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Second Spacecraft Call-In from United Galactic Federation
During Nicoloff/Adachi Radio Interview, July 28, 2009

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 29, 2009, Updated Jan. 20, 2022

Second Spacecraft Call-In from United Galactic Federation During Nicoloff/Adachi Radio Interview, July 28, 2009

I was being interviewed last night on Don Nicoloff's BBS Radio show Evident Footprints when I suddenly lost communication with Don forty two minutes into the show. I was able to get back on after a few minutes, but a surprise caller had phoned into the show just as I had lost contact with the network. I was both surprised and delighted to hear Don tell me that General Jeremiah of the United Galactic Federation of the Galaxy of Hendon (which we identify as The Milky Way) was on the line with us. The General called into Don's show for the first time on May 29, 2009 to publicly introduce himself to Don's radio listeners.

Privately, Don has been in communication with General Jeremiah for some years and on one or two occasions, the General had relayed a complimentary message to me through Don, but to speak to General Jeremiah directly - on the phone and over the air - was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I was elated that he chose to call in while I was on the air with Don.The General revealed some new information and confirmed some thoughts I had concerning the role of friendly extraterrestrials in mitigating the lethality of bio-engineered bugs like SARS, for example.

I've listed the highlights from General Jeremiah's call below (you can listen to the entire radio show with myself, Don Nicoloff, and the General by clicking the mp3 audio file link below this paragraph. I'll also provide a link to Don Nicoloff's web site where he divided the interview into tw segments to allow for faster downloading).

I decided to save the biggest surprise of the evening, the announcement by General Jeremiah of the TRUE birthplace of Barack Obama, as the final item on the list seen below (but do you have the fortitude to resist the temptation to jump down to the bottom of the list and have your dessert before your supper? Just wondering :-).

Radio Interview with Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi, and (later) General Jeremiah of the United Galactic Federation, July 28, 2009 (1 hour, 39 minutes) 28 2009 w Gen Jeremiah Evident_Footprints_2009-07-28.mp3

(For the first 42 minutes of the show, Don and I are discussing the goals of communism as spelled out in the Communist Manifesto published in 1848 by Marx and Engles, the fraudulence of the Obama Masquerade, and the great dangers associated with the threat of "mandatory" Swine flu vaccination coming this Fall [2009]. General Jeremiah comes into show at the 43 minute mark and continues with Don and I until the 1 hour, 25 minute mark You can fast forward your player to the 43 minute mark if you want to jump ahead to the conversation with General Jeremiah, but I urge you to pay attention to the earlier conversation that Don and I had concerning the very real dangers which the so-called Swine Flu, poison-laden "vaccine" will pose to anyone who takes it. Although he hadn't heard the earlier part of our discussion, General Jeremiah nevertheless concurred with us that it would be extremely wise to avoid this vaccine "if at all possible".)

The Swine Flu Vaccination 'Scandal'

The first thing the General wanted to warn about was the dangers inherent in taking the proposed "Swine flu" vaccination. He said that the Swine flu vaccination was a "complete scandal" that "will produce antigens in your body that you don't need" and the "will produce some viruses that you body may not contain." His warning serves as a CONFIRMATION of what the alternative health camp have been trumpeting all along: the attempt to force the Swine flu vaccination agenda is intended to POISON you and not protect you. My advice continues to be: AVOID any and all vaccines--at any cost.

General Jeremiah also added that "it was going to be very difficult for your military and government employees to reject" taking these vaccines, "but if you can in any way, please do."

I might add my own comments to his warming: the quarter million men and women of the US armed forces who have already died as a result of being poisoned with the "special" anthrax vaccination given to them in preparation for the first attack against Iraq in January of 1991, serve as a silent testimonial and reminder to current members of the armed forces that the Pentagon and government are under the control of NWO traitors and fifth columnists who are intent on destroying this country, its people, and its military defenders. *

(* See Gary Matsumoto's 2004 book, 'Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers--And Why GI's Are Only The First Victims' ) .

Read the book online

The entire book is read aloud in 8 videos:

Chemtrail Mitigation

The General announced that after three years of research by a very large team of scientists aboard their (15 miles long, 5 miles wide) mother ship, the Alliance, that they had succeeded in developing what he described as a "serum" to neutralize the poisonous elements of chemtrail sprayings and render them harmless. He said that his group had begun deploying the serum into earth's atmosphere at the beginning of July 2009, utilizing 2,000 spacecraft daily around the globe and added that "hopefully, we'll have that problem solved within a few weeks."

This is clearly good news for billions of people worldwide, whether they are aware of chemtrail spraying or not. It's interesting to note that earlier in the show I had alluded to the apparent failure of the chemtrail poisoning operations to "work" for the Illuminated Ones, but last night we were given a stunning confirmation from the United Galactic Federation of their assistance in helping to rid our atmosphere of these toxins, for which we are most grateful (of course, we continue to recognize and honor the tremendous assistance which we have received all along from the giant air elementals, the Sylphs, and those awakened members of humanity whose thoughts, focused intent, and prayers have helped to cripple this diabolical genocidal operation). Anyone paying attention to the skies may have noticed a marked upswing in blue-sky days of late, especially in June and July 2009. The chemtrail poisoning agenda won't be fully curtailed until the the military and civilian TRAITORS who are enabling and carrying out these chemtrail spraying operations STOP their murderous involvement and collusion in this most heinous act of betrayal and genocide.

Neutralizing Bio-engineered Diseases

Don asked me if I wanted to ask General Jeremiah any questions and I took the opportunity to inquiry about the role of friendly extraterrestrials in subduing the proliferation of SARS in 2004 and the thwarting of bio-engineered diseases in general. The General confirmed that his group did work on neutralizing the planned SARS "pandemic" of 2004 and that his team of 100 scientists were currently working on neutralizing a new bio-engineered virus, among the many planned to be released by the Illuminated Ones, in order to bring us to our knees. It was reassuring to hear of these countermeasures and I look forward to the day when humanity can free itself of its Fort Detrick-style maniacs and we only have to concern ourselves with the biological organisms produced exclusively by Nature.

Role of Negative Aliens in the Takeover of Planet Earth

In response to a question from Don Nicoloff, the General said that there were three negative alien groups underpinning the Illuminati's effort to take over the planet and that these negative alien groups had insinuated themselves into every major government of the world, from China to the USA and that a large proportion of our "leaders" were either full-blooded aliens masquerading as humans, or were alien/human hybrids. The General said that it was not "unusual" (on this or other planets) for negative extraterrestrial aliens to take over government positions of authority and that it's been going on for at least 500 years on this planet.

More Spacecraft Sightings

General Jeremiah mentioned that more of their Federation's ships will be plainly visible in the coming weeks and months. We all know that there's been a general ramping up of UFO sightings in the past couple of years and that the time is about right for the "aliens are here" scenario to unfold, so it doesn't surprise me that all visiting extraterrestrial groups, both negative and friendly, have been given the green light to make their presence known

Obama's Birthplace

Because Don Nicoloff had been working so diligently to expose the fraudulent background and genealogy of Obama and his "family" in The Three Stooges Go to Washington series, General Jeremiah decided to ask his intelligence team to look into Obama's true country of birth - which Don Nicoloff HAD BEEN PREDICTING all along - was in Indonesia. Specifically, General Jeremiah reported that his intelligence team had determined that Barack Obama was born in the city of Denpasar, Bali (see map below), a large city of about 170,000 inhabitants. Now we understand why Obama's grade school records in Indonesia listed him a a citizen of Indonesia, because he IS a citizen of Indonesia.

I'm sure the NSA and CIA were scrambling last night to put into motion a "vacumning" operation to purge Denpasar of all records relating to Obama's birth there, but it won't stop the truth from coming out. In Don's latest installment of the Three Stooges, Part 7A and 7B, he said that the tried and true Hegelian Dielectic of identifying two fraudulent possibilities (Hawaii or Kenya as the place of birth) were applied to obscure Obama's true origins of birth, which Don was assuring me for over a year, was in Indonesia. Way to Go Don Nicoloff!

Map of Bali and city of Denpasar

I found this YouTube video posted by 'Alex' of Chicago on July 6, 2009 which also convincingly makes the case that Obama was born in Indonesia Way to Go Alex from Chicago!


There are other interesting things that General Jeremiah had revealed during the time he was on the air, but I'll let you discover them for yourself as you listen to the show.

I'll probably add a few more comments to this page within a day or so

As always, you are not required to believe anything you don't wish to believe. Realize, however, that General Jeremiah and the crew of the Alliance are as human as you and I. The General was born and raised right here in the United States, as his southern accent will clearly attest. He is a very special individual to have been chosen by the Elders of the United Galactic Federation to be elevated to the rank of General and be given command over such a large number of personnel and spacecraft. The fact that he is willing to call Don Nicoloff's radio show from 26,000 miles in space in order to reveal new and important information in the interest of assisting his fellow human brethren -besieged by parasites and psychopathic criminals - is not lost on me, and I hope it's not lost on you.

Ken Adachi

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