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Was the Gabrielle Giffords Arizona Shooting on Jan. 8, 2011 a Staged Event?

From Ken Adachi, Editor
January 7, 2012

Was the Gabrielle Giffords Arizona Shooting on Jan. 8, 2011 a Staged Event? (Jan. 7, 2012)

A couple of weeks ago, two people sent me links to Youtube videos which were posted by Ed Chiarini under the name "dallasgoldbug." Recently, Youtube closed his video account, so you can't view them at the moment, but they were very interesting to say the least. His web site is

I was greatly impressed with the 2 or 3 videos I first saw of Ed's stuff. I knew his material wouldn't be online too long. It's was too heavy.

Ed shows powerful photographic evidence that we are witnessing Illuminated family members acting in various roles in the mainstream news stories, such as the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Tucson Arizona on Jan. 8, 2011. Ed exposes a man, David Weiss, who pretended to be Giffords attending physician in TV news coverage of her recovery from reported gunshot wounds to her head (which are in doubt since Ed points out that there is NO BLOOD seen in photographs from Giffords supposed shooting in the immediate wake of the event)

Jared Lee LoughnerI think we all know by now that shooters like Jared Lee Loughner are mind controlled patsies, but he could be a mind controlled actor as well. Everything about the Giffords shooting stinks to high heaven and reeks of deception and staging.

This Youtube interview between Ed Chiarini and Linda Joslin of the UK tells much of the Giffords scripted event, along with other interesting revelations concerning the alter identities of Maurice Greenberg and Maurice Strong. Private Manning is another story that may be following a script.

This is an interesting interview that has only registered 546 viewings on the day I grabbed the link (and I wonder how long it will remain online?).

I don't know any more about Ed than what I read online. His bio has him working for many organizations that are among the Illuminated ones, so don't take anything for granted, but he's hitting a lot of home runs. Well worth your time.

A May 25, 2011 slam piece about Ed is posted at the Village Voice with the typical "conspiracy nut" bias framing their incredulity.

Ken Adachi

Linda Joslin in Conversation with Ed Chiarini HUGE EXPOSE


PhotoShop image of Giffords following recovery? (Notice the missing section of her necklasce, the pasted on eyeglasses, and the "lonely" curl of hair apparenty floating in free space)

Gabrielle Giffords Cinderella marriage wedding photos to Mark Kelly in November 2007

Gabrielle Giffords (someone you NEVER heard of prior to Jan. 8, 2011): A Staged Shooting?

Re: Arizona Mass Shooting PSYOP

Postby nonhocapito » June 13th, 2011, 10:43 am

I'll be wrong, maybe this is an actress, but it is entirely possible that Giffords is a sim-person: considering how nobody had even ever heard of her before the shooting.


...Do eyes grow larger after stitching?

To comment these new pictures of miraculously-healed Giffords, and just to dab a topic that would need more time and research maybe in other contexts: there is one aspect here at play that is a sign of the masonic-luciferian bullcrap that pops-up in all these stories.
Asymmetric/different eyes. Maybe to honor the one-eyed symbolism, or for some other nefarious reason, it is not rare for celebrity characters to appear with (sometimes strongly) asymmetric-unmatching eyes from a certain moment on in their lives, as if following some kind of initiation.
Like in Giffords case, often the explanation for the asymmetry is given with some sort of accident. So it happened to Sammy Davis Jr., who lost one of his eyes in a car accident: It might be a coincidence, however Sammy Davis, like Giffords, was one of those rare gentiles allowed to convert to Judaism.


Re: Arizona Mass Shooting PSYOP

Postby guivre » June 13th, 2011, 7:49 am

I started looking at photos of Gabrielle Giffords because I realized that on the news I had only seen that same pose over and over again, and was looking to see if there were any others to compare the angles. There are some odd photos out there that are supposed to be her.

To me this one doesn't even look like her, but the same woman (the clown) is there, along with Mark Kelly. You might chalk it up to age, but consider that the story is that they have been married only since 2007.


This is her picture on Roll Call:


This is supposed to be her, also.


There are more at the Tucson Citizen if you scroll down from here:

Also if you image search, there are also a few very fuzzy pictures of someone supposed to be her, at a distances, riding a horse.

I don't know, it's possible. The hairline to me looks odd enough to be a wig. I don't want to spam this forum with pictures but if you care, image search "natural hairline wigs".

The hairline does not seem to be as odd in this picture, which seems to be a screencap?


Seriously now, who is this?


Here is a page of their wedding photos, which happened to be taken by a someone who was not just a wedding photographer, but also an AP photographer? Really?

You'll also find photos of the Tuscon Shooting on this same site.

One stop shopping, I suppose.

Perhaps one actress versus another actress is besides the point, but it's a very peculiar portrayal of a person.
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[Ed Chiarini Youtube page description is still online, but his videos have been taken down ]

The Giffords Investigation From the Beginning. by The Truth!

This will take you on the same journy as I took during my investigations. It will give you a full understanding of the world around us that we think is real but infact is just a massive lie that has been created by the elite and forced on us via the TV and the Mainstream media. Its all a lie and I prove it here. Do not watch if you are not willing to have the foundation of everything you believe in shaken to the core.

About The Truth!

EDWARD L CHIARINI JR. a.k.a. DallasGoldBug Mr. Chiarini, was born in Millington, Tennessee. At 7 days old he was flown back to Aston Pennsylvania, a small town, just south of Philadelphia, where he enjoyed his young adult years. At the age of 15 Mr. Chiarini was hired by author Robert Groden to illustrate his book High Treason. The book stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List for 16 weeks; Oliver Stone later adapted the book into the movie JFK. By age 18, Ed had also illustrated Groden's second book "The Killing of a President" and co-produced the documentary "JFK: The Case for Conspiracy" which was released domestically through Blockbuster Entertainment. Having spent time in Dallas, while working on the Kennedy Assassination books, he decided to make it his home, and at age 20 moved to Texas. He got his start in the internet field while working as a web-designer on Mark Bunting's (The Computer Man's, TV show) With Corporate offices in Deep Ellumn, with the help of Mark Cuban's (before the Yahoo buyout) became the FIRST web site to broadcast streaming audio and video transmissions of its daily news show to the internet. This marked the first site to accomplish this task beating by a week. Over the next few years he would work for several large corporations like Halliburton, LGC, Exxon Mobile, Savage Design, as Sr. Multimedia Developer, as Chief Creative Officer for, a Houston-based web development company, and as Creative Director for, also based in Houston. Looking for a change of pace he temporally gave up the Corporate life and joined the Unites States Air Force, where he was trained as an Avionic Technician for the F-15 and F-22 raptor aircraft. Alter receiving his honorable and leaving the Air Force, Mr. Chiarini focused his talents on educating parents about the dangers that the web has to offer, empowering them with effective tools to monitor their children online. The success and positive changes that his friends and clients experienced using these tools was immediately evident. They convinced Ed to put these tools together to lecture other parents about what they can do to stand strong and aware for their families, and WellAwareNet was born. While still available for lectures, Ed spends his time researching alternative fuel sources, in particular Hydrogen and Oxygen produced from water electrolysis. Recently his research enabled him to Patent his electrode designs, which many researchers have called the "Holy Grail" of Oxy Hydrogen cells. "Multiple electrode stack and structure for the electrolysis of water" Patent Application # 20090139856 Trademark Ser.# 77473944 TwisterHHO His creativity and passion for learning, combined with his extensive electronic and chemistry training, make for little free time, as he is constantly researching new technological developments. When he does find time to relax he enjoys his partner status in the community, and contributes articles to and to his blog The Conceptual Tyrannosaurus . Some of his more recent pieces on the topics of Wikileaks and the False Flag operations known as ChemTrails and the media participation and active cover up of the truth, have been featured on, an Alex Jones' web site, The latest current event to get his attention is the Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Giffords. Google "DallasGoldBug", or "Wikileaks Hoax" to read his articles. Ed currently lives in Dallas, having attended The University of the Arts in his hometown of Philadelphia. For the past 18 years he has worked with companies such as Landmark Graphics (a Halliburton Company),, Exxon Mobile,, Compaq IPaq, The Houstonian, Wildcat Golf Club, The Redstone Group, Disney, Ambrosi West Coast, Black Dot Group, Savage Design, and Neiman Marcus and many more.


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