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MMS versus Hydrogen Peroxide: Which is Better?
October 30, 2013

MMS versus Hydrogen Peroxide: Which is Better? (Oct. 30, 2013)

From: Al
Subject: MMS

Hi Ken,

First I'd just like to say I think your awesome, keep up the good work.

My concern is with MMS and other chlorine dioxide therapies. The text below is from the MMS page on this site.

.."However, because chlorine dioxide does not destroy much of the poisons that oxygen does destroy, it can go deeper into the tissues where many of the pathogens hide from the oxygen, because the oxygen is used up by the poisons before it reaches the pathogens. But since the chlorine dioxide is not used up by these particular poisons, it can go much deeper into the tissues and thus the pathogens cannot hide from the chlorine dioxide."

Can you provide any facts about these and other claims, I find it extremely difficult to believe that chlorine dioxide "can go much deeper into the tissues" than oxygen.

I also wouldn't believe the FDA, when they say its safe to poison water supplies with chlorine dioxide and flouride!!

Here is a link to some useful information about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Real facts..

Please post this link for all to decide about the benefits of FGHP.

Thank You


Hello Al,

You need to send me the url so I know where you read that. I didn't write that and I don't necessarily agree with the statement. I want to see where you got it from.

Your concerns about MMS and chlorine dioxide are unfounded. You have a hostile attitude about chlorine dioxide and are prejudiced in favor of hydrogen peroxide, but you shouldn't be. You need to study more about MMS and chlorine dioxide and you will soon discover that it is a much more powerful therapy than peroxide, yet SAFER to use.

I have had a Hydrogen Peroxide index page on my web site for at least 15 years. I'm well aware of the attributes of hydrogen peroxide and have been touting its merits for a long time. I appreciate that James Roguski made his book freely available on line. I have 't read it yet, but I will. We're not talking about a competition here between peroxide and MMS or CDS.

You should know that chlorine dioxide gas is NOT used at water treatment plant. You are confusing chlorine gas and chlorine dioxide gas.

MMS and Chlorine dioxide solution are VASTLY SUPERIOR to hydrogen peroxide as a curative therapeutic agent. Peroxide has its place and I'm all for using it, but the reality is that MMS and CDS water will CURE far more serious diseases in a very short space of time that even IV application of hydrogen peroxide CANNOT achieve.

Taking drops of peroxide has helped many people BUT there is the POTENTIAL for stomach cancer taking peroxide in high doses for long term application. I've read plenty of books on hydrogen peroxide before James put out his book and the possibility of stomach cancer is real and cannot be swept aside. Peroxide oxidizes by releasing a singlet oxygen atom. The chlorine dioxide molecule does NOT oxidize with the two oxygen atoms as you might expect, but rather sucks out FIVE (5) electrons from pathogens using the CHLORINE ATOM. This is extremely important to understand. There's a HUGE difference in oxidative action between hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide.

A singlet oxygen atom is hungry for one or at most, two electrons, but the chlorine atom will pull out five electrons from pathogens, so it's a more powerful OXIDIZER of pathogens. HOWEVER, the voltage potential of chlorine dioxide is LOWER than that of the human cell, so it will NOT oxidize human cellular structures; only pathogens. The voltage potential of peroxide, however, is slightly HIGHER than the human cell and will react SOMEWHAT with human cellular structures, which is why your gums will puff out and turn white wherever you have infection in your gums and you expose them to peroxide for a few minutes. If you swish chlorine dioxide solution in your mouth with a gum infection, you will get NO foaming and no puffing of gum tissue because the chlorine dioxide will NOT react with human cellular tissue. It will react ONLY with pathogens. You will clear gum and teeth infections from your mouth much more quickly (and with less discomfort) using CDS water instead of hydrogen peroxide. I know because I've been using peroxide to keep gums and teeth infection at bay for 20 + years, but have discovered to my delight that CDS water works MUCH better and more thoroughly than peroxide.

Read these articles and learn more about MMS and CDS water. It's perfectly OK to use peroxide, I have nothing against it, but MMS and CDS are MORE effective, and by a wide margin.

The Basic Science of MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) Sep. 4, 2012

How to Make CDS Water, the World's Most Powerful Germ Killer & Disease Eradicator, at Home ~ For Next to Nothing (March 15, 2013)

Also, read these testimonials from people who have cured a wide array of disease condition using MMS1, MMS2, or CDS water. You won't get anything close to these results using hydrogen peroxide.

Sincerely, Ken

Reader Comments

On 11/2/2013, Marc wrote:

Hi Ken,

I really commend your church for all your work. It is quite a task to see who is who in this world of double dealers. However your church appears to be genuine and benevolent. I would like to ask, what about trihalomethanes that have been proven to be formed by any form of chlorite mixing with proteins acids etc. This can't be good?

Also you say do not purchase sodium hypochlorite in your mms2 article because you say it is harmful. Is sodium chlorite not mms 1? This leaves me confused. Wouldn't it be easier to just buy it in this form?

Please answer my question.
Thanks and God bless,



Hi Marc,

Thanks for your note. I don't call this web site a church, but I understand your intention.

MMS1 is made with sodium chlorite and citric acid

MMS2 is made with CALCIUM hypochlorite, and not sodium hypochlorite.

I don't believe that chlorite compounds form trihalomethanes. I've read that hypochlorite, which is more reactive, can form trihalomethanes in swimming pools, but not necessarily chlorite compounds.

At water reservoirs, trihalomethanes are formed when CHLORINE gas reacts with organic debris from leaves etc. Chlorine gas is not the same thing as sodium chlorite, and will not necessarily yield similar chemical reactions. Just because both chlorine and a chlorite molecule contain a chlorine atom, it doesn't mean that they both show similar chemical properties or reactions. Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen, but it won't burn in air like oxygen (O2) does.

In any case, JIm Humble recommends that MMS1 and CDS water be made using distilled water to avoid unnecessary interaction with mineral ions.

Regards, Ken .

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