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Who Is Barbara Hartwell?

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
January 27, 2009

Who Is Barbara Hartwell? (Jan. 27, 2009)

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I received an e-mail on January 22, 2009 with a web site link from someone who wanted me to see the photos he had obtained of low level CIA internet agitator Barbara Hartwell's residence and the sponsorship that Hartwell has received from one Roy Francis Stewart,

After confirming that the sender was not the two timing, back stabbing Tim White, I agreed to post the link on my Current News page

[Update, Sep. 24, 2012: I didn't realize it at the time of the original posting of this note in January 2009, that the sender of the e-mail mentioned about was not a "he", but was none other than Sherry Shriner, CIA time wasters Sherry Shriner and Tim White agitate against CIA time wasters Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, and try to befriend (or attack) legitimate government critics and muckrakers such as Ted Gunderson (or myself) and draw us into their agent-provacateur fray of endless mud slinging. I didn't realize this in the year 2000 when Tim White first contacted me by leaving phone messages and sending e-mails. He wanted me to know what a great 'friend' and supporter he was of Ted Gunderson and how grateful he was that I was defending Ted against the smears of Barbara Hartwell, Virginia McCullough, Kathy Sullivan, Art Bell, etc. Ted Gunderson was an easy mark for people like Tim White or Stew Webb to suck in because Ted was always open and friendly to anyone who approached him and took people at face value, not realizing that plants like Tim White or Stew Webb or Barbara Hartwell are assigned the task of drawing in government critics like Ted Gunderson in order to embroil him in endless agitation and eat up his time defending himself against made-up slandering accusations.]

Who is Barbara Hartwell? ( )

(You can contact the sender at the following e-mail address:

I told this fellow that I have zero interest in Hartwell or anything she has to say or write about, including whatever slam pieces she might make up about me. Tim White, posing under the name of "Patrick Alexander," tried to sucker me into responding to a slam piece that Hartwell wrote about me a few months ago. I not only had zero interest in reading it, but I had no intention of responding to it, and giving that slithering CIA snake any readership that she could not otherwise obtain on her own. I checked her internet traffic stats at and found that she had an overall internet ranking of somewhere around 7 million; which works out to roughly 3 readers a week.

I've already invested enough time between the years 2000 - 2006 exposing Barbara Hartwell and her fellow mind controlled, CIA smear artists like Stew Webb, who were doing their best to discredit a genuine Cconstitutional patriot and a genuine American by the name of Ted L. Gunderson, former FBI Los Angeles Bureau Chief.

Ultimately, Hartwell's outrageous lies finally caught up with her and those many internet sites, like Rumor Mill News, which used to routinely post her garbage, fell away like so many leaves in a November gale in New England.

Today, Hartwell desperately seeks readers for her concocted swill so she can justify her pathetic life as a CIA tool of disinformation and rancor (I could say as much about Tim White), but the readers are no longer there, despite her efforts to make up ever greater lurid tales about Ted Gunderson, or me, or anyone else who has a reputation on the internet that she can parasitize and in so doing, elevate herself above the sewer of deceit in which she normally lives.

I've had a few people contact me over the years who had reported that they sent large sums of money to freeloader Barbara Hartwell, only to have Hartwell do a 180 on them and heap redicule and scorn upon her former benefactors because they began to recognize that she's a pathological liar and a stab-you-in-the-back snake of the first order, a role she has played so far, to perfection,

Ken Adachi


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