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The CPS Child Abduction Racket: Special Report from Dave Hodges

From Dave Hodges
July 5, 2014

The CPS Child Abduction Racket: Special Report from Dave Hodges (July 5, 2014 posted)

Special Report on CPS Sponsored Child Abductions: CPS Insiders Blow the Whistle

Special Report on CPS Sponsored Child Abductions: CPS Insiders Blow the Whistle
May 22, 2014 by

The Common Sense Show

I am presently in touch with two former CPS agents, one senior analyst for a war college and two mainstream publications who are investigating many of the same allegations that I am going to bring forth in the next two articles. For now, I am not publishing names, however, this may soon change and names and exact positions may indeed be identified.

Disturbing Reports from CPS Insiders

I was recently contacted by a pair of former CPS agents who became thoroughly disgusted with the present state of affairs.  Initially, I was told that Dave, you are spot on with your assessment regarding the nature and intent of CPS’s planned enforcement of the concern’s delineated in the manual entitled, “Child Neglect: A Guide for Prevention Assessment, and Intervention”.

One of the CPS agents  proceeded to use the term “concerns” because this manual merely provides a very subjective coverage of the “definition” of neglect/abuse/ children and its subsequent impact. The issues detailed in this “user manual” will be enforced using Obamacare as a legal means to carry out what amounts to tyranny. This is exactly what I recently reported on my website.

The Prime Directive of CPS Is To Steal Children

Both CPS agents admitted to the fact that they were very familiar with the tactics and strategies utilized by the modern day CPS’ as they attempt to seize as many children as possible. The CPS (Obamacare) “user manual” was designed “so as to give broad authoritarian powers to CPS caseworkers.

Both CPS agents stated that  they witnessed many of the cases they investigated as trivial or, “merely parental oversight” and not worthy of CPS intervention and child seizure. Some CPS caseworkers would issue “founded allegations of parental neglect” for something as trivial as one ounce of marijuana that was mistakenly found by their child”.  The other former agent stated that they watched co-workers fabricate allegations by citing signs of “child neglect” as they would report that the children were allowed to roam the streets all hours of the day and night even though no such report had been reported to CPS . Neglect allegations are the fall back position of a CPS agent and are usually “all made up”.

CPS Has a Quota System For Child Theft

According to one of CPS informants, they had a quota system just like cops do with the only difference being difference that kids were going to be stolen instead of citizens merely receiving speeding tickets.

Overzealous teachers and doctors proved to be fertile sources of reporting parental wrongdoing. State laws mandate that teachers and doctors must report all suspected parental wrongdoing. Once CPS received such a report, there was a good chance that a child was going to be removed from the home as “arrangements would be made for transfer of “temporary custody” before the CPS agents ever left the office to visit the home. One of the CPS agents complained that her supervisors operated on an informal quota system.”If 100 child abuse/neglect were reported, 75 children were going to be taken from their mothers”.      

The Joy of Inflicting Misery

One of the CPS agents is married and has children. She claims that she was in the extreme minority as most of her fellow caseworkers were “overweight lesbians with no children”. Repeatedly, this agent observed a total lack of empathy from the CPS caseworkers for the mothers who would lose their children. Some of her fellow caseworkers would act with glee at the prospect of removing a child and it was often a cause of celebration at the nearby pub during happy hour, where the agents would toast each other for their “accomplishments”. The glee from these CPS agents did not come from the satisfaction of saving a child from neglect and abuse, it was more like the joy a hunter gets from killing the hunted. “The more fear and misery inflicted on the mother”, the more joyful the job of being a CPS worker became for these monsters that would steal other people’s children!”

One of the CPS caseworkers complained that  “the opinions of the predominately liberal, authoritarian, overweight female staff will drive the case in any manner they choose, literally. Most CPS offices divide their CPS staff as follows: (1) CPS screeners – these are the people that take “anonymous” phone calls (they know the identity of the caller, you won’t) of alleged abuse/neglect and make a determination as to whether sending out a (2) CPS intake caseworker is warranted. If so, the CPS intake caseworker will go out and conduct home/school/work interviews and make a determination if (a) a case will be opened and the child will be removed and placed into CPS custody (with extended family, friends of the family or a foster home), or if (b) a case will be opened and the child will remain in parental custody, with CPS oversight. In both scenarios, the intake CPS caseworker will schedule a court hearing that provides evidence for bringing the child or children into custody. At this point, the child or children become Wards of the state. From this point, parents will be billed by the state for custodial services which include all related caretaking expenses. Shortly following this hearing, a meeting is held at the CPS office to pass the case to an (3) ongoing CPS caseworker. The ongoing CPS caseworker will formulate a service agreement after psychological testing is completed. In all cases, parents and their child(ren) are required to undergo psychological testing. Adults are administered the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and children are administered the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. Technically, this test can be used for people up to age 23. Complete psychological profiles on all parties are obtained and placed in the family’s case file. These psychological profiles determine if anyone has mental disorders and recommend “appropriate treatment”. Based on the psychological profiles, the CPS ongoing caseworker will determine what kind of services will be required and those services are detailed in the service agreement: domestic violence counseling, counseling for “personality disorders”, alcohol/drug treatment, sex abuse counseling and or a no-contact order between parent(s) and the child; among the parents; or relatives and the child. Violation of the service agreement results in some pretty heavy-handed action. The state will offer to pay for the psychological testing, because once they do, the psychological profiles remain property of the state. If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t let the state pay for this. The state will ONLY USE CPS friendly mental health professionals who will side with the state in a Court of Law. The state WILL USE YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE AGAINST YOU!! Secure your own mental health professional so that you retain the rights to your personal information. Beware, because several CPS caseworkers also double as MSW, MA, MS, Psy.D., or Ph.D. “counselors”. Often times, CPS caseworkers attend school to earn these credentials while maintaining employment as CPS caseworkers and open up a “counseling business” on the side to earn extra money while they double dip at taxpayers’ expense and they actually make money from taking other people’s children”.

This Is How They Steal Your Children

The entire mental health system associated with CPS is tilted in the direction of labeling the parent as mentally ill with the one goal of child removal from the home. One former CPS agent produced an account of how your children are stolen and this very graphic individual account was offered:

“With the revision in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association, the scope for mental health disorders” has expanded dramatically. Dave Hodges actually wrote about this a few days ago. Also, Alex Jones has covered the abuses of CPS and mental health professionals” at great length. Both Dave Hodges and Alex Jones are 100% accurate. This is scary sh*t people.

Depending on the opinion of the CPS ongoing caseworker and the “progress” of the family, determined by several Family Decision Meetings, Court Hearings and Citizen Review Board Hearings (yep, that’s right, members of the community actually weigh in on what they feel is best for the child. Socialist Melissa Harris-Perry’s wet dream was being practiced in 2009 when I worked for CPS ) the case will either be closed or transferred to a CPS permanency case worker. The CPS permanency case worker will determine if the child(ren) will remain in foster care indefinitely, go up for adoption, return to their parents, or if the parents will be subjected to a Termination of Parental Rights Trial (TPR). Here, the CPS permanency case worker provides an opinion based on all the previous evidence gathered throughout the life of the case, including the heavily weighted psychological profile and makes an “appropriate recommendation”. Keep in mind, that a Court will issue a ruling based on the case worker’s recommendation 99.99% of the time. If the CPS permanency caseworker determines; based on their opinion, that a TPR trial is warranted, one is scheduled and the state IS ALWAYS successful in terminating the parental rights of the child(ren). Often times, the receiving foster parents are very quick to get a “disabled” diagnosis for their newly acquired foster child(ren), whether it exists or doesn’t exist – because the state pays them up to three-times the normal rate for care. The state might pay foster parents $1100.00 per month, per child for caretaking expenses for a non-disabled child(ren) (and then bills the parents for more than this). The state will pay up to $3300.00 per month, per child for “disabled” children.

The definition of a “disabled” child can range from severe mental and or physical disabilities to ADHD. Any subsequent child(ren) that this couple has, automatically become Wards of the state and the parental rights are automatically terminated. In this situation; the state, more specifically, the CPS caseworker is not obligated to illustrate reasonable efforts at reunifying the child(ren) with their parent(s). This is the only exception to bypassing “reunification” efforts. Herein lies the problem, the opinion of the CPS caseworker drives this entire process. So, one caseworker might find parents’ actions “egregious” enough to make a recommendation for a TPR trial, whereas another caseworker might return subsequent children to the same parents who had their previous children subjected to TPR trials… I elected to work on a reunification plan, and against the advice of my supervisor, co-workers, foster parents, Citizens Review Board, and caseworkers from other counties who dealt with this family, I returned the child back where he belonged, to his parents. My supervisor accused me of using “cowboy” tactics in the field. She was right, I did in fact use cowboy tactics to ensure that this child returned to his parents”.

How much more graphic does it get? The goal of the CPS is to steal your child and terminate your parental rights regardless of how benign the situation may be. These facts lead to the following advice from one the agents:

“If CPS appears at your door, don’t answer the door. If your children are not home-schooled, you should really seriously consider home-schooling your children. But, if they are subjected to the public or private school system, train them NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS. Because CPS will show up at your child’s school and CPS will interview them without your knowledge or consent and CPS will remove your child from school without your knowledge or consent”.  

How to Minimize Your Exposure to the Greatest Kidnapping Ring in America

cps 2Again, one of the CPS agents has some very pointed advice on how to avoid being a victim of your state’s CPS:

“You need to have a family action plan on what to do in case of emergencies, this includes CPS tyranny emergencies. ALWAYS obtain passports for all of your children. If your children are under the age of 18, both parent’s signatures are required for passports. Here’s why all children need passports. Marriages occur in churches, divorces don’t. If, for some strange reason you and your loving spouse’s relationship is on the rocks, or you’re embroiled in a bitter custody dispute where the odds are stacked against you; you might need an international escape plan.

Where would you go? Whatever you do, don’t flee to Hague Convention countries listed on this link These countries have an agreement with the U.S. government to return all missing children to their respective countries. This means if you’ve fled the country for the sake of your child and end up in one of these countries listed, you can expect to get arrested by the local military or police if they locate you. If you must flee, choose a Non-Hague Convention country, preferably bordering other Non-Hague Convention countries. If you choose this option, it will be necessary to go “ghost”. You’ll need to cut all forms of communication ties with all family, friends, acquaintances, enemies, current employers, past employers, etc. Get my drift?”

More Disturbing Revelations

The other CPS agent said she had proof that the Arlington and Fairfax, VA. courts are trafficking in children as a result of these previously described cases. The National Defense University (NDU), one of the premiere war colleges, is being implicated as well for being complicit in these practices.

Finally, I have emerging information that ties some of these events into the murder of Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi. It seems that Stevens murder was not just a case of covering up arms for al-Qaeda, just prior to the 2012 election.  Further, I am in touch with a senior analyst for the NDU who is providing me with collaborating evidence.

I realize that I am on dangerous ground. Therefore, for my own protection, I have indeed disseminated much of this information and will begin to report on these issue in my next article in which I am going to fully excavate the proverbial rabbit hole.

The following countries are parties to the Hague Adoption Convention. We refer to these countries as Convention Countries. Intercountry adoptions between the United States and Convention countries are governed by Hague adoption procedures.

Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
China (and Hong Kong)
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador


New Zealand
San Marino
South Africa
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
United States

Non Convention Countries but members of UN (year joined)

Afghanistan 1946
Algeria 1962
Angola 1976
Antigua and Barbuda 1981
Argentina 1945
Bahamas 1973
Bahrain 1971
Bangladesh 1974
Barbados 1966
Benin 1960
Bhutan 1971
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992
Botswana 1966
Brunei 1984
Burma (Myanmar) 1948
Cameroon 1960
Central African Republic1960
Chad 1960
Comoros 1975
Congo, Rep. of 1960
Congo, Dem. Rep. of 1960
Côte d'Ivoire 1960
Croatia 1992
Djibouti 1977
Dominica 1978
East Timor4 2002
Egypt 1945
Equatorial Guinea 1968
Eritrea 1993
Ethiopia 1945
Gabon 1960
Gambia 1965
Ghana 1957
Grenada 1974
Guinea-Bissau 1974
Guyana 1966
Haiti 1945
Honduras 1945
Indonesia 1950
Iran 1945
Iraq 1945
Jamaica 1962
Japan 1956
Jordan 1955
Kiribati 1999
Korea, North 1991
Korea, South 1991
Kuwait 1963
Kyrgyzstan 1992
Laos 1955
Lebanon 1945
Liberia 1945
Libya 1955
Malawi 1964
Malaysia 1957
Maldives 1965
Marshall Islands 1991
Mauritania 1961
Micronesia 1991
Morocco 1956
Mozambique 1975
Namibia 1990
Nauru 1999
Nepal 1955
Nicaragua 1945
Niger 1960
Nigeria 1960
Oman 1971
Pakistan 1947
Palau 1994
Papua New Guinea 1975
Qatar 1971
Russia 1945
St. Kitts and Nevis 1983
St. Lucia 1979
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 1980
Samoa 1976
São Tomé and Príncipe 1975
Saudi Arabia 1945
Serbia6 2000
Sierra Leone 1961
Singapore 1965
Slovakia3 1993
Solomon Islands 1978
Somalia 1960
South Sudan 2011
Sudan 1956
Suriname 1975
Syria 1945
Taiwan is not considered a nation by the UN, but functions as an independent nation
Tajikistan 1992
Tanzania 1961
Tonga 1999
Trinidad and Tobago 1962
Tunisia 1956
Turkmenistan 1992
Tuvalu 2000
Uganda 1962
Ukraine 1945
United Arab Emirates 1971
United States 1945
Uzbekistan 1992
Vanuatu 1981
Yemen 1947
Zambia 1964
Zimbabwe 1980


196 countries in the world



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