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Robert Ghostwolf - The Untold Story

By Caligastia
December 20, 2005

Mr. Franzone, aka Robert Parry, aka Robert Ghostwolf has been an interesting and even important part of the story of Angel's Lair. You may have noted that there is a page on the sub menu dedicated to documenting Mr. Franzone's behaviors since I made contact with him in February 1998. Since that time, Mr. Franzone felt it necessary to go on radio shows claiming credit for my discoveries even though he admits he was led to the site.

The documentation on the Ghostwolf page continues even now and he has made new admissions that he is, in fact, a convicted criminal and has spent time in county jails. The reader is encouraged to peruse this running documentary on the evil of this individual. It has been said that when good people stand by and do nothing - evil flourishes.
Where Mr. Franzone is concerned, I stand against him.

Regardless, Franzone made an important, albeit inglorious, contribution to Angel's Lair. I'll explain.

A number of agreements were made prior to Mr. Franzone's appearance at my home prior to going into Angel's Lair. One of them was to be the sole arbiter of access. In other words, if he wanted back in again, give me a call.

A few weeks after I took him out there, he snuck back into the area. How do I know this? Easy, he said so on a subsequent Art Bell show. When Franzone violated integrity on the matter, it had a profound impact on Angel's Lair. The face of the sphinx split in two and a new devil's head appeared where it had not been before.
Before Franzone's Arrival

Notice that the face on the sphinx has his lips pucker into a whistle. Also, there are two clearly visible eyes. 

After Franzone's Betrayal

This photo, taken from a different angle, best shows the massive change in the sculpture. To the left of the highlighted box, in left profile is a devil's head with a horn showing. It also has an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Franzone. To the right, a new face appeared. Actually, half a face shown sleeping. This is the face of Caligastia.

So, there is a relationship between Mr. Franzone's violation of his agreements and the arrival of this new carving.

Ironically, Mr. Franzone commented that the pretty angel (on the main page of HQ) was reading from the Akashic record. I call it the Book of Life but, for any practical consideration, it is essentially the same thing. What he failed to realize is that a judgement was being performed and HE was the object of that judgement. When he snuck back into the area unannounced he performed his own judgement. The Devil's Head is the evidence of the verdict.

Additionally, I had decided in advance not to show Franzone any of the details that I've shown to others. I wanted to see if he'd maintain integrity. I did show him a few of the major artifacts but none of the mapping and coordinate systems, why things work they way they do or other significant finds. He could search the area for years and not arrive at the information already collected on HQ.

Franzone was so thrilled with the things I'd shown him he ran immediately to the Art Bell Show. This was to be expected and, in fact, I wanted him to talk about these things. As an up and coming 'personality' I thought it better to use an existing wheel rather than to reinvent a new one. Unfortunately, Franzone could not get through the show without telling a number of lies.  He said he hiked 20 miles 'back in there'. It's five miles and you can drive to the site. He said he scaled a 14,000 foot mountain in blizzard conditions. There is no 14,000 foot mountain in the area nor was there any snowfall while he was here. In truth, he climbed about 1000 feet. No more. I corresponded with him by email asking why he'd lied? His response was not, in my opinion, rational. He said, "No one tells me what to do". I told him I'd have nothing else to do with him and, to date, haven't.

One other anomaly occurred following his betrayal and the poor fool didn't have a clue what it was about and even bragged about it on the Art Bell Show. He'd 'discovered' a second griffin on the back of the sphinx's head. I went up there to take a look. Indeed, there was now a rectangular griffin seemingly pressed into the golden limestone that was roughly six inches by four inches. The large griffin is the master gatekeeper in the Lair. The appearance of the smaller griffin had one message, "Franzone - you are locked out of here - forever".

Franzone was filled with himself that he'd discovered a griffin. He had no way of knowing that he'd walked past another big one, fifty feet tall, and had never seen it. I felt no need to point it out.

In July, 1999, Jackie, Greg Robbins, Alan Aday and I made the climb up to the sphinx. The little griffin had not only disappeared but all of the once beautiful golden limestone was gone. In its place was a scroungy looking granite with a rectangular indentation where the little griffin had once been.

Franzone had contacted Art Bell prior to coming to Colorado telling him that he may not be back. Implying that he might  'disappear' off the face of the Earth. Bell reported these conversations on the radio. Franzone didn't know why this might be, only that he felt it a possibility. In truth, it was known in advance that Mr. Franzone would not pass his judgement and that all doors would be closed to him - forever. The repercussions of his actions go far beyond sneaking into the area or stealing credit for another man's work.

Robert Franzone is none other than the traitorous Lanonandek Casineria and his crimes go far beyond this simple little theft.

Another side benefit of the encounter was the clear message that the place could take care of itself and I didn't have to worry about anyone getting in there and doing things they shouldn't. It won't be allowed.

In the intervening three years, Franzone has had little to say on Angel's Lair. This is as it should be because he knows nothing about the subject matter. My photographs were taken off the Coast To Coast web site during the tenure of Mike Segal as host. I had an attorney contact Premier Networks to advise them they were copyrighted and I'd granted no permission for the replication. I was not interested in litigation.

There are a number of other people who have had unfortunate experiences with Mr. Franzone. When I put up my web page on his activities, a few of them contacted me. A few months ago, a letter was circulating from a law firm who purportedly handles Art Bell's work and on Mr. Franzone's behalf. I, personally, did not receive one of these threatening letters. Basically, it was a run of the mill stop or we'll sue you sort of affair. What lawyer's call 'boiler plate'.  Mr. Franzone now claims he doesn't have the money to sue and is soliciting money from believers on his web site, supposedly for that purpose. I rather expect that Mr. Franzone was really advised that telling the truth is not actionable. Since then, no action has been taken against the individuals operating the various web sites.

Mr. Franzone has had an open invitation to confront me on the radio show or in a court room for three years now. He's not taken me up on the offer. Instead, he's now posting blatant and slanderous untruths on his website. I'll step though these on his page on the sub menu so the reader may have easy access to all the prior materials collected. I have no intention of litigating with Mr. Franzone. My reasonings are practical. Mr. Franzone is a thief. He's good at it. It follows there is no chance of ever collecting a dime from him. Thus, the expense of the litigation would be an indulgence and I'm not inclined to play. Next, given the volume of Mr. Franzone's rantings, I'd speculate that the days of his current con job are numbered few. I'm not inclined to give him publicity.

The truth is what it is. No one who has followed this web site will ever be able to note an instance where I uttered an untruth. I'll leave it to the reader to make his own determinations. For more information continue to

 Update 12/20/2005

Ghostwolf's methodolgies are parasitic.  Like any bloodsucking leech, he attaches himself to anyone he thinks can make him more important than he truly is. There is usually a profit motive also attached. He's done this with Art Bell, attempted to do it with Richard Hoagland and others. Ghostwolf is now advertising a big revelation relating to me.

This message appears on Ghostwolf's Stargate Files site as of 12/20/2005


What second Griffin gulped Caligastia ?

Information on this 'second' griffin has been on HQ since 2001 (on this page). It has been seven years since Ghostwolf was first in the area.  It appears he's milked the photos stolen from me for what they were worth. Poor Franzone still hasn't the first clue and it is unlikely he'll ever get one. He has seen two griffins and there are quite a few more.

I've had no concern for Angel's Lair - the place has well demonstrated that it can take care of itself and Franzone is no exception.  One man has already died out there messing with things he shouldn't have been touching and Franzone has no idea where the danger points are or the level of force the place will use.  The 'second griffin' should have been Franzone's clue - the place has judged him poorly.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Franzone is now trying to attach to Caligastia.  It's what he does.  If he has any integrity at all, you can bet he stole it from someone else.  I can't wait until spring to see what mystical contrivance he concocts relating to work, research and discoveries not his own. The wonder of the second griffin is this, he'll never get a picture of it. It disappeared a long time ago.

Caligastia 12/20/2005

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