thinking and carry us along on a river of emotionalism) to install their Illuminati-inspired British Israel programming in their highly suggestible and pre-primed congregations. This is precisely what British Israel con artists like Benny Hinn, John Hagee, Paul & Jan Crouch, Rod Parsley, Jesse Duplantis, etc, etc., are doing with their congregants. They are using the facade of Christianity to install ideas and beliefs (E.g. Christian Zionism) that will ultimately lead to the destruction of Christianity and the imposition of the Satanic New World Order.

Duped fundamentalist congregants are not going to be able to recognize or free themselves from this deception unless they begin to temper the hypnotic influence of emotionalism and start engaging their under-utilized intellectual "body" to discern and examine more carefully what they are being taught as the indisputable "Will of God."   They are being brainwashed and manipulated to serve the agenda of the New World Order and they don't know it. 

Thankfully, a few books have been published recently which address this issue head on and more Christian pastors-who still have their heads screwed on straight- are now beginning to publicly lambaste the deceptions being promoted by the likes of Hagee or Hinn, but much more awakening needs to take place within the ranks of  congregants themselves. They are the ones who are funding and underpinning the very scaffolding upon which they will hang themselves.

Ken Adachi


[I was pleasantly surprised to read so much thoughtful and civilized commentary on this essay. My thanks to all who took the time to write..Ken]

Subject: Thanks Ken..Great Article
From: Frank
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008 4:42 am
To: Editor

I am glad you decided to go ahead and write this article. This kind of exposing of the satanic nature of what we have been led to be accept is a vital
and necessary step in order to begin to awaken the spirit in most folks.

I like to think most folks divine nature within when coupled with awareness can accomplish wonderful and beautiful things.

You my friend are an example.

Let me once again say from my heart,
Thank You,

The world is a better place and I am more than I was before because of you.



Subject: Comment on 'The Myths Of Christian Fundamentalism'
From: Phil Venter
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008 9:42 am
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I've often dropped by your site '' and I must commend you on your generally unbiased and in-depth articles of how we are being manipulated by the Satanic World Bankers today in nearly every sphere of our lives.

To paraphrase your article 'The Myths Of Christian Fundamentalism', I don't normally respond to most I read on the Internet. But reading your above mentioned article which was posted on, I feel I aught to address one or two concerns you raised. This may turn into an essay of its own, but kindly hear me out. Don't get me wrong. I agree with about 90% of what you wrote. But there are one or two inconsistencies and omissions I have to bring to your attention, where you should"Educate-Yourself";)

But first let me introduce myself and tell you where I come from and where I've metaphorically moved on to. My name is Phil Venter and I live in the troubled country of South Africa in Johannesburg. I grew up in a very repressive sect called Seventh-Day Adventists. I was one for 48 years! It was only when the internet came into my life that I started to question my beliefs and background. It was quite a shock to my psyche and life beliefs to come face to face with the inconsistencies and outright lies that had guided my life to that point. Long story short, I left that belief system and went on a quest for the meaning of life and an anchor to hang onto. I believe that I was successful, but we'll get back to that.

I have no problem with people believing what they want, but they must not try to stuff it down people's throats like you used in the example of the Mormon"missionary" in your essay. That was exactly the problem with the sect I had emerged from. But through much study and prayer (yes, I believe in prayer ) I was led to a Christian body called the "Eastern Orthodox Church". I agree that they are in no wise perfect, or totally cohesive, but in my estimation they are the closest to the"movement" that Jesus Christ left us after his Ascension back to where He came from . BTW, the Eastern Orthodox Church does not "Evangelise", they only accept people who ask to become members.

Most Christians today can not see or are aware of the Church beyond the Roman Catholic Church, but the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church parted ways on doctrinal issues in 1054 CE. In my in-depth studies, I decided that the Eastern Orthodox had kept to the 'Faith' the best they knew how, and that all Christian error crept in after the 1054 split. This is where I will end my background and  turn to the critique of your essay. I will only quote from the four Gospels, which you seem to have "quoted" from.

You said "(By the way, Jesus never said He was the Son of God. He referred to Himself as the "Son of Man". The Roman Emperor Constantine decided that Christ was the "Son of God" in 323 AD at the Council of Nicea)."

1. Matthew 28:19 ...Baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.(Who is the Son?)
2. John 5:36-43... (Speaks of His Father!!!!) Implication is that He is The Son.
3. Mark 1:11 ... You are my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. (Speaking of Jesus at His Baptism)
4. Luke 2:49 ... "Why did you seek me? Did you not know that I must be about my Father's business?" (Here he can only be referring to Himself as the 'Son of God', He was not referring to Joseph!) Christ did refer to Himself as the "Son of man," but it is quite clear that He was the Son of God too.

That will suffice for that argument. As for the Roman Emperor Constantine (a Saint the Orthodox Church) he became a Christian in 306 CE for reasons of his own. This brought about the end of the plus minus 250 years of persecutions of the Christians in the Roman Empire since the Ascension of Christ. Martyrdom of Christians has never ended though, and actually reached its peak in 20th Century Russia. Just for the
record, the Bolshevik Revolution started by Zionist Western Bankers was designed to stamp out Russian Orthodox Christianity. That was another factor that swayed my decision to become Orthodox (And yes, I adhere to the Russian Orthodox Church, although all Eastern Orthodox Churches believe the same.) The only connection that Constantine had to the Council of Nicea was that he was the sponsor, so to speak, and organised a venue for all the Church Bishops to hold their meetings. He only spoke at the opening of the council, and had NOTHING to do with the decisions taken there. There was of course much debate about the Godliness and human nature of Christ, but this was all discussed and agreed upon
solely by the Bishops present. For more information on the First Ecumenical Church Council of Nicea, go here;

There is much more information available of course if you cared to take the time to research it properly.

You said: ("These include the concepts of "judgment", (whether against others on the earthly plane, or the judgment that they assume they will face when they arrive at the Pearly Gates) and the concept of "sin", which carries a debt of guilt and the need to atone in some punishing way.")

1. Matthew 12:36."But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgement. (So you say there is no judgement. Jesus says otherwise.)

2. John 5:21-30 (Here Jesus not only refers to a judgement, but that He, the Son, will execute that judgement justly.

3. Matthew 25:31-46. (Here Jesus speaks of a judgement that all will face, and what we have to do to pass His Test, and what will happen to those who have failed the test. I'm sure we can agree that the masters of the NWO do not pass this test.

4. Matthew 26:28 "For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for the remission of sins." (You say there is no 'sin'. Then what "sins" are Christ referring to here?)

As Orthodox Christians, we believe that we have been made in the image of Christ (God), and therefore we venerate the likeness of God within each of us, but we do not believe that we are "Devine" creatures. We can become "Christlike" by practicing what Jesus preached (Which is very difficult under the present evil regime of this earth), but we do believe that Christ is coming back to fix the mess, along with His judgement, and that we must always be ready as admonished in Matthew 24:44 to “be ready as the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

I could go on and on, but my aim was not to bore you, just to possibly open your eyes that there is more than just superficial "Fundamental Christianity" out there.

Thank you for reading this, and please keep up the good work in exposing corruption and tyranny in the world today.


Phil Venter
South Africa



Subject: errors of christian fundamentalism
From: Michael C
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008
To: Editor

You made many good points.

Additional, but even more intense criticisms of Christian theology can be found at: and

You may want to keep abreast of further developments.

Michael C


Subject: Your Christian fundamentalism piece on
From: Archiek
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Adachi

I just read your article about fundamentalism on Rense. I do not agree with much of what you said, but appreciate your stating the case so plainly of many who hold a set of beliefs similar to yours.

I am a Christian, raised as a Roman Catholic and therefore not what you would probably call "fundamentalist" or "evangelical." This religion I was raised in never never ask us to check our brains at the door. They described faith as something that is appended to full use of one's individual God given intellectual capacity. Also, there is, to me anyway, quite a bit of "evidence" that when an inidividual thinks and ponders and reads and prays and acts, that divine help from God is given to further understanding and wisdom. It is not me and my divine powers that puts in this divine spark of wisdom and creativity and understanding.

God is separate from his Creation. Man is fundamentally flawed and fallen with a constant propensity toward evil. Much of an individual's wrong behavior and thought stems from his believing that its is he who is God and who is supreme and who dicides for himself what is right and good.

Consciousness is what indeed brings man, a spiritual being by nature made in the image and likeness of God a little lower than the angels (the good angels and the bad angels), in to other realms of being and energy and matter in this universe. Many "saints" who knowingly or unknowingly practiced mysticism levitated and showed other manifestations of this other realm of being that they had contacted by surrendering their consciousness through silencing the mind and meditating in a certain way.

I personally do not see that those saint mystic bore good fruit for the Body of Christ. I think it is very easy to open oneself up to the demonic realm. The agenda in that realm is to lie, kill and destroy, often if a most sophisticated way.

I believe human beings are fallen and do need a Savior. All our "creating" (actually co-creating with Christ) and discerning and using the other realm's
manifestations by surrendering our consciousness has not and never will save souls. In fact, all of that that has taken place by our world's great minds has only led to a further imprisonment of the minds and bodies of human beings. (Alexis Carrell, famous New York medical scientist with his laboratory students used to wear black robes and hoods and perform lab experiments using occultic ritualistic"consciousness raising" techniques. Thomas Edison and even Pythagoraous and many others gave their God given minds and faculties to the occultic dark side.

However, the seeking of truth in this world using the best of our human mind's abilities will always stand the test of time and do the most good even if the worldly success of these truth finding efforts is not immediately or even ever apparent. Seeking of truth is paramount.

Christ taught us that He was the Truth. And if we seek to know and follow Christ, we will then find the true freedom of the glorious children of God.

God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ Who is Truth.


Subject: The Myths of Christian Evangelism
From: George S
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Mr. Adachi,

I read your article with interest. But I wonder how you reconcile Jesus' words "Go in to all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" with your statement that evangelism is a false postulate of Chrisitanity?

Thank you,
George S


Subject: Your article at rense: "The Myths of Christian Fundamentalism"
From: Edward
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008
To: Editor

: Ken: In your article at "The Myths Of Christian Fundamentalism By Ken Adachi - Editor - - 3-1-8" you almost touch on the truth but it's an impossibility for you because even though you think you have a handle on the problem it's the other way around; the problem has a handle on you.

You are partially correct in saying "A belief is not the same thing as knowledge. A belief is an idea that we are conditioned to believe is true, yet we possess no concrete way to know or prove to ourselves (or to others) that it is true. In order to accept a belief as true, you must first possess faith we are told. But all faith is blind faith by definition and that's the rub. All victims of belief manipulation are first convinced that they must possess faith in order to be 'saved'." Of course you can know how to prove that an idea/belief is true: you research the hell out of it! Faith is not blind. It's as simple as a,b,c: mental conditining results in belief.

When you say "I can get you to believe inanything, if you will first surrender your intellect and common sense and allow me to supplant them with a firm conviction in the notion of "faith." that indicates you don't have a handle on the problem, you just don't understand it. No one surrenders intellect and common sense. It has been supplanted by mental conditioning and when you are mentally conditioned your behavior has been altered.

We are born with a clean slate for a mind. As we grow the mind is conditioned to believe depending on what the mind is fed. All religious believers are mentally conditioned to accept myth as fact. It is difficult to deprogram the mind and very few achieve mental freedom on their own. Ask any cult deprogrammer of the difficulty in clearing a believer's mind, the effort that must be expended to replace negative beliefs with positive ones.

Since you are a christian believer who is not in full control of your mind and your statement: "But are these self-described Christianstruly followers of Christ and do they emulate His example and adhere to His teachings? I don't think so. If anything, they are grossly unaware of the true teachings of Jesus Christ." indicates this for there is no historical evidence to support the reality of "Jesus," anyone that uses him as a reference is mentally conditioned. YOU believe Jesus was real but you have nothing but your beliefs which as I've said come from mental conditioning. Surely,
you who sounds as if you were somewhat educated must have done SOME research into religious origins and come up empty as there is nothing in historical records except what Constantine declared.

So the purpose of this email is to tell you that you shouldn't throw stones at a glass house.



Subject: myth of christian fundamentalism
From: General Fuhao of the Shangs
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008 1:25 pm
To:  Editor

Oh, yeah, baby! Give it up for Ken Adachi. I'm a Jesus person, you know"primitive christianity" or what Da Mon originated, but how I disdain Paulist

Fact is, I abhor ALL religion.

How 'bout an article AGAINST islam!

General Fuhao of the Shangs


Subject: Myths Of Christian Fundamentalism
From: -EEEE
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008
To: Editor

On faith...

As Alan Watts said... "Faith is the ability to accept the truth no matter what it turns out to be."



Subject: Myths of Christian Fundamentalism Article
From: RG
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008
To: Editor

In reading your article linked from Rense I am curious about your claim that Jesus never claimed to be the Son of God. Scripture is full of references both by Jesus and His disciples that He was the Son of God. Are you ignoring those claims or interpreting them in a different way than literally?



Subject: The Myths of Christian Fundamentalism
From: Ellen
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008

To: Editor


I literally sat here with a huge grin on my face, applauding you, by the time I got to the end of your essay. You said it all so very well. I posted
the url to your essay on, so that some "fundy" friends on could read your thoughts. I know they'll simply post about 10 different quotes from any book from Paul, and think that everyone else is supposed to "get it," from them. But, your words are food for thought. God gave us all free will.

Bravo! I'm putting your site in my favorites list now.

No, you will not be in my mailing list, as I don't keep one, out of fear of sending anyone a virus. Outlook will remember your address if I hit the first letter of it, but nothing will go to you if I don't click on your address in a drop-down menu. Blessings, and keep up the good work.

Coventry, RI


Subject: Your gutlessness in not naming the enemy: JEWS
From: Commander Z
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008
To: Editor

There is no NWO only a JEW WORLD ORDER. Where is your blurb on that? Jews did 911 and all world wars. The religion of Christians and Muslims is the death cult meme spawn of the bloodlust Jew religion. For you not to name them is to show complicity in their crimes.

If God exists then it is an Atheist. If you claim to be part of "God" then you are an Atheist by default. If you claim separation then you are an Atheist by default. Belief in: "At the bottom of the atonement is the concept that God wants blood and rests upon the most barbaric savagery."(Ingersoll) shows that the whole system of Christianity to be utterly worthless. All ministers are conmen just like Marjoe. You promote heavy metal (silver) ingestion just as the Jews promote vaccinations with Mercury content to cause Autism in Goy Children. Jews did 911 and all world wars.
Jews did Depression I and now they will do Depression II via the JEW Fed. Afghanistan is for protection of the Jew opium poppy trade and Iraq is for the control of oil and a new oil pipeline to Haifa. All at the expense of the Goy GIs who are used by the Jews for cannon fodder and who are in reality FIRST DEGREE MURDERS FOR JEW PROXY WARS UNWORTHY TO BE BURIED IN NATIONAL CEMETERIES SUCH AS
ARLINGTON. Any type of destruction on any country who did not attack the US by any GI following Illegal orders according to the Nuremberg Tribunals is guilty of a HANGING OFFENSE. Soon comes Jew WWIII. Who is your paymaster????? Do they pay in shekels???? Name the jackals of war and profits from both sides.

Oy Vey!
Commander Z


Subject: Does satan even exist?
From: Blaise K
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008
To: Editor

Hey Ken,

I just read your article on the myths of fundamental Christians and would first like to say that I agree with it completely. I have read before
about God being a part of all people, but suddenly my question of the devil came to mind. I have always believed that satan only exists if you believe
in him with the idea of fear in mind. If this is the case though, do the illuminati really worship anything if they are satanists? And could this
mean that they are in fact much less powerful than they would seem?

-Blaise K


Hi Blaise,

You raise a big question for metaphysics and I won't pretend to have the definitive answer, but I will give you my thoughts on it. I have to believe that Lucifer exists as he was created by the mind of the Creator. He was in good standing before the rebellion recall. I think it's probably more accurate to say that demons and Satan exist because they have been created by the mind of man. We create with our thoughts. We gave them form and  substance by dreaming them up. The more powerful the emotions of fear which we invest in demonic beings, the bigger they grow. We create and sustain them with our thoughts and especially the power of strong emotions-which is a very real energy.

I refer to the Illuminati as Satanists for convenience, but Illuminati insiders like Svali have always stressed that the Illuminati proper are Luciferians, while the lower peons on the street level are considered Satanists. I don't think it's terribly important as Satanic or Luciferic rituals have one objective: murder and terror.

I feel certain that the Illluminati are much less powerful than we imagine they are. Due to accelerated consciousness expansion, more people than ever are recognizing the NWO game, and in time, it will collapse. The more who think along the lines of positive lines, the quicker that collapse will take place. We create with our thoughts.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: False Teachers
From: zealot4him
Date: Fri, February 29, 2008 12:46 pm
To: Editor

It's interesting by reading your obvious Atheistic agenda that you seem to possess the same characteristics as the the people in Jesus day who denied Christ and fabricated the stories, created false testimonies and vehemently opposed evrything about Christ. Do you ever look in the mirror as ask yourself if your the one deceived into thinking your the enlightened one of the 21st century.Perhaps you need to get saved and receive the Holy Spirit before you can begin to comprehend the things of God. The bible says In,1 Cor "the natural man receives not the things of God (nor those
who preach it)neither can he know them they are foolishness to him because they are spritually discerned" You make yourself look the fool when you try to disqualify Gods preachers, not that they are correct in all they do, but come on,to make such a bold claim that they are are all false. The only thing in all this that might be disqualified is your enterance into heaven by your blasphemous overtones.

You my friend should take warning, for if they are men of God and you are defaming them you are doing it to the Lord as well.




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