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A Great Day in France & in Europe
(or You want Blue Skies? Invite Herr Busharf!)

From Nicholas Tucker
June 13, 2008

A Great Day in France & in Europe (or You want Blue Skies? Invite Herr Busharf!) June 13, 2008

[Editor's Note: The allusion to "Herr Sharf" is based on former Nazi Commando Otto Skorzeny's revelation that George HW Bush, the 41st President of the United States, was born in Germany with the name of George H. Scherff Jr.(or sometimes spelled Scherf). Don Nicoloff wrote an extensive, two part expose of the Bush/Scherff story in the April 2007 issue of the Idaho Observer. ..Ken Adachi] :

Somewhere in France, Europe

Dear Ken,

The saga continues.

Today has been a great day for France, for Europe and for me.

My wife couldn't drive me to work today; I broke my wrist 6 weeks ago. She had to go to a meeting in Bourges, our local capital town in Central France, for a meeting of all the mayors of our 'département' ("county" for Americans), to meet Mr Sarkozy, our French/Hungarian/Jewish/Black-tied President. who is visiting the region.

So, for the first time for nearly two months, I drove myself to work. As I left the house to get the car out of the barn (garage) I looked up to the sky, as usual, to see how dense the chemtrails where and to see how my chem-buster was working. Wow, fantastic ! Lovely blue sky with nice, white clouds; just like it used to be before 1998.

I got in my car and was pleased to find I could drive quite well if a bit slowly: costs less in 'essence' (petrol/gas).

I turned on the radio. What did I hear? Mr (Herr) Scharf (sorry,) "Bush" is dining tonight with President Sarkozy.

OK Easy! Each time this fella comes to France, they stop spraying! It happened for the D-day landing celebrations in Normandy and each time resident Busharf comes to France! This is A FACT.

I arrived home this evening. How did it go with 'Le Petit Nicolas (Sarkozy)' I asked my wife. "He runs arround like a Mexican jumping bean " says she (my translation from the French). "But he was coughing all the time". (So he hasn't been doing his anti-poison treatment like Mr D Rockerfeller - but that's another story I will keep for another letter).

Someone offered him a glass of water but he said he wasn't thirsty, so my wife asked him if he would like a whisky! (very cheeky is my wife!). He refused and he announced that the Government was setting up a program to help and accompany dying persons. Great news! I asked my wife if anyone mentioned Elisabeth Kubler-Ross…stupid question!

So, I turned on the TV to get the results of the referendum in Ireland on the latest DVD constitution for Europe and was very pleased, or rather OVERJOYED to learn that the wonderful Irish had voted NO!

Great rejoicing in Ireland. Comment from a very learned and sincere Irishman  "We wish to remain Irish and, anyway, no one knew what was in the Treaty of Lisbon!"

Over to Brussels to the President of the European Commission. (or was it the Parliament?) He looked really ILL and UGLY. "We will continue with the ratification in all the other countries" says he , knowing full well that the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution is DEAD!

Then Mr Le Pen , (French Nationalist) "We are very proud of the Irish and also very thankfull to them for this NO vote. The French people also wish to remain French.!"

Next , Mr Bayrou (centre party - a man I have met personally several times and find very sincere) "This is a victory for democracy" (Ireland was the only country of Europe allowed to vote in a referendum for this HISTORIC decision.)

I went for a walk in my old orchard as the mid-summer sun was setting. The smell of cut grass and the little sounds of evening told me:


and I thanked GOD.

Kind regards

Nicholas Tucker.


Hello Nicholas,

Great letter. On both the chemtrail info and the Lisbon Treaty vote, which I was very happy to read about in an article posted at Jeff Rense's web site.  I was equally impressed by George Monbiot who was raising cane about the Lisbon Treaty in the U.K. Telegraph and his attempt to effect a citizen's arrest of that fascist maniac, John Bolton at the Hay Festival in Wales.

We need more people like him and British MP George Galloway to get up close and personal with scheming, Ziocon death-promoters like David Frum or Richard Pearle and confront them toe to toe with their outrageous calumny and deceit.

High Regards, Ken

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