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Government Guinea Pigs & Mind Blowing Video Games
From the 'Avery' Bird of 'Non-Lethal' Technologies

March 30, 2004

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Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 4:10 AM
Subject: the latest on J B Alexander

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Alex Constantine
Feral House Publishing

Dear Mr. Constantine,

Thank you, again, for providing information and support for our project. As promised, we'd like to send a DVD copy in appreciation of your support.

FYI, Fog Studios ( represents retired Col. John B. Alexander and has recently negotiated a consultation contract with Platinum Studios ( and others to develop some "mind blowing" video games.

We would very much like to forward a copy of our newly released DVD for your review.

On September 28, 1994, a Congressional subcommittee disclosed that beginning in 1940, up to half a million U.S. citizens were used as human guinea pigs in covert experiments involving radiation as well as biological and chemical agents.


Guinea Pig Productions, LLC has completed...

Ghosts, UFOs, Mind Control and Government

Fact and fiction meld to chronicle illicit experimentation perpetrated by the U.S. government on its military and citizens. Using one family's true life experiences of abuse; this video discloses the technology and those capable of using it to create the bizarre events experienced by one family (known as "The Black Forest Haunting") as featured on the TV series "Sightings," and "Mysterious Universe," among others. This perplexing, unsolved mystery DOES have an explanation. The video details how mind control methodology is used in everyday "safe" situations, from social gatherings to church services, to influence unsuspecting participants. Bottomline for the viewer:

"Heads up" and be wary -- this could be happening to you !

For more information, please visit:

Following the unexpected success of The Blair Witch Project and Bowling For Columbine, Government Guinea Pig keeps viewers in their seats... and awake at night.

Receiving a favorable review in NEXUS Magazine (May-June 2004 in the USA/Canada edition), Nexus editor, Duncan Roads, comments, "Well done on the DVD, I liked it!" - The UFO Store,, has just chosen Government Guinea Pig as its newest conspiracy product addition to be marketed, sold, and distributed, worldwide through its webstore, more than 150 internet affiliates, and listings in well-known, special interest publications like Mysteries and Paranoia magazines.

Viewer comments:

I couldn't turn off Government Guinea Pig. This stuff is really scary, which also meant I didn't want to watch it, but I couldn't NOT watch it.

Blair Witch was a scary low budget phenomenon based in fiction. Government Guinea Pig is terrifying because it's based in fact.

Government Guinea Pig gave me the creeps! I don't want to believe it!

After watching Government Guinea Pig, I tend to look differently at people I previously discounted as raving lunatics... some of them, disenfranchised street people. [Public Library Information Specialist]

I had a difficult time sleeping for several nights after seeing [Government Guinea Pig]. Now, I catch myself looking in the rear view mirror and wondering who's back there.

This stuff is weird, and I wouldn't put it past the government to do this stuff to people.

I couldn't tell what was real from what wasn't... but I guess that's the point. That's what the government does. [Government Guinea Pig] makes you think. This Halloween, I'm going as the government!

We would be delighted to forward a copy. We look forward to hearing from you. Time is of the essence.

Best regards,

Jan C.J. Jones, Executive Producer
Guinea Pig Productions, LLC
PO Box 2399
Monument, CO 80132
p: 719.487.0435
f: 719.488.3414


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