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Prince Georges County, Maryland States Attorney Glenn Ivey's Warning:

"Parents Must Immunize Their Children Or Go To Jail"

[Editor's Note: You need to click the link posted below to see the video clip from a local TV news station in order to hear the words of the vaccine promoters and the adults being used to push the vaccination agenda. You will notice in the TV report that there is not ONE WORD offered in defence of NOT vaccinating these children  The only comments you get are from the reporters presenting the story and from the people they interview is that it's necessary to crack down on those delinquent and irresponsible parents are are unwilling to PROTECT their children with vaccination Well, "enough is enough" says Maryland States Attorney Glenn Ivey. He's going to haul these "irresponsible" parents into court and throw them in jail if they don't IMMEDIATELY comply with vaccination ORDERS from the school and state. Doctors and nurses will be standing by with syringes in hand ready to pump up those hapless little children with the mandated vaccines. Working hat in glove with Ivey is Dr. Betty Despenza-Green, described as the Chief of Student Services. Speaking from the press conference microphone-which were set up right in front of the courhouse so there is no mistaking the threat implied-Dr. Despenza-Green wanted the TV cameras to know that " We need those students safe" Yea, right.

I can only HOPE that the anti-vaccine community will make an all-out effort to reach those parents so they can tell them how to immediately file a vaccine exemption form and stop this outrage against the parent's rights. Second, an injunction needs to be filed on behalf of the parents in order to prevent any immediate coercive court action before the parents bow to the pressure being put upon them. Third, a lawsuit needs to be filed against the school and the local school board, similar to the action taken by Dr Len Horowitz in Hawaii when his daughter faced this same dilemma a year ago, and force the school to INFORM parents that they can opt out of vaccinations by filing the EXEMPTION form. As it is, the school do NOT want parents to know that they can opt out.

Lastly, Dr. Betty Dispenza-Green and States Attorney Glenn Ivey need to be run out of office. Anyone who would attempt to use the threat of jail to force parents to vaccinate their children against their will is a Nazi and must be removed from positions of power over the public. ...Ken Adachi]

By Mark Century, TruthNews
November 14, 2007

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Original Title:
Parents Must Immunize Their Children Or Go To Jail

Prince Georges County, MD

1,600 school children and their parents have been ordered to appear in circuit court this Saturday where health workers will immediately force them to receive required shots. Parents who don't bring their children to court for the shots are to be jailed.

"We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, but it's going to have to get done." said State Attorney Glenn Ivey.

Nazi #1.
Dr. Betty Despenza-Green
: "We need those children immunized. We need those children in school. We need those students safe. "

[Tip from Ken Adachi: If you were really concerned about children's safety, Herr Doktor, you would know that there is a MOUNTAIN of documents and studies which PROVE that vaccines are HARMFUL, dangerous, TOXIC to children (

Dr Bettry DEspenza-Green


Nazi #2.
Maryland States Attorney Glenn Ivey: "We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way, but it's gotta get done."

[Tip from Ken: What's "gotta get done", tough guy, is to kick your fascist ass out of the States Attorney office and get you back to doing something like chasing ambulances, where you're less of a danger to society and the rule of law. And when you have a little spare time, maybe you could pick up a copy of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and do some schooling yourself. ]

Maryland States Attorney Glenn Ivey



No Law Says Parents Have To Get Their Children Vaccinated
Government and media propaganda hoax continues as parents in Maryland hoodwinked and threatened into believing it is the law to vaccinate kids,
error-strewn Fox news report relays disinformation

By Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Does the law FORCE parents to vaccinate children? (Nov. 14, 2007)News networks and state authorities are once again engaging in mass public deception by claiming that vaccines for children are mandated by law and that parents will go to jail if kids do not take their shots. In reality, there is no law that says you have to vaccinate your children and waiver forms for personal or religious exemptions are freely available.

A situation in Prince George's County, MD. has attracted media attention and once again provided the platform for a propaganda push that falsely implies it is the law for children to be vaccinated with mass produced big pharma shots that are often not stringently tested and have been linked with dangerous side-effects.

More than 2300 children in Prince George's County have been expelled from school for up to a month and a half because they have not received their shots for chicken pox and hepatitis B. This Saturday the parents of more than 1600 children have been ordered to attend Circuit court, where medical officials will be on standby to forcibly inject their children in a scenario befitting of a science fiction horror movie.

School officials have said the parents will receive a verbal reprimand from the judge and be ordered to have their children immunized in the courthouse. The students would then be allowed to return to school. Parents who refuse to comply will get fines and could be jailed for ten days.

"If the child is not here Saturday, then we will move on with the process, meaning that the PPWs and the counselors will put together the packet to take before the state's attorney's office, asking, requesting that criminal charges be implemented," Dr. Betty Despenza-Green, the chief of student services, said from the courthouse Tuesday.

"We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, but it's going to have to get done. I'm willing to move forward with legal action." said State Attorney Glenn Ivey.

Letters ordering the parents to show up at Prince George's Circuit Court for a court hearing and a free vaccine have been issued with the warning "unexcused absences by your child may subject you to a criminal charge."

Watch a Fox News report: (see link above)

This report is completely riddled with errors and distortions from beginning to end.

The Fox reporter states "A new law was passed last year requiring children from 5th through to 10th grade to have the vaccine". This is completely untrue. The vaccine has been mandated by the state but there is no law in the U.S. that requires mandatory vaccinations of any kind. The report mentions the waiver forms only after claiming that it is the law. How can there be a waiver form that allows someone to break a law?

This is why the parents who do not comply will be charged not under vaccination laws (because there aren't any) but under truancy, neglect or child in need of supervision laws, which state that the parent is culpable after 30 days of a child's unexplained absence from school.

The school itself triggered the truancy violation by unfairly kicking the kids out of school, and failing to inform parents about vaccine waiver forms.

The news report quotes befuddled members of the public, who claim that kids not getting vaccinations endangers those that have had them. How on earth can that be the case if the vaccination is supposed to provide immunity against the disease? In reality, the vaccinated kids are more dangerous to others, considering the plethora of cases ( where vaccines have induced debilitating side-effects as levels of autism soar to unprecedented levels.

There is no law in America, aside from those applying to medical workers, that says you or your child has to take any vaccine whatsoever, no matter what any executive order, requirement, mandate or policy dictates, there is no situation where you can go to prison for refusing a government vaccine under the U.S. constitution and the law of the land.

As in the case of all other vaccines, executive orders and court mandates merely state that the vaccine is "recommended," yet the mass media drumbeat constantly conditions people to believe that if they don't take their shots they will be kicked out of school, arrested and thrown in jail. This trick will continue to hoodwink Americans into taking all manner of dangerous and untested vaccines, the number of which rises every year, until they realize that there is no law that forces them to take any vaccine.

Here is an example of a vaccine waiver form ( , this particular one is for Maryland, the state in question in this case, proving that enforced vaccination is not the law and that personal and religious objections are applicable. - Here you can find vaccine exemption forms online by state or country.

The good news is that concerned parents across the U.S. are leading a nationwide revolt against unnecessary, untested and dangerous vaccines as CDC records ( show a growing amount of religious exemptions on vaccine forms.

Earlier this year we reported on the furor surrounding the HPV vaccine ( , which experts have slammed as untested and has continues to be linked
( to dangerous side-effects. A media propaganda campaign along with an executive order issued by Texas governor Rick Perry has had parents in Texas and other areas of the country fooled into believing the vaccine is now the law and young girls must take it. Merck Pharmaceuticals are capitalizing on this fraud by making obscene profits from a crony deal ( with Governor Rick Perry, while children are put at risk.

Vaccines and drugs that are not stringently tested and are instead foisted upon populations for the purposes of making obscene profits have a clear history of deadly consequences.

Consider the case of Bayer Pharmaceuticals, who deliberately dumped a vaccine that was known to be contaminated with AIDS virus on the European and Latin American market after it killed people in America. Thousands died from an action that the U.S. government allowed to happen through the FDA.

Peruse the plethora of examples ( where vaccines containing mercury, live HIV virus, live cancer and other horrors have wrought misery after victims were bullied into taking them by government mandates that they were deluded into thinking was the law.

The history alone, a legacy that led former director of the National Institute of Health Dr. James R. Shannon to state, "The only safe vaccine is one that is never used," implores us to stand up and expose this hoax and ensure that similar executive orders and mandates are not passed elsewhere in the country as a result of cynical greed driven lobbying and corporate crony payoffs.

More parents across the country should rally to denounce this development, which sets the pretext for the state to dictate the health of their children, as well as moving us closer to legislation which would allow Americans to be forcibly vaccinated at gunpoint against their will during a time of manufactured crisis, such as in the case of a human to human bird flu pandemic.

Listen to Alex Jones' analysis on this topic here.

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(Comments posted today at the E-Y forum re. mandatory school vaccinations)

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Subject: Re: [Educate-Yourself_Forum] Re: No Law Says Parents Have To Get Their
Children Vaccinated

The minute your parents sign the birth certificate you are owned by this country. Owned at birth, they just feel you will do the best raising their property you signed over to them. If you don't do the best job, they always have child abuse places that will take back their property that you signed over to them at birth and put it where they think best. No one is really free. Braking the Chains of Redemption is probably the only way to free yourself and that is next to impossible.

Owen Britton Troxelle <> wrote: Are you sure ??? If you've registered the child with the State.. THEY AREN'T YOURS ANYMORE. You are caring for State entrusted property... A Hu-man resource

Margaret Pullen <> wrote: Be very careful. A met a pair of twin girls a few years ago. The parents said they had been vaccinated against flu, and the one daughter became immediately and permenately phycially very paralized. They had tired to get compensation. The drug company responsible, lawyers, and courts had all denied them any help! That daughter had to have full time assistance.

There is genocide of Americans going on in America, more than once I have received verbal threats of this in CO these past few months.

God bless and keep your all safe, Margaret

adkspoiledbrat <> wrote: It was just a matter of telling them that you have a religious exemption and it's no ones business what religion. Harmoni is in school and parents are not in jail. The law is a lie or at least can be worked around still. So there.

Cheri <> wrote: Hi Rubi & All, I attended a raw foods/juice fasting seminar where the chiropractor who was speaking told us that the government doesn't want to mandate vaccines by law because then they would also be liable for the side effects and deaths caused by the vaccines. So it is your free choice whether or not you want to vaccinate, and therefore YOU are responsible for the consequences. But we have all been lied to and coerced into believing that vaccines are required by law so that we will comply with the insanity.

I found the Google ad near the beginning of this article to be quite ironic, considering the purpose of the article:"Flu Vaccine 2007 In Stock
No Hidden Fees, Syringes and Vials Starting At $7.00 a Dose,Call Today"

LOL! Well, at least it matches the content of the P.P. article.


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Dear all,

No Law Says Parents Have To Get Their Children Vaccinated

'News networks and state authorities are once again engaging in mass public deception by claiming that vaccines for children are mandated by law and that parents will go to jail if kids do not take their shots. In reality, there is no law that says you have to vaccinate your children and waiver forms for personal or religious exemptions are freely available.'

Read more ...



Maryland Parents Threatened With Jail For Not Vaccinating Children (Nov. 17, 2007)


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