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Reflections on Yet Another American Independence Day, July 4, 2011

From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 5, 2011

Reflections on Yet Another American Independence Day , July 4, 2011 (July 5, 2011)

When I was younger, there was always a parade on July 4th, right down the southbound side of the wide, esplanade-divided boulevard that ran north to south in the city where I was raised. I had an uncle who owned a small chain link fence company and he parked two of his biggest trucks on a blocked off cross street to the parade route, allowing his employees and relatives (including my family) to enjoy a grandstand-style view of the 4th of July parade. I felt lucky indeed to be privileged to sit so high above the hoi polloi and enjoy an unobstructed view of every marching band and military unit that came down that parade route.

July 4th was always a big deal day for my family and friends. It was sort of a summer time version of Christmas. No presents, of course, but it was anticipated (and enjoyed) with festive anticipation. It began with the parade in the morning and continued in the afternoon and early evening with hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on outdoors grills, and then into the night with singing and guitars strumming. My father and uncles would play nickel and dime poker sitting at folding card tables in the back yard while the women took care of the food and talked a lot among themselves. My cousins and I would play ball, run around, and generally had a lot of fun being kids in a free and safe America.

By time we hit the high school years, we still spent the day watching the parade, cooking the hot dogs, and singing the songs, but with the added attraction of a sweet sixteen girlfriend by our side. It was a wonderful time to be alive and growing up in America and I hope we can rescue this nation from the stealthy wolves who are intent on devouring it and allow our children and their children to enjoy a similar world of tranquility, freedom, and peace.

That rescue will never take place, of course, unless we -- the current, caretaker generation of American citizens -- recognize the subversion and infiltration of this country by fifth columnists and out & out traitors at every pivotal level of power within our government: politicians, law enforcement, judicial structures, intelligence agencies, and the Pentagon, and take action to arrest this deadly infiltration and its corrupting influence.

Today, if you are aware of what's really going on in this country, you can't really celebrate the 4th of July because the raison d'être for the holiday no longer exists. We can only witness its trappings, like the fireworks, but the feeling--and the reality-- of independence in America is no longer with us. We are under siege by half human, half reptilian hybrids like Obama, or Bush, or Pelosi, or Hillary, who are all toiling towards the destruction of America and its hallowed constitutional guarantees of liberty from government imposition and domination.

Thinking and caring Americans must focus on removing these infil-traitors from public office and replacing them with people who are openly avowed opponents to the NWO takeover of this country. We need to have candidates who will openly criticize chemtrail poisoning of our atmosphere. We need to have candidates who will openly accuse the NWO sellouts in congress of being TRAITORS and stop with the hackneyed political rhetoric about Republican versus Democrat or conservative versus liberal. We're way beyond that sort of time-wasting idiocy. The very existence of this republic is now at stake and it is in grave peril.

Don't waste your time brooding over the Nibiru/Planet X psyops. or the Japan radiation psyops, or the FEMA concentration camp psyops. or the latest killer biological plague psyops. Spend your time getting involved on the grass roots level to network with similar minded people on the internet to help effect the election of anti-NWO candidates on the local, state, and -above all - federal level in November of 2012. We must remove these criminals from public office and replace them with loyal American patriots and reverse the treasonous legislative abominations --beginning with that despicable " Patriot" Act--that has delivered us to this dangerous juncture of impending dissolution and ruination.

Do your part to help save this nation and don't wait for someone else to do it for you!

Make it possible for your kids and your grandchildren to enjoy the freedom from government oppression and Big Brother controls that characterized the period in which I grew up in America. Make the celebration of Independence Day mean something again.

We have to fight once again for our independence. Will you answer the call?

Ken Adachi


Subject: Reflections on Yet Another American Independence Day, July 4, 2011
From: Aaron
Date: Wed, July 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I chose not to celebrate Independence Day just for the very reason you had so eloquently described; and posted it on Facebook. I had received much backlash; but I didn't care. It looked like almost all of Facebook was against me; but they really weren't. They just don't know or realize what I do know about this world.

It's gratifying to see pics of their kids having fun posted from that day, or any other day for that matter. A free spirit is priceless; and I see them as the key to help nudge this heavy weight off; for good. A higher consciousness seems to seep right into the very air that we breathe. The wrong doers know when they've been spotted, and it doesn't feel very good to them . . . feel very self conscious and out of touch with themselves, and for good reason. All of this nonsense will come to an end.



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