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Waging Psyops, Psychotronics, Stalking, and Theater on Military Personnel

"It is a form of socio-economical warfare, psychological warfare, and electronic warfare. It is the reason why families don't stay together and the reason there is no love for people, only money and material things. Using all of the above to punish, reform and replace certain people in the family structure, and to change the courses of family history and inheritance. The stealing of souls, and the categorization of people like cattle, tagged and tracked ...."

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December 7, 2006

Original title
"No Cries for the Wicked, The Secret War in America"

There is a secret war going on. It is battle that is going on that I didn't know existed. Its purpose is to totally destroy your well being and your reality of what is real and what is not. For the past few years I have been in a state of disarray because of it. This is my testimony about the government, family, and strangers who use psychological warfare against me to blackmail, defame, shame, or extort money or ideas from me.

First off, I would like to say that I am not perfect. I don't even try to be, but it is not fair for people to manipulate, or bend your arm to get you to submit to something, whether it is family members or the government.

I was discharged from the military with a supposed mental illness. I didn't think I had one. They just wanted to to see how much they could do to me, and get away with. At my housing unit, things would turn up missing. The doors would be left open, when I knew that I had closed and locked them. I would receive obscene phone calls, and calls would turn up on my phone bills that I hadn't even made. They were all to military bases, and out of state. There wasn't caller ID during that time, and when the people would call and hold the phone, you were not able to tell who it was.

My car was unsecured. Someone would open my vehicle, and turn on my interior light, and leave it on. This was done many times. I didn't know who it was that was doing this. When I told people in my troop, they said," Maybe it's your kids that were doing it!" The thing about it, all my kids were barely 2 and 3, and the last one a few months old. My wife swore that she had nothing to do with it, and at first we witnessed these events together.

During this time I was going for my E-5 and I was going to PLDC, Primary Leadership Development Skills and they started doing it there too. I just came to the realization that they didn't want me there, and they were trying to find any type of thing to scare me off.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when afterwards, when I didn't finish the school, because of a hazing that had sexual undertones, which made me feel uncomfortable, and a ethical dilemma with the concepts of being NCO, was when I was placed in a mental ward at the VA Hospital.

I didn't have a choice on whether or not to take the drugs that were administered to me. My wife didn't know where I was. I was locked in for almost two months.

When I finally did get out, I was subjected to scrutiny, because of hazing incidence, I was taken out of a position of authority. Cars started following me and would turn off. Cars would pull over to the side of road and put their hazard lights on. People would have conversations and would talk about me, but they would deny that they were talking about me.

Everywhere I had an appointment to meet, a fire truck would be there. In the early to late 90's it was kind of the "in" thing to have a Toyota truck , or an Isuzu truck with letters missing. If it was a Toyota, it would say "Toy t ". If it was a Isuzu, it would be " Is u". I finally realized that they were trying to get me to read in this organized code that they had created.

The cars that started following me were of a particular class of cars. At first, they were Grand Ams, and Geo Metros, and Ford Probes. You could tell that these cars were following, because they would have erratic patterns. Some would stick close, and some would turn off, and another would pick up where the other turned off. Some would set up traps to try to make you have accidents. I would take down the license plates to try find out who they were and they would immediately take off. Some cars would try to trail you by being in front of you and try to guesstimate where you were going, because it's hard to make you think they are following you, when they are in front of you.

During the process, when my chapter [discharge proceedings] was going through, at the same time, I was falsely accused, and later found innocent of a crime, I did not commit. I think it was just anything to further intimidate me and to distress me. I was fingerprinted, separated from my family members. They took my children, and I was coaxed into signing a false statement. My chapter went through and I was separated from the military, but the military still had my children in their custody.

Can you imagine? Being separated from the Armed Forces and they still had your children-in another state yet?. It was just unreal, and it happened! The deciding verdict was after I had ETS from the military.

During that time, my children can remember being whipped by the foster parents. My wife could see them, but I couldn't. When I was found not guilty, they released them back to us, and we left that state for our own and I was through with the military, Right? ----Wrong!

What had happened to me was leaked through channels, from where I was stationed, to bases located near my home. Also, relatives and so called "trusted" personnel on both sides of the family, started gossiping and the rumor mill started. So because my so called chapter was for a psychological disorder, because of the incidence that the government tried to pull, it made people think that it was for a sexual misconduct- G-A-Y!

Before I got out, they did testing for the VA, to find out what my strength and weakness were in math, English, comprehension, and they were documented. Also when I was being interrogated, I was subjected to a lie detector test. I think that this was to pattern the form of psychological warfare that they were going to use on me, and also to know some of my body processes, whether I was lying, telling the truth or whatever.

I was on anti psychotics, and during the last 6 or 7 years, I have tried nearly all of them to the point where it started causing serious sexual and breathing problems. (i.e., panic attacks) This was all to slow me down, and keep me from being alert. I didn't actually believe that I had a psychological problem, but the doctors kept insisting it. And the more someone tells you that something is wrong with you, or something negative about you, the more you begin to believe it yourself.

So what happenings when you place a person who could be perfectly normal on antipsychcotics? First off, you have no creditability. People second guess what you have to say. You are passed over for jobs, because you have to put that on job applications. You are a sitting duck for justifiable homicide, and anything bad that happens can easily be blamed on you. When your kids finally are grown enough to realize what an advantage it is, they try to see how much they can get away with, and play mommy against daddy.

I believe that I was racially profiled and classified by the members of the Government because I had a social security number from California, but I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. I believe that I am being framed for entertainment purposes. It is a combination of the government, Hollywood, and professional businessmen. It is a form of socioeconomic warfare, psychological warfare, and electronic warfare. It is reason why families don't stay together and the reason there is no love for people, only money and material things. Using all of the above to punish, reform and replace certain people in the family structure, and to change the courses of family history and inheritance. The stealing of souls, and the categorization of people like cattle, tagged and tracked to keep down the spread of mad cow.

This type of psychological warfare is to take a normal person, twist him to a certain point, and the end result, being crazy, with drugs and behavior modification. I tried to work. I took the medicine, it didn't really make a difference. I found that the places that I worked, were doing intel for the government using people's information and backgrounds against certain persons in my situation.

The VA was checking back and forth through it's people, collecting information, and along with secret agencies, followed me, surveiled me, and tried to make me do harm to myself. At first, it drove me to a point in which I tried committing suicide, because I didn't understand why all of this was happening to me. Military housing is supposed to be more secure than an average apartment, because it is the military, so I knew that it was someone military that was doing this to me, but when I got out, personal records, bills, certain things that you know you placed in a particular area, started turning up missing again, and I did not know who was doing it.

Neighbors would watch you, even if it was 3 o'clock in the morning and you went outside for fresh air, they would come outside at the same time. The exact same time. When I would leave to go to the store, they would either be coming or going at the same time. So I started thinking that it had to be more than a psychological situation, it was combined electronic warfare with a patterned psychological profile. The government has all of my information, and although I had never been convicted of a crime, or had a criminal record, I was a target. My service record was good. I was prior service. I served in Desert Storm. Maybe, that was a hint, with the extent of psychological and electronic warfare that was used in that war. I was found innocent of what they were accusing me of in my last duty station, but I think that was just for the government to get their foot in the door; just to have something.....

I started realizing that the doctors weren't really trying to help me. They were only experimenting and testing their theories of what they wanted to secretly investigate. I think for dirt, other women, hearsay from envious people, and lies from evil people. They were psychoanalyzing me, and I knew it. The area that we moved to wasn't too far from a major Air Force base.....And that's all I got to say. I couldn't keep any jobs, because of fear that I had that people were spying on me. I didn't like going into stores, because people would be making obscene or sadistic remarks that were aimed at you, but they acted like they were talking to others.

When cell phones started becoming more and more popular, there were "phone mobs" where people would call and let who was in control of this operation be informed where I was at anytime. I don't know for sure if this was the Masons, a government agency, or just ex-military that were doing this, but no one came up to me and told me anything. I never received any mail or notification, and to this point, I still don't know what my rights are, if any.

My family relationship started suffering a bit. All the things that my wife and I experienced in the military, I still noticed things, but she didn't. We didn't see eye to eye on the strange occurrences, that were still happening. All this time, I never heard voices, hallucinations, or anything whatsoever. Since she couldn't see it, or wasn't experiencing it, we became divided, and I started to alienate myself from her and family members to a certain degree.

I knew the police were in on whatever was going on, but they wouldn't tell me anything, (although I know they knew everything.) They would just observe and watch my actions. Now, if a person is guilty of something, they should at least know what they are accused of. I figured at worse, it was someone who was jealous of me, because I was doing well to a certain degree in the military. Or maybe it was someone who was jealous of me and my wife. Or maybe it is a just a systematic process that this society uses on certain individuals, especially when you want to keep them from success.

I became aware that I was being tracked and characterized by what I bought, where I went, what particular brand of merchandise I represented, and what car I drove. My computer was being tracked and monitored, and I was being openly exploited by what web sites I went to, and what my interests were. So much for curiosity. I couldn't keep a job, so that resulted in having yard sales and picking up trash off the road. I enjoyed it for a while until I finally realized what the real purpose of it was.

It was to make you lose your self esteem, and to make you feel inadequate. To debase you and to make you feel like you're not as good as everyone else. I really couldn't look anyone in the eye. I would look down. Everyone else had disposable income, and I was dwindled down to mere nothingness, from working on, and operating million dollar equipment, to picking up trash off the road.

This is when they started working the psychological warfare, that is patterned for gays, when you are at your weakest point, to try to make you feel that you are not good enough,that no one is on your side, no one can see your point of view, and either people don't understand, or do understand, and don't care. It was also to see how low they could make me fall, spread vicious rumors, make people think I was gay, and then laugh about it.

They were trying to break me down, I know that I have been brainwashed, and they were using Army acronyms, and slang to incorporate it. I trusted in my religion, but I noticed that the secret societies and "cliches" are all in the church, and the sermons are not patterned for trying to save souls, but to help the government to spy on whoever the target is, and a matchmaking service for the women, for when they get tired you, they can get a "spiritually enhanced man", fresh from the prisons.

I was becoming to realize, but hoping that I was not part of an underground slave trade of personnel being bounced from place to place, to see who could set up who, for whatever. I believe that I am being railroaded, but information, and certain information could only be coming from certain bodies, my ex-employer, my relatives, and so called friends. I don't want to be a plant, and I served my country faithfully on the battlefield already. And although they try to make you feel like a toy soldier, I know I am not.

The language that I have been taught is in variables, that represent Army acronyms. They can represent anyone, or anything, at any particular time. Non verbal communication is also used, with old style phonetic language, and jargon. Post hypnotic suggestion is used, along with psychological "triggers" which can make you respond two minutes from now, to a point of 20 years later. I remember instances where everything that has happened to me, was told to me almost 20 years before. It was like it was already pre patterned,.

I can see patterns and symbolism, that have happened before, in my family histories, and now they are trying to pattern it for me. They have been using "remote viewing", conventional conditioning, (to get me to respond to triggers) and game theory.

For example...My name starts with a "T". Everything that has an abbreviated association with T, they have been using it on me: TD, TV, TC, etc/

TD = Touch Down, which is a football term. An abbreviated name as in TD Jakes, To touch down, as in a sexual or perverted sense, TD = Titty, as in a sexual sense. All of these are variables that represent whatever in abbreviated form. But, when you have been to the military, and you have been non-caring and a promiscuous person with a foul mouth from being in the military, you are bound to think this way, because I didn't curse until I went into the military.

TV= Television. T+V= My name starts with a T, My wife's name starts with V.

TC = Tank Commander, a military term. The one who is in charge of a military vehicle. TC = T, See,

I believe that this is pre patterned association that can be used on anyone who's name starts with the letter T. I believe it is code that is computer generated, and depending on your level of awareness, it can be used to give and receive subconscious messages. It can be pattern for whoever depending on what letter their name starts with, and what acronyms or abbreviated letter associations there are.

It is a form of research and development. It is designed to make you self destruct. It is a way of people influencing the subject without anyone directly knowing it, except the subject.

TV, the first two letters of mine and wife's name would explain why all of a sudden I started being attacked by the television. The commercials, the movies, the media, seemed as if they were talking about me. All kind of coincidences started happening, At one point I started having psychic encounters. I wouldn't sleep for days, It felt as if people were reading my mind. Things that me and my wife and kids would talk about privately, I would go down the street, and people would be talking about the same exact thing, or let me know that they knew. When they got me to breaking down words into syllables, they started implementing the nonverbal communication, where people, can just pick up something off the ground, or make a gesture, and it would mean something. People have genetic characteristics or traits that can be used to used signify whether someone is telling the truth or lying.

Just like if you're puzzled, you scratch your head. There can be many documented answers that are prearranged, without even saying a word, and done nonverbally.

So a television can be used to relay a message, or a taunt a particular person, or give a signal on when to burn down a house, or when someone is going to die, or whatever the message or the command is. This is electronic and psychological warfare that is knowingly being used on civilians, and used in the secret war to manipulate, control, or deter individuals. So it is true, when some little kid says a song told him to do a harmful act. Are video games going to be used to secretly tell someone when to kill and who to kill?

These are no more than press gangs, who along with Hollywood to document, and control your personal information, and use it, (if you are government) to force you back in the military, shame you, and then try you in court, with information gathered while you are a so-called "civilian".

Just like any gang, you're in the gang for life, but I have never joined a gang before, in my life; I just joined the military. So for me talking about this, I have three choices: Conform and bow down to the imperialistic powers of this secret society, Die in the hood like a thug, or Die gallantly on the battlefield. But to hell with that. Just because I understand the psychological warfare doesn't make me the robot they want, They can't make be what they want me to be. So they can keep on spreading their propaganda

If you have any questions, email me at

This is for the real soldiers, who survive this bullshit.


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