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Barbara Hartwell: Where Does One Begin?

By Todd Brendan Fahey <>
March 31, 2005

Re: Rick Stanley, Another Patriot Duped by Barbara Hartwell & Stew Webb (Mar. 30, 2005)

In, Friend Liberty <> wrote:

For all of her supposed "ex-black ops survivor" statements, I've never seen a scintilla of evidence from her pen that would indicate what she did/where she was "stationed"/who she worked for/how she "broke out" (and why), and, if any of the vast reams of flotsam she vomits online is true, how she is still alive today. She provides 0.00 details. I'm sure she'll say (in another long screed) that she is keeping her "files" in "safe-keeping" "for her protection."

Why wouldn't someone who has "broken out" of Monarch spill the beans? Tell all. Go public with names, dates, places, situation reports, all of it.

Answer: She's either an obsessive and narcissistic bullshitter; or she's still under Company control.

I've met the broad, know how stone-broke and friendless she is, and so conclude that she's just a nut. In 18 days at "her" house in Maine (and, no, she doesn't own that house at 17 Oceana Avenue, on the corner of Old Orchard Park (or Old Orchard Beach; ; and cursory property tax review in the state of Maine will bear this out...), and even before the nightmare began and went sideways, she never once showed me anything close to information/files/photos, blah blah, that would indicate she was ever near CIA. She did have a videotape of the Operation Gladio (Google it) that was kind of interesting (interviews with Gen. John K. "Black Jack" Singlaub and others)--but not revolutionary or incriminating; nothing you couldn't find online already.

Barbara Hartwell is a bitter, aging gal, whose base of friends/associates has dwindled down to Geral Sosbee and maybe her son, Keith, a bartender, who she leans on for financial support when she's scraping for coins.

Dunno how she became so obsessed with certain subjects and individuals, and her crap is so predictable and long-winded that I can by now tell what she'll write next and how the lengthy tale will play out.

She bores the hell out of me. (laughing as I type)

Todd Brendan Fahey

P.S.: She always complains about being "libelled": Has she ever stopped to read her own stuff?

In her latest "Ken Adachi/stooge" piece, she writes that I've "had a long history of alcohol-related arrests." ?

I've never been arrested- not for anything or in any country. Any researcher out there with the capacity for checking state law enforcement data bases, go for it--try Santa Barbara, CA; Phoenix-area, AZ; Los Angeles County, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Lafayette, LA--my five locations since I turned 18. One speeding ticket in Bevery Hills (I'm some kind of monster). That I've battled the bottle for a long stretch, is something I write about openly (rehab twice; first when I was 21 [not, as she also wrote in that last piece, "in his teens"; and a second time last year, age 39, after my drunken stay at her house, at which I drank with her every night, to terrible excess--the both of us]).

Bu-bye, Blabs. Enjoy the rest of yer lonely days. & have another drink for me.


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