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Genetic Patdown

Homeland Security plan for DNA screening could quickly lead to other uses, abuses

[Editor's Note: The ultimate goal of DNA collection is to enter your genetic code into government (NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, etc) and military computers. From there, with the flip of a switch, you can be subjected to all of the horrors of psychotronic harassment, torture, and electronic mind control that thousands have already been victimized with and experimented upon. The tyranny goes far beyond Big Brother identification: Your DNA is the "code" which computer-based mind control and psychotronic torture technologies can "lock" onto you and with it, can target you for scalar and microwave energies, without affecting a person standing right next to you. The colossal "telecommunication" towers being built in major cities around the world are part of the same electronic mind control agenda that will use your DNA to find you, and deliver whatever psychotronic "package" the manipulators wish to deliver. This is NOT science fiction. Just ask anyone who SUFFERS electronic harassment whether it's REAL or not. These technologies were developed and refined in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s under Project Montauk and other secret government mind control programs. ..Ken Adachi]

By Katie Drummond
February 27, 2011

Genetic Patdown (Feb. 27, 2011)

Airport scanners already get under your clothes, but federal officials aren't stopping there: They want to get inside your genes, too.

This summer, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security plans to begin testing a portable DNA scanner, The Daily had learned.

The device, which has not yet been unveiled but reportedly resembles a desktop printer, is expected to make genetic tests far more common, particularly in matters related to refugees, human trafficking and immigration. As the technology is commercialized, some experts believe it will soon make its way into everyday medical and law enforcement situations.

With nothing more tha a swab of saliva, security officials can use the device to obtain genetic intel in less than an hour. The results reveal personal details about one's ethnicity, race, and lineage. Current DNA tests can take several weeks.

"This can be done in real time, with no technical experitse," Richard Selden, the executive chairman of NetBio, the company that devised the scanners, told The Daily. "DNA information has the potential to become part of the fabric of day-to-day life, and this facilitates that process."

The machine also cuts the cost of a single DNA test from $500 to under $100, Christopher Miles, the biometrics program manager in the DHS Office of Science and Technology, said at a conference last week on biometrics and security.

"It's the same process that occurs in the lab today," he said, according to NextGov (, a site covering technoogy and government. But "it will drastically make the system more efficient."

Thousands of prospective American residents could soon encounter the screening device. Officials hope to combat human trafficking and illegal immigration by using DNA tests to confirm relationships among immigrating families and foreigners giving their children up for adiption.

But the device might also have myriad other applications. Pinpointing criminals and missing persons are also options for future use of the device, Miles said.

Jim Harper, the director of information policy studies at the Cato Institute and a member of the DHS privacy committee, called the technology a game-changer, and one that officials are rolling out too hastily.

"There's going to be a rapid migration into collecting more DNA from more people." he said. "We're plunging into the unknown here."

The DHS mandates a policy of supporting the commercialization of new technology. With the introduction of rapid DNA scanners in a federal setting, a new commercial marketplace for the devices is an inevitable result, Harper said.

Indeed, Selden told The Daily that the device can be tailored for emergency rooms, food safety tests and law enforcement, in addition to federal agencies. He anticipates commercialization within a year.

"This is simply a preliminary test of how the technology performs," DHS spokesmamn Chris Ortman told The Daily.

But even information collected under the current plans will pose problems, Miles acknowledged.

Unexpected paternity results, for example, would do more than thwart an immigrant family or an adoption. In some cultures, it might raise life-or-death issues.

"Is it our role to tell them that?" he said, adding that DHS privacy and civil liberties officers are still answering such key questions.

Harper, for one, is concerned that the DHS didn't consult their privacy advisory committee, of which he is a member, as it prepared to test the scanners.

"I'm frustrated that I'm learning about this from a reporter." he said. "This is exactly the kind of thing our committee should be reviewing."

Katie Drummond

DNA "Genetic Patdown" Introduced to Airports by DHS
Feb. 27, 2011

By Nicholas West

Forward courtesy of Antar

NetBio -- Rapid DNA Analysis Solutions

A new level of invasive screening is scheduled for airports this summer:  a portable DNA scanner to conduct on-site, real-time genetic testing.

This technology is being implemented under the cover of combating human trafficking, illegal immigration, and finding missing persons, but Richard Seldon of NetBio, creator of the scanners, clearly states that "DNA information has the potential to become part of the fabric of day-to-day life." In an interview with Katie Drummond who broke this story for The Daily, Seldon envisions additional applications in emergency rooms, food safety tests, and law enforcement.

DNA collection is actually nothing new, as the Pentagon has admitted that it currently has a DNA database with 80,000 suspected foreign terrorists on it, and growing daily.  However, this collection apparatus has been secretly in place for Americans as well.  Lawsuits are pending from families who uncovered a secret program to collect DNA from babies and store it in a military database.  However, that was a secret that had to be uncovered.  The fact that DNA screening is being rolled out openly marks a new level of blatant tyranny in America.

To a certain extent, DNA collection already has become part of the fabric of day-to-day life; police in America have had the authority to conduct warrantless searches since 2009 by taking blood and saliva during arrests, even from those not convicted of a crime.  This has quickly morphed into DNA being taken through mandatory blood tests at DUI checkpoints in Florida.

It has been argued that DNA extraction is no different than taking fingerprints.  This argument is patently absurd, due to the simple fact that fingerprints have no bearing on one's genetic information . . . or manipulation.  It is the genetic information of individuals that has been the holy grail of all tyrannies as the endgame for their control grid.

The current focus on DNA extraction and databasing is a well-known globalist initiative stated by the UN to register every newborn.  This initiative has the full support of globalist and population-control advocate, Bill Gates, who would like to see a universal birth registry which would presumably tie in to his universal vaccine program.  Additionally, globalist behemoths such as the RAND Corporation have issued documents that identify an interest in biotechnology for the purpose of population reduction, cloning, and to "identify, understand, manipulate, improve, and control living organisms (including ourselves)."

It is important to note that the technology of tracking, tracing, and databasing innocent people right down to their blood is a top-down directive from federal agencies, not a legitimate scientific endeavor.  Legitimate science researches ways to increase human potential and freedom, not use it as a system for identification and control.  With the rise of nanotechnology as a federal initiative, we should strongly resist the collection of our life force to be used in any way that government-controlled science sees fit.


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