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Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb,
A Response from John Allman

By John Allman <>
March 31, 2005

Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, A Response from John Allman (March 31, 2005)

These two, along with Kathy Kasten, are knee-deep in attempted character assassination of poor old Ted Gunderson. Ted is one of the twelve members of the international group I founded, called Christians Against Mental Slavery, the last person invited to join, if I recall correctly.

Intelligent questions addressed to these three, amongst the handful of Ted's habitual detractors, intended on my part to elicit substantiation or retraction of their allegations, are typically met with belligerance, evasion, and even accusations directed at myself, but often addressed unethically only to third parties, of complicity on my own part with "the perps", accusations of the kind that would be especially hurtful to victims like me who were less resilient than I have learnt to become. Not so with the polite and open Mr Gunderson himself, whose home phone number I think is likely still on his website.

I gather that Gunderson hosted a radio phone-in once during which a caller to the program (me) made allegations (admittedly quite likely to be untrue) against another broadcaster, I think called Art Bell. I am informed that Gunderson promptly became a joint defendant with the radio station in a libel suit, and that his radio station employer's insurance company decided to settle out of court with the plaintiff, presumably the said Mr Bell, without Gunderson's admission of liability, and indeed without his being allowed, by his contract of employment, to deny liability in any court hearing.

I know of no other skeletons in Gunderson's cupboard, ostensibly another repentent sinner saved by God's grace just like me, of a kind that that would discredit him as anything less than a stout friend of our movement, even though I don't suppose that he would claim to be an expert on what we suffer nowadays, and even though our particular struggle for justice - important to us though it seems to us and as it doubtless is for the benefit of future generations - is not at the centre of the aged Gunderson's personal agenda.

Gunderson is an ex-FBI career man of well-earned prestige, who denies vigorously ever having been complicit in any so-called "black" operations, i.e. those undertaken by public sector law-enforcement, security or intelligence agencies that are of dubious legality. He retired from the FBI decades ago, and claims to have worked since then, at least part of his time, and often for free out of compassion for victims, or simple patriotism, precisely to expose such wrong-doing on the part of officialdom. It is unlikely, in my view, that he is in league with the perps of what are loosely called "mind control". If he is, he is hopelessly incompetent at working mischief that will benefit those particular malefactors.

Gunderson stated in writing that he was "proud" to join our anti-MC political group, and he has always treated me personally with civility, even though we are not yet close friends. At his great age, his life expectancy is actuarily so poor that any notion of the bad guys engaging him to infiltrate groups like ours as a "sleeper", only later for him to stab us in the back, is far fetched in the extreme.

I respect and trust Gunderson, and pay little or no attention to any of the handful of his conspicuously less rational detractors. I advise you to do likewise.

Yours respectfully,

John Allman
+44 7930 519793
Secretary, + +
98 High Street
N Yorks
United Kingdom

PS Please post freely this message on to groups, at your discretion. Please feel free to read how I have appraised Mr Gunderson on the CAMS' website's members pages.

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