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Interior View of Smaller Chemtrail Sprayer Plane?

From Ken Adachi
E-Y Posted Feb. 11, 2008

Interior View of Smaller Chemtrail Sprayer? (Feb. 11, 2008)

ZS Livingstone sent me this photo a few days ago with the attached e-mail note:

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From: Bruce Hull
To: Frank
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 8:29 PM
Subject: Notice sign on wall with yellow/black stripes around it says "sprayer 1".

Notice sign on wall with yellow/black stripes around it says "sprayer 1".

I've enlarged the photo to 1400 pixels wide so those without PhotoShop can see an expanded view. I've also added the enlargement of the wall markings that say "Sprayer"

Interior view of sprayer plane

Enlargement of wall markings


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From: Philip Ledoux
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Subject: Inside A ChemPlane


The exact same photo of inside a chemtrail plane was recently published over at ricksgardeningtips group. My first instincts were that there were not enough tanks and there was too much electronics equipment. A fellow responded on that group site, who had experience; much like myself explaining to you about submarines. I have included the post, and I'm certain that as you read it and compare the photo, what he is saying makes all kinds of sense.

Philip N. Ledoux


ricksgardeningtips : Message: Fwd: Not The Inside of A Chemtrail Plane
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This is a post on Chemtrail Central which seems reasonable and honest:
From Ted Twietmeyer

Jeff - This is not what the picture shows.

What you are looking at is an ordinary commercial aircraft configured for flight certification. I know this, becaue my past work included designing the control processor for a special switching system for Boeing Seattle flight by a company called ITI, inc. This system was used for routing analog downlink data from aircraft in the flight test room where FAA inspectors worked. In past essays you have read me rant about V1.0 software no longer being a standard or goal in software engineering. This switching system is one such system still running V1.0. This photo could very well be of a Boeing plane, based on my knowledge of how they perform flight testing.

Here is an explanation of what you see in this photo:

1. All the wiring you see which is reddish-orange is strictly used flight test wiring. According to Boeing back in 1985, there were (at the time) about 9 miles of such wiring on EVERY aircraft. This wiring extends down to the landing wheels as well, which the person who took this photo neglected to include. After flight test certification, ALL orange wire is removed, all the equipment you see is removed, wires to hundreds of strain sensors glued to the inside of the fuselage are cut and wall panels are installed.

2. The black and yellow safety tape on the floor indicates a step in the floor - it's where a mini-computer room floor begins under which numerous wires and cables are run. This too, is removed later.

3. The "kegs" you see in the photo are filled with WATER, not chemicals. Water is pumped from one bank of aluminum kegs to another to change the center of gravity.

4. The rack cabinets you see in the background control pumps for the keg water and monitor both keg water levels and every flight system on the aircraft. The data is converted to a serial data stream, and transmitted via a microwave downlink on the aircraft to the flight test center. A large tracking dish mounted on the roof of the large hanger at Boeing Field near street Gate 39 is used to receive this microwave signal. The plane flies in a big circle over the Pacific Northwest while the dish tracks the aircraft to receive aircraft test data.

5. Typically each plane to be tested is manned by a crew of about 8 in the cabin. The pilot is a test pilot who is an employee of Boeing. He will do whatever whatever maneuver the FAA inspectors tell him to do.

6. EVERY plane manufactured must be put through this test procedure to receive certification and a subsequent license.

Data from the microwave downlink from the aircraft under test enters a large computer room at Boeing field. There, FAA inspectors run through various flight tests and maneuvers while watching the various data to confirm the plane is functioning within design limits. Back in the 1980's, chart recorders plotted key aircraft parameters on paper. The recorder's paper output traveled down a table, and FAA inspectors wrote notes on it as needed. Each of the several inspectors had a push-to-talk headset to talk to the pilot at any time.

I have stood inside a new aircraft at the plant in Everett, WA back in the mid-80s, where Boeing aircraft were manufactured. Inside it looked almost identical to the one in this photo. At that time, the factory at Everett, WA was the largest building in the world with no internal supports, measuring 1/3 mile x 1/3 mile. Even a 767 inside looked small. This photo above is itself illegal, as Boeing forbids photography at their company unless specifically authorized. This is why you have not seen this image before.

An actual flight test in the certification room on the ground is quite interesting to watch. You see the total weight of the entire aircraft, in excess of 200,000lbs. decreasing at about 10lbs per second as the fuel is burned. This data appears on CRT monitors as well as the settings of flaps, throttle, rudder, etc... The switching system I was responsible for had 100 signal inputs from the aircraft and could switch signals to any of 120 instruments, including two Honeywell data recorders. The system is a redundant switching system, which was
fault tolerant in every way.


I do not post this to imply that there are no chemtrails. In fact, I acknowledge these DO exist. My goal is to simply stay with the facts and not lead people astray, or permit others to think that a seriously mis-interpreted photo like this is something it isn't. Since chemtrail sprayers are among the blackest of the black projects, no one will risk being shot just to take a photo of the inside of one.

Ted Twietmeyer

Sat Feb 9, 2008 12:27 am

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