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Hideo’s Prayer

From Hideo Izumoto

Thank you God for Your Love. Thank you God for Your Light. Thank you God for Your Teachings. Thank you God for your Guidance. Thank you God for Your Works.  Thank you God for Your Healing. Thank you God for Your Blessings. Thank you God for being with us always. Please help each one of us (everyone now calls out his or her name) to open our heart, mind and soul to You, so we can practice Your way in our everyday life to make advancement in our physical and spiritual beings more perfectly, to live up to Your Will for all the people, animals,  plants and minerals, for this planet Earth and universe, and for ourselves.

Hideo’s teachings: Our attitude is most important! We need to appreciate our life, our mind, our body, our planet, and our Universe. Then everything works and our life becomes great, perfectly normal. Fear and worry create negative energy within us that destroy our life. As we open our mind to the Light of God within us, all healing happens. As we make oneness with all light beings of Universe in our mind, peace comes within and around us. We love our life at this moment, in this Universe, in this heaven and earth, which is most important. We’ll be true to ourselves within, be true to everyone and everything in the universe, be true in our prayer.

We love everything on this planet earth. We love our creations, our lives, our beings, our works, our neighbor people, our animals, plants, minerals, this planet Earth and our Universe. It’s all Great. We accept our past, present and future, and learn and grow. We will be forever true to ourselves within. We will be forever true to everyone and everything. We will be forever true in our prayer. Amen.



Love everything on this planet earth.Look at our beautiful creations by our thoughts, our lover’s being, our works, our lives, our beings, our neighbor peoples, our animals, plants, minerals, this planet earth, and our universe.It is so beautiful.We accept our past, present, future; we learn and grow. We will be forever true to ourselves within.We will be forever true to everyone and everything.

We will be forever free and joyful in our life.

We practice in our everyday life Freedom, Truth, Love, Beauty, Happiness, Satisfaction, Wisdom, Patience, Bravery, Peace, God’s consciousness of ourselves, Gratitude, Mission for our life, Oneness, growth in thoughts level, spiritual level and physical level, and making ourselves greater for within and without.

This is our life destiny for advancement.

I recommend we forgive ourselves and other people for what mistakes we have made.

Learning lessons are most important.

Making mistakes is inevitable, sometimes, in making ourselves grow.

Healing erases all the sins and mistakes, and lets us restart our new lives.

Be brave and be happy.

God will help you.

Your light and God light are the only truth in the universe.

Death does not exist.

Truth is our light body.

Physical beings are also true.

But it is not true compared with light being.

It is fake.

That is why after death our physical body disappears just as naturally as time goes by.

Suicide is a stupid action.

You must go round until you learn the lesson.

Be brave for the death if you are guided to, as you are beautiful and God’s child.

Angels will be with you at the moment you make the shift.

It is all good things happened for all the concerned people.

Natural death is a graduation – it is great.

Be brave in your life and love your self.

Love people, love everything of this earth and universe.

If any problem happen, try to listen to the 47 Words of God chant and chant together.

Then your mind will heal and after that, you can make everything come true for yourself.

For more teaching and help call 301-676-3287 for Hideo Izumoto.

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