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Hitler's 1945 Suicide and Death Were Faked

By Ken Adachi, Editor
May 8, 2010, Updated April 23, 2011

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Hitler's 1945 'Suicide' and Death Were Faked by Ken Adachi (May 8, 2010)

I just read a link posted at Jeff Rense's web site of a UK Telegraph article titled “Hitler Did Not Shoot Himself” (article re-posted further below). I thought I was going to read a story that would begin the process, at least on some official level, of de-constructing the myth of Hitler’s supposed suicide in the Berlin Bunker in April of 1945.

Instead, I see another minor variation on the Big Lie presented to the public that was initially promulgated in 1945 by British and American intelligence, and later by Russian intelligence, that Hitler and Eva Braun had died in the Berlin Bunker  (Führerbunker).

The Telegraph article's source, Lt-General Khristoforov, Russia's "top" KGB archivist, claims that he's debunking the myth of how Hitler killed himself, while continuing to reinforce the LARGER myth that Hitler even died in 1945. The intelligence services of every major country in the world know full well that Hitler did not die in the Berlin bunker in 1945, and now, 65 years later, we continue to be fed the same claptrap - from a Russian intelligence officer, of course- about Hitler's 1945 Berlin 'death.'

Heinrich MuellerAccording to SS General Heinrich Mueller, in his lengthy debriefing to the CIA in 1948 (Gestapo Chief, the 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Mueller by Gregory Douglas, pub 1995), neither Hitler nor Eva Braun had committed suicide or died in 1945.

Hanna ReitschThey both left the Berlin bunker on April 22, 1945. On the evening of April 22, Hitler was flown out of Berlin in all likelihood by Hanna Reitsch possibly using a Type Fa 223, twin rotor helicopter to Hoerching airfield, located close to Linz, Austria.

On April 26, 1945 at 8 p.m., Hitler, Eva Braun, and at least two other individuals were then flown out of Hoerching by Colonel Werner Baumbach, commander of Hitler's Flight Command, aboard a four engine, Junker Ju 290A and arrived in Barcelona, Spain on April 27, 1945. About 80 other members of Hitler's staff also left the Führerbunker on April 22, 1945.

On either April 27 or 28, Colonel Baumbach flew the Junker back to northern Germany and landed it at Travemuendi airport on April 29, 1945 which he recounted in his book, Broken Swastika (pub. posthumously in 1992). Baumbach did not account for his whereabouts between April 21 -27, 1945.

Doubles used after April 22, 1945

Doubles for both Hitler and Eva Braun were inserted into the Berlin bunker and appeared from the evening of April 22, 1945 until the murder of Hitler's double on April 30, 1945. Heinrich Mueller told his CIA interrogators that he had found the Hitler double in 1941, having been born to a family named Sillip in the Waldvierterl district of Austria. The Hitler double was unmarried, worked in Breslau, was a member of the Nazi party and the SA, and was reported to be a distant relative to Hitler. He was two inches shorter than Hitler and therefore fitted with special lifts placed in his boots to compensate for the difference in height. He had rehearsed Hitler's speech patterns and gestures and was made to quit smoking. This required a special diet to prevent him from gaining weight.He was only used a few times as a Hitler stand-in , and then only after the July 20, 1944 Wolf Lair bombing attempt on Hitler's life

The Hitler double was already accustomed to a daily injection of drugs given to him in the bunker, but was given a poison injection on April 30, likely by a Prof. Hesse. After slumping over, and to be sure he was dead, the double was then shot in the center of the forehead with the same 7.65 mm caliber Walter pistol that he carried in his holster (the real Hitler carried a 6.25 mm Walter). The double for Eva Braun may or may not have been killed. The body of Eva Braun was NEVER found in the Chancellery garden by the Russians, unlike the Hitler double who was dug up, unburned, from a shallow grave. It's possible that the Eva Braun double was drugged into an unconscious state (or pretended to be dead) and later allowed to escape after her supposedly dead body was wrapped up and carried out of the bunker.

The photographs seen below were taken by the Russian Army on May 2, 1945 and distributed to news organizations around the world. The body is not that of Adolf Hitler, but rather of the Hitler double, Sillip. You will notice that he has a bullet hole in the center of his forehead, rather than the right temple as we are led to believe from numerous re-enactments seen in documentaries and moves when Hitler "shot himself." You will also notice that the body is unburned, which is at complete odds with the fictional account of high ranking German aides burning the bodies of both Hitler and Eva Braun in a shallow grave in the Chancellery garden using gasoline (if you pour gasoline all over a body and then torch it, it's certainly not going to look like this fellow).

After taking these photos, the Russian Army burned the corpse and then buried it, only to dig it up a day later and fly the corpse to Moscow under orders from Stalin. Stalin told Churchill and Truman at the Potsdam Conference in July 1945 that the corpse was a double and that Hitler had escaped to Spain. The Russians later found it convenient to go along with the British/American story of the Hitler/Braun suicide hoax.

HItler Double unburned body displayed by Russians May 1945Hitler Double unburned body shown by Russians May 1945

Please note that no one WITNESSED the supposed drug suicide by "Eva Braun" or the supposed shooting-suicide of the Hitler double. They were in a SOUNDPROOF room, yet you have a few witnesses claiming that they heard shots, while others who were present in the corridor right outside the door say that they heard NOTHING.

The Hitler and Eva Braun doubles were the two individuals who participated in the marriage ceremony in the early morning hours of April 29, 1945. The official account of who was present at the ceremony and what actually transpired has been fudged by the Gestapo (Mueller) to jibe with the official version of Hitler's demise.

In the immediate aftermath of the war, Hitler and Eva Braun spent considerable time in South America, but they were later seen in America and Canada from the late 1960s forward. According to SS commando Otto Skorzeny, Hitler spent the last 35 years of his life in Glacier National Park ( in northwest Montana under the name of William Coates. Hitler died (as William Coates) in Maryland in 2004. He was 114 years old.).

I've spoken to two people who saw Hitler in America after 1945. Cisco Wheeler, who has co-authored three books with Fritz Springmeier, told me that she had a photograph of her father, Joseph Mengele, and Adolf Hitler seen posing together on the front porch of a Portland, Oregon house in the 1960s. Cisco's father gave her a folder which included this photo from his hospital deathbed. She told me that she reported the photo to the psychologist who was helping to de-program her and that the psychologist wanted to see the photo. The next morning, she said the folder and the photo were both missing from her home. Obviously, the CIA was monitoring her conversations with the psychologist.

Arizona Wilder reported meeting Hitler and Eva Braun in an underground base under the China Lakes Naval facility in southern California in the late 1960s when she was approximately 16 years old. She tells the story in her 1999 video interview with David Icke called Revelations of a Mother Goddess.

Ken Adachi

© Copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved.

Adolf Hitler 'did not shoot himself'
Russia's top KGB archivist has claimed Adolf Hitler poisoned himself rather than committing suicide with a gun in the manner of a "soldier".

By Andrew Osborn in Moscow
Published: 5:55PM BST 07 May 2010

Hitler giving speechIf accurate, Lt-General Khristoforov's account casts doubt on the widely accepted version of how Hitler died

He said the "myth" that Hitler died an honourable death by simultaneously shooting himself in the head as he took a cyanide capsule appeared wide of the mark.

"The presence of the remains of crushed glass capsules in the mouth and the sharp odour of bitter almonds from the corpses, and the results of an internal post-mortem led the (Soviet) commission to conclude that it was death by cyanide poisoning," he said.

"Thus the myth put about by those Nazis left in Berlin that 'the Fuhrer died like a soldier having shot himself in his bunker' was shattered."

Soviet medics found no serious wounds on Hitler's heavily burned body either, he added.

If accurate, Lt-General Khristoforov's account casts doubt on the widely accepted version of how Hitler died. It also raises questions over the authenticity of a skull fragment kept in Russia's state archive that purportedly belonged to Hitler.

The fragment has a bullet hole in it yet American researchers claim that DNA testing of the skull has shown it belonged to a woman aged from 20 to 40 and could not be Hitler's.

The Russians have defended the skull's authenticity but have not offered their own DNA proof and this latest pronouncement appears to reinforce the idea that the skull is not Hitler's.

[I've posted only two (accurate) comments below from the Telegraph disinformation article seen above]

05/08/2010 09:09 PM
The lastest research indicates Hitler didn't kill himself at all. Even Stalin and Eisenhower knew this. The historical picture of a "dead" Hitler surrounded by Russian soldiers has been proven to be a Hitler double. The so-call Hitler skull the Russians held was discovered to be that of a woman. A recent study also shows that no only did no one witness his suicide, but no one could hear it inside a fortified bunker with an air circulator running. It's likely that Hitler was flown out of Berlin to parts unknown.


05/07/2010 08:15 PM

I find this article very curious. The KGB claims don't make sense... If they tested Hitlers badly burned corpse then why do they only have a skull fragment left? And a WOMANS skull fragment at that. Doesn't make sense. I don't believe a word out of the tyranical KGB's police state records. They lied for decades about the Katyn Massacre of 22,000 Polish Officers - they blamed it on the Nazis! It would be farcical if it weren't so terribly real.


April 20, Hitler's Birthday by Ken Adachi (April 20, 2011)

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