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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Returning Soldiers from Iraq: Herold Noel's Story

[Editor's Note: This story is representative of thousands of poor Americans who've been suckered into joining the military to obtain a standard of living that the government, if it were honest and working for its citizens, could have (and should have) provided as a basic obligation to its own citizenry. Herold Noel was trained by the Army to automatically kill anyone who dared to approach his vehicle while he was stationed in Iraq, whether it was a man, a woman or a child. Naturally, he's haunted by the memory of killing 11 civilians and almost committed suicide, after returning, as a result of the guilt and despair that was since shadowed his life. He's found redemption of sorts by talking about his feelings and experiences with whomever will listen and is now helping others who are also suffering from what is described here as a 'disorder', PTSD. Well, I guess you can legitimately call it stress whenever you are involved with the killing of human beings, but MURDERING Iraqi civilians who perhaps didn't know that's it was an automatic death sentence for the crime of approaching an American military vehicle, especially young children, is less a disorder than it is a crushing weight of conscience bearing down on the heart of an ordinary American Joe who had allowed himself to be turned into a Nazi by an Army that is under the control of satanic minds.

In the course of the audio interview, Herold relates that the Army had taught him "values": integrity, responsibility, etc. he says. What Herold doesn't realize is that the Army had taught him to be a mindless, robotic killer of unarmed civilians and that he was BRAINWASHED into believing that the killing was OK by the repetitive use of mind programming mantras ("I am an American soldier, ever vigilant and protective of my fellow countrymen, ", etc) and conversion brainwashing techniques developed by the Tavistock Institute in London. He now has to deal with the consequence of giving away his power, his mind, his body and his moral standards to a military organization that is today firmly in the grip of New World Order satanic traitors, starting with the commander in chief, the secretary of defense, the Pentagon, and on down to field commanders. The way to avoid acquiring the curse that now torments Herold Noel is to avoid making the mistake that his ignorance and naivete allowed him to make-don't join the military. And when the draft comes around in the next 12-18 months- I would avoid it by whatever means was necessary, if the decision were mine to make.

To hear the interview with Herold Noel using Real Audio, go to the NPR link given below and click on "Listen to this story" ...Ken]

From National Public Radio web site
July 7, 2005

Original Title
PTSD Among Poor Soldiers: Herold's Story

Listen to this story... by Joseph Shapiro

Herold Noel
Joseph Shapiro, NPR

Herold Noel became homeless after returning from service in Iraq. He's since found an apartment and help in getting his life back together.

Documenting Homeless Vets

When I Came Home is a documentary in progress that follows the lives and struggles of several homeless veterans, including those recently returned from Iraq. The film looks at factors that led over 150,000 Vietnam veterans from the battlefield to the street. Learn more and watch a clip from the film:

* Open News Network: 'When I Came Home'

* Note: Herold Noel appears about 30 seconds into the film clip on this page.

Morning Edition, July 7, 2005 · For many young men and women, joining the military is a path out of poverty. But those who return to impoverished neighborhoods with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, a common psychiatric injury of war, can find it especially hard to recover. We profile Herold Noel, a veteran of the Iraq war who, upon his return, ended up homeless before getting help.

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