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HAARP Nightmare Expands to Sweden; France is Next

From Christer <>
May 17, 2007

HAARP Nightmare Expands to Sweden; France is Next (May 18, 2007)

Hi Ken,

The past weeks over here in southern Sweden has been hell, I thought I was the only one feeling weird, headache stiff neck and an altogether queasy feeling. I have found out loads of people have the same problem here, and this might be the reason.


This is a map of HAARP like facility's in Scandinavia and else where.The big one over here is located in the north of Sweden (Kiruna) in sort of a joint venture with Norway/Finland called EISCAT. It stands for European Incoherent Scattering system. This EISCAT plant does the same as HAARP in Alaska. A few smaller plants are located in southern Sweden, and of course, you have the smaller 3G/Tetra masts on top of houses looking like a small forest making the grid complete.

There is rumours of another plant starting up in France, also HAARP like.

Is there anyone that knows anything about this place?

I don't know but it seems like they are stepping up the mind control devices and the frequencies altogether. Look out Europe!.

The chemtrails don't do it any better. The spraying has been heavy the past month too.

On the positive side, people are getting more and more aware of this over here and orgone generators are being built and deployed at sites were they do good.

Is there anything more we can do to turn this attack around to our favor and better health ?

Thank you Ken for inspiration, I've been following your web site since many years back.


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HAARP Systems Under Constructions

Scandinavia Map with HAARP locations














HOrbyLog-periodic Antenna at the Teracom Broadcast Station at Hörby (55.49 deg N, 13.44 deg E) to be used in the LOIS/LOFAR Deep Space Radar Tests. The Hörby Transmitter can deliver up to 500 kW of RF power in the 3-30 MHz Frequency range to the Antenna.

[500kW = 1/2 million watts]









Side view of 0ne-half million watt Log-periodic Yagi transmitter

Yagi side view


Hörby (Teracom Broadcast Station) had more then 25 Antennes by 1995.

Antennae field at Horby

Tall antennaes


Wider, panoramic view of the Hörby antenna field

Panoramic view of antennae feilds at Horby, Sweden


Teracom Horby Radiostation

Horby Entrance buildings





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